What was your first “I’m getting fat” realization?



  • alondrakayy
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    The first time around was simply comments made by family/friends. I was a senior and high school and that truly messed with me. Lost lots of weight in an unhealthy way and was a stick by 20.

    The second time around was after giving birth but no one needed to make comments. I knew right away I needed to kick my butt back into gear. Lost the weight in a less unhealthy way but still not fun.

    This last time was not a drastic weight gain, maybe 15 lbs at most. It was so slow that it was almost hard to tell (for me) until I was tagged in a picture but even through baggy clothes I can tell me arms looked huge and my face was getting a bit puffy.
  • murp4069
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    sdogg626 wrote: »
    It was always a photo caught me by surprise. My confidence has always been quite high, I used to joke that I had body promorphia in that I could always thought I looked better than I actually did.

    Omg, I totally have this too but I always just called it "reverse body dysmorphia" lol. I always look great in my head and even fine in the mirror...but then I see a photo and I'm like woah, who is that fatty?! :D

    This is so me!!

  • Stpjudge
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    When I stop weighing myself daily.
  • astronaught
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    Probably not the first, but I took a flight a couple of years ago and realized that if I gained another 5 pounds then I would need a seat belt extender. I knew I wasn't going to let that happen. I still have a little ways to go, but on my last few flights the tail of the seat belt can reach the seat in front of me while I am comfortably buckled in.
  • dsboohead
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    Holiday pictures....I can't be that big?!?! WTH?!
  • DebLaBounty
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    Two things: I saw a picture of myself and was shocked to see how much my stomach strained against my shirt. Then I noticed in my Zumba class that when I lifted my legs during those fun dance moves, my thighs would hit my stomach. Good heavens!