Women: would you rather be curvy, or have definition around your stomach? (visible abs)

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The first one definately isn't possible for me, haha. Gotta rock what I've got.


  • MsHappyAss
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    Mmm. I am pretty sure I will always be curvy and I am good with it. I have a large chest and that’s not going anywhere so having a somewhat curvy made is natural for me and flattering on my shape.
  • WhereIsPJSoles
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  • pamfgil
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    I'm not aiming for a sixpack, although if I could get defined muscles on my arms that would be awesome
  • sardelsa
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    Is that possible though?

  • W8WarI
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    I am just aiming to be my lowest healthiest weight, whatever I'll look like; at that weight'll have to be what I also prefer!
  • Vikka_V
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    I don't care about visible ab's and women are curvy anyways. I just like to be lean.
  • CaliMomTeach
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    I would like a flat stomach, but not see the ab muscles.
  • Lounmoun
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    I would like to have my waist size and my hip size be in the same clothing size. Beyond that I don't really care about waist definition. If my abs are defined fine and if they aren't it doesn't bother me.
  • deputy_randolph
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    If by "curves," you mean a huge butt...then I have a bit of both (although, currently the abs are disappearing) courtesy of powerlifting.

    I'm more of a butt lady than an abs lady though.
  • Psalm1139
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    Vikka_V wrote: »
    I don't care about visible ab's and women are curvy anyways. I just like to be lean.

    Not this woman. I've never had much of a waist, and even though I weigh about 50% more than I should, I am around an A cup.

    Oftentimes when you lose significant weight your cup size goes up! I was looking at someone's measurement chart and she went from a 36B to a 32D, because her underbust shrunk 4 inches, but her bust only shrank 2 inches. So her boobs got smaller, but they looked bigger on her frame.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    I have no choice but to be curvy (when my BMI was 19 my hips were 36 in and I wore a D cup). I don't care whether my abs show or not as long as my belly is flat.
  • WhereIsPJSoles
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    Oh ab definition. I thought you meant a clearly defined crease where your stomach folds over in a roll when hunching. I’ve got that, not the first one
  • rainbow198
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    I'm a mix of both (curvy based on my measurements) and I like my stomach the way it is now. It's flat, but no 6 pack - although there's a tiny bit of definition.

    I don't do any direct ab work. If I did I know I would have more definition, but that's not what I want.
  • RoxieDawn
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    With lifting and diet anything is possible. Helps if you have good genetics in your corner as well.

    Most women cannot get lean enough or if they do, can sustain a body fat percentage to keep a 6 pack. But visible ab striations with prominent abs are possible. You can build a nice set of legs and glutes too.

    As far as upper body goes, losing weight usually means some boob loss. Women can build nice rounded shoulders, etc.

  • RunHardBeStrong
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    I just want to lose the spare tire. After that I will worry about if I want to go for more definition in that area or not. I am more concerned with definition in my arms, legs and back than stomach at this point.