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    @happygirlxxx I'd be the same way, given your history and I won't even try to tell you not to worry. It's all too fresh still in your mind not to. I'm like you insofar as I stress eat too. I envy those who say they can't eat during high stress situations. Think positively and I pray your tests show that you are just fine. In the meantime, cut yourself some slack. It's not like you are worrying about something small, your stress has a valid basis. Just try not to let it consume your every moment and keep positive. :wink: As for Grey's Anatomy, I watched 12 seasons in a very short amount of time. I was addicted. LOL It's good to be up to the current season.

    @lessofme150 Welcome! We are all our own worst enemies. No one is shoving the food in our mouths, we choose what we put there. It's a daily struggle to do better. You will love this group. We all support each other.
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Barb
    Age: 70
    Height: 5'3”
    Highest weight: 258
    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 204.8
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 195

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 206.2
    Jan 12: 202.8
    Jan 19: 202.8
    Jan 26: 204.2
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: +1.4
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -.6
    Total Weight loss overall: -53.8

    The surgery seems to have taken it's toll on my weight loss. Hope to get back on track this week. Haven't eaten much at all but also haven't done much either. Moving better now and can start easing my way into some light activities. My 2 to 3 hour surgery took almost 4 hours and then it took forever for me to come to following the pain meds/anesthetic. It was outpatient surgery (amazing what they do outpatient now), I was first one there in the am and last one to leave almost 10 hours later! Feeling much better every day and glad it's over with! I'll have the challenge report shortly. :)
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    The Winter Games Report, Week 4 In four weeks 12 of us have lost a total of 62.2 pounds!!! That brings us to 43% of our total goal for the challenge. Great job everyone! If any of you mathematicians out there have noticed any inconsistencies from week to week, we constantly have people jumping in and dropping out of the challenge, after a couple of weeks of not reporting (unless they have said they will be away or unable to report) I take them out. When new people join mid way I usually wait for atleast the second week to see if they continue to report before I add them. (Then I go back and put all their info in.) All these things contribute to what may appear to be conflicting information from week to week but is the most up to date data I have. :)

    Have a great week everyone and I promise to have the report sooner next week.
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    Nikion901 wrote: »
    Sunday Share ... Hi everyone, and welcome to the new posters.

    As I read through the posts a recurring theme seems to stick out to me ... there are key reasons why we gain weight. My thoughts are still in a jumble about this, and I suspect that as I think further on it that some more concrete cohesion, or filtering, of my thoughts will drill down to the nuggets. For now, they are sifting around and some merge in with others and then split out again ... Here's what I'm thinking ... feel free to add your insights ...

    We stop caring ... This could happen because we are emotionally injured in some way. This injury can stem from so many sources outside of ourselves, but can also originate within.

    We become bored, or just plain 'burned-out' ... The constant attention to detail, the ever present need to be mindful, the monotony of our daily grind ... all these and more.

    We feel defiant against constraints ...I think the first two sometimes lead us to behave in this way.

    Perhaps I should turn that word 'we' around and point it at myself by saying "I" ... because, after all, this is my personal view point this morning as I think about this past week ... And I look at my food log and realize that this week was not as stellar as last week had been. That this week I overate my calories on 3 separate days. That I didn't cook thought-out meals. That, at the end of the week, I don't feel as good as I did at the end of last week ... even with being physically sick last weekend! ... Then, when I turn to the community pages here I can hear and feel the desperation, the fear, the recriminations of everyone who has set their toe to writing a line in the sand and saying ... "I am stepping over this line into a new day ... a day where I will improve myself and my life ... a day were I will start to gain control over some one thing ... and that thing is the weight of me" ... and I find myself feeling empowered to go on with my own stumbling, litter-stewn path to self-fulfillment.
    Thanks everyone for sharing ... you keep me going.

    I think you are right on the money here. The Stop Caring or Being Bored really resonates with me. I am really thinking about this.

    I personally need to combat the boredom with things that are not food. So. I'm thinking. I won't just sit in the house. I have a dogo to take on walks, so I can always do that. There are lots of trails where I live so there's that. I'm not a shopper (thank goodness) but I could always head to a mall and peruse, because I'm not tempted to spend. I can go to the cheap seats for a movie. I can call a friend and go hang out. I can always go to the gym. Etc. Etc.

    The Not Caring is tough. It means I am not loving myself. Am I depressed? How do I combat that? Hmm. Pretty much the list I made above helps me to care about myself. I also need to keep up with being a female...for me that means a little makeup, hair done, earrings. Maybe a hot bath. A pedicure. I also feel better when I can do something for someone else. I don't mean the expected things like cook dinner for the family. I mean the unexpected nice "pay it forward" stuff. Also I noticed a direct correlation with sunlight. It would be hard if I lived in Seattle, but I don't. I need to get outside and let the light hit my retinas.
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    @niki-- I think you are on the mark, and I would offer this elaboration. Though the "Not Caring" is sometimes related to an emotional injury or some inner conflict, it can also occur because we spend all of our caring on others--our families, our students, our patients. So many members of this thread over the 7 years I've posted here have been educators, nurses, or others in the service industry. It also explains why so many SAHMs end up unfit though to an outsider it might seem like it should be easier for someone who doesn't work outside the home to make time to exercise and prepare healthy meals. I know it's my biggest weakness--I often prioritize doing something for my students over taking better care of myself. I'll spend hours after work or on the weekends grading or planning lessons vs. going to the gym. I've improved greatly in this area over the years, but it still happens.
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    @cjbrummet Congratulations on your test results! I know that is a huge weight off your shoulders. (no pun intended!) Health worries/scares are the worst. I am sure you will be vigilant in about it as time goes on too.

    @Nikion901 I think for me it could be boring, it's not really not caring. Sometimes I'd like to just say forget it and eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and not count/journal everything. That gets boring and tiresome but I do it. I do care, if I didn't, I wouldn't even be trying. I think if one has a lot of weight to lose, the task seems so overwhelming and you feel defeated before you even start. Maybe that comes under the category of not really caring? I don't know. I do know that I have felt that feeling over the years. I think in general we are our own worst critics/enemies, at least I know I am!

    Wishing everyone a great Monday!!
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    Monday Check-in ... one of the challenges I'm in started a new activity for weight trending ... of course I joined it! That's number crunching, and that's what I love to pass my time away with. :)

    The idea behind this is to get the emotional drama out of scale weights, but you need to weigh yourself every day ... same time, same place, same conditions ... and YEP, that's what I have been doing all along. Now I get to pat myself on the shoulder because I cannot reach my back to pat it, because I've been weight trending long before it became an app you can buy on iTunes! ...

    So, the unhappy news about this weight trending thing for me is that my trending weight is higher than what I reported at our weekly weigh-in ... the confirming news is that the new activity in my group and I agree on the 'true weight' as of the data collection in that challenge.

    Thanks @Karen..and...@Margie...and...@DebCountsAll ... for your input about my Sunday thoughts. As I read through them, the drill-downed blurbs I had are rounded out. Karen, I'd put that self-sacrificial caring for others into the Burned Out reason that, for me, would trigger difficulty in keeping at it. Margie, yours sounds like how I feel when I'm being defiant ... I get bored with it and think to myself that I want to just forget it and ... well, you know~ Deb, yep, once we identify what are the triggers that defeat us we can find solutions to get around it. :)

    @Catherine... Great news on your test results!

    @Barb... Surgery! I hope you are a-OK and feeling better. Thanks for still attending to the challenge even while in this current physical state!

    Have a great week everyone ... I am trying something new this week ... well, not really new ... it's 'old hat' being tried on a new way ... I plan to stay OFF the community pages until I report my weight ... and that's here on Friday.

    Good luck everyone on sticking to your plans for the week ... have a good one!
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    Happy Monday, everyone!

    Check-in: Got a new scale and ate out twice in the past three days. The scale is just two pounds higher, so I'm taking that as a success. The last time I lost weight, often my weight would cycle on a weekly basis, anyway. Not too worried as long as I end up down overall by the end of the week. I've kept to my IF window well, and am optimistic about keeping to it going forward.

    Hope everyone has a good day to start off the week.
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    Think i need to make some daily goals...i went off the bandwagon a little too long...and 1 day turned into 2 weeks. YIKES! :#

    1st goal - start logging food into MFP again. Regardless of what i eat!!!

    2nd goal - no chocolate bars. Those pesky chocolate bars have been eaten...and there will be no more. I dont even really like them all that why snack on them!!!

    3rd goal - wash dishes! I cant prepare meals if all my dishes always stay dirty!!!

    4th goal - eat some veggies. I bought nice produce this week. I intend to eat it before it goes bad and gets wasted!!!

    Now on Mondays i go to church for dinner, so i cant control what they serve. But i can control that i wash some dishes when i get home afterward. And i can still log my meal. So even today this list should be doable. No excuses! (Except sickness :p but so far today the tummy is cooperating o:) )
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    @cellosmiles GREAT goals! You can do anything you set your mind to!! You've got this!

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    Hi I’m new and just wanted to say hello
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    Had a successful Monday. I have been struggling and gaining since beginning of year (I know, we are supposed to be losing) Started my second series of bronchitis meds (steroids) and this is the third day. Can't recall when I felt so good. Also took an herbal tonic which seemed to give me more energy than when I don't take it Went to my Tai Chi class, rode the recumbent bike and water walked.
    Prepared my food in advance. To morrow morning I will go to water aerobics. I am limiting my TV watching to 10 hrs weekly and made a rule to eat at the table, not on the sofa

    Will try to catch up with everyone's post later this week

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    Had trouble with my last post. Hope this works.

    Monday Check-in – My goals for the week were logging my food, drinking water and smaller portions. I have logged 5 days in a row and ate smaller portions, but I ate too often on some days, not enough on others and did not drink enough water. I don't have any insights on this, just saying it to keep myself accountable.

    Tuesday goals(?) – This week I want to focus on water (again) and a 7min. workout every day. Found an exercise app that I can follow and I have a large water container with a straw, so I'm ready. Oh, and I'm going to dig out my activity tracker.

    Wednesday wishes – I wish I didn't have back pain. And I wish all of you having surgery or health problems a speedy recovery and the strength to deal with what you have going on. Hang in there.

    @Nikion901 I know I eat out of boredom, when I'm tired, thirsty, anxious or hormonal. Sometimes I don't care because if I care, I have to make changes. Making changes takes work. I get lazy or overwhelmed, or both.

    Happy Wednesday!
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    Name: Tracy
    Age: 44
    Height: 5’5”
    Highest Weight: 274
    Current Weight: 210
    Goal weight: 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 202.8
    Jan 12: 200.8
    Jan 19: 201.2
    Jan 26:201.0
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -.2
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -9
    Total weight lost: 73 lbs.

    Sorry, these numbers are late but accurate as of last Friday. Barely staying above ground with both my diet and my life. Just not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished, but too many hours in the day to eat. My new strategy is that I don't even take my wallet into my work. Way too easy to go to the vending machine when I get hungry (let's be honest, it's more head hunger than actual hunger). At home, that doesn't quite work so I'm still figuring out a plan for there.

    Really focusing on my fluid intake. That seems to be helping. I head out of state on Friday so I need to make sure I have a plan as driving 6 hours on Friday and 6 hours on Sunday has been a bad food experience for me in the past.

    And I've decided that I'm very goal oriented so I'm going to reward myself:
    200 -- permission to myself to go on my own for a full day and buy myself something nice.
    190 -- Massage will be scheduled
    180 -- weekend away with my hubby

    Everyone have a good day!
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    Wednesday wish

    I don't have any new wishes just hope that all my friends stay healthy and happy. Work is going great I even got complimented today. One of the Cardiologists said that he really likes it when I am assigned to his room. He likes working with me. Diet is going good. I even went out to eat tonight to Texas Roadhouse and I was very good and did not partake of the delicous, mouth watering rolls they have. My blood sugars every morning have been between 88 - 118 so that is perfect. So my wish for myself is that I continue on enjoying myself and sticking to my diet plan.

    So here is hoping that everyone here has nothing but good news to share.
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    Hi all ... sorry I have been MIA, but quite stressed about my tests today. Has been a horrible week ... I have not weigh-in but I feel like I have gained 20lbs from all the crap I have eaten and lack of exercise and water. I have been eating like there is no tomorrow ... yesterdays breakfast, 4 toast with butter + 2 tiramisu cupcakes ... can you imagine how many calories were there? most likely like a 1000!! and that was just breakfast ... and like this has been every day this week. I just hope I can control myself after the test regardless of the results.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing well .. everyone has been quiet this week!!
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    @happygirlxxx Forgive yourself for the extra calories. Forget them for now until you get your results back. You haven't lost sight of your goal, just for now, are somewhat stressed. Praying all will turn out ok.

    It has been quiet. Our group has gotten pretty big and there are a lot of posts to keep up with. I do read each and every one. I just can't address everyone. I don't have the time. I'm here though. Hang in there @happygirlxxx. When do you get results?

    @NewCaddy Love your little goals and rewards for yourself! @cjbrummet Way to go on passing up those rolls! You have some willpower! :smile: