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    Thanks, @bapcarrier, for that synopsis. It's always nice to see how we're doing as a group. It helps! Altho no congrats are in order for ME just yet - I've revised my goal for this challenge down to 186 because the original goal (190) was quickly met just by dropping a bunch of water weight. So right now I'm still 1.2 lbs from my goal and, frankly, I may not reach it by 2/23! Looking ahead at the next few weeks I see family events, V-day (chocolate!!), as well as my birthday. All of which involves food that's out of my ordinary daily menu plan. But I know I have to make emotional space for that sort of thing or life is simply not worth living.

    Having said that, I'm really working hard at getting back to my pre-Thxgvg maintenance weight of +/- 182. I had gained approx 10#s over the holidays and IT MUST COME OFF!! It's truly hard! I keep telling myself to be patient and that last year it took me about 3 mos to go from 192 - 182, so I really have no reason to fret. Difference is that last year my GOAL had been about 192, and instead of maintaining at that level I just kept losing for a few more months. This time I'm really wanting to get back down there and I'm finding it a serious challenge. But... It. Will. Happen!

    @kbeyer23 - wecome! We're so glad you found us! And well do I know your struggle. I was overweight my entire adult life, until I finally got up to my highest at 305. Somehow last year something finally clicked in my brain and I managed to take off the weight. You can too! Just keep doing what you know to be the right thing, and don't give up. We're all here, rooting for you. You got this!
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    Good evening everyone!

    I am trying to remember to come in here on a more consistent basis but have failed miserably. I know that this group knows the struggles I am going through and hoping that things click again for me before I am back up to my highest weight. I am way too embarrassed to even post what that number is so kudos to those who are posting for the winter games. I realistically should lost 200lbs but will be happy with 150 for now. I know, baby steps and break it down to smaller numbers but wanted you to all know that this group is where I should be.

    I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure (right before Christmas). I have been borderline for many years and with my Dads HBP history / family heart issues my dr has monitored it closely all this time. My dr has been after me to lose weight a lot the past couple of years and every time he does, I just want to scream “tell me something I don’t already know!” Since being diagnosed with HBP, my eating has gotten way worse instead of better
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    Just realized that 1/2 my post is gone
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    Name: Catherine
    Age: 51
    Height: 5'3"
    Highest weight: 256 lbs.

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 220.6 lbs.
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): (199 lbs.)
    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 219
    Jan 12: 215.6
    Jan 19: 214.4
    Jan 26: 211
    Feb 2: 210.4
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0.6 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -8.6 lbs
    Total weight lost since 1/15/16: -45.6 lbs

    Not much weight loss this week but at leasst I didn't gain. To tired to post or read tonight I will visit tomorrow and catch up on the posts. Sweet dreams everyone!
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    @lessofme150 weight loss is very difficult that is for sure. Some months i go down. Then up a bit and then down etc. But looking back overall at 2017 i lost.

    Looking at the success of loss really comes down to a couple factors.

    Anything i eat gets logged into mfp. Even if it is restaurant foods or potlucks or anything...i estimate. And even if i binge i still record it :s as long as your weekly intake is lower than your goals you should lose...even if you eat bad somedays...

    I also increased my exercise little by little. Got out to walk the dogs a tiny bit more. Got involved in challenge groups here on mfp that have me try different videos and strength training. Stuff that i can do at home even though i live in a small trailer. Even started going to the pool. Some people on here just pledge to get out and stretch their legs with a short walk down the street and back, and lengthen distance slowly over many days...but a little exercise can go a long ways to getting going in the right direction.

    Start small...make lifestyle changes. You can do this!

    I hope you may consider participating in the next challenge :)
    Perhaps you might even just follow along with a 0 and just stating how much you lose or gain a week. No need to state a weight...but following along could add accountability :)

    Anyways....welcome here and wish you success in your journey
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    Sunday Share ... Stressing today. It's my day to update several threads/challenges and I had a weight gain this week that set me back 3 weeks ... and I am feeling embarrassed to post the gain. :(

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    @Nikion901 ups and downs are part of the journey. The sharing of gain and shame is healing. We are all in this together. I do not see you as a failure. I see you as human. And incredibly caring and giving.
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    @lessofme150 approaching and all time can be daunting. Then there's the daily nag in our heads to do one thing...take one step in the right direction. .and the defeatist feeling when days of inaction build. How to break the chain... one step at a time. As with any addiction. I have fallen of the wagon for several months now. My first step is water. 3 glasses before by noon. 3 glasses by 6. 2 glasses at night. 8 glasses. Can you find one not too tough first step?
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    @birgitwood. Catching the gain at 10# is an accomplishment. So congrats on reigning in the havoc. Life is meant to be enjoyed -- I agree. You have the tools needed to shed the weight. I am in your corner. I KNOW you can do this!
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    Nikion - You are so inspiring, I appreciate your words of wisdom.

    I haven't been able to get started properly with a program as I have done in the past. I've thought about this and I am struggling with poor health, my daughter is ill and my best friend is ill and has gone downhill so quickly, that it frightens me. I've decided to just get busy (keep on keeping on) and to start back to listening to my meditation tapes which always soothe me

    Today I went to tai chi and then did recumbent bike and some weight lifting

    My goal for the week is two more weight lifting sessions and at least two more bicycle sessions

    To combat night time eating, I am going to take an herbal appetite suppressant around noon to see if that takes the edge off. The night eating is emotional, so I am going to plan activites for the evening and limit TV watching to 10 hours per week

    I'm also going to take my art lessons or ukulele lesion which I have on DVD when the urges hit. Two more days of steroids. I am gaining but then again I am also eating things I know I should not eat.


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    @tdunnegan, the goal I am trying to work on the most this week is to not eat out as much. Not great for the waistline or bank account
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    @lessofme150 ... That is a great start ... not eating out as much! At one time, I ate out (or brought in) more restaurant food than I cooked ... hah, my kitchen was always spotless and the dishwasher never got used! What I did to help myself was I started keeping a log of all the prepared food (including grocery store take-out dishes), with where, when, what, and how much I spent fro the meal, the delivery, the tip ...

    The first month I did it, I didn't limit myself at all, as I was trying to get a ballpark average figure ... and truthfully, it was not quite natural because I did find myself making better selections than before. After I had my baseline, I modified my budget for this stuff. First I set a dollar limit and made it a goal to use cash instead of a credit card for these purchases (of course, if I charged my groceries and bought prepared take-out, that got charged as well). That, in itself was hard to do because I ran out of cash money the first month I did this. :#

    But now .. a few years into this ... if I have a restaurant meal once or twice a month it's a big deal! Plus ... I don't have to run to the ATM as often to get cash so my budget for food has improved a lot!

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    @tdunnegan , @b_lisieux , @KATRENAJ ... you three don't know how much you comments meant to me! Thank you so much for them.

    Tuesday Goals ...
    One of the year-long groups I belong to has a decluttering challenge for this week ... and, of course, I signed up for it. ... I'm hoping it will be the impetus to get me off my back-end and help break this awful computer habit I have slipped into.

    Sometimes is seems to me like I have so many 'goals' that I set myself up for a fall ... and then I thought about it from a different perspective ... that this kind of thinkings shows that I have limited myself and narrowed my life, otherwise I wouldn't feel this way. Because, I have always been a great multi-tasker. Because I have always kept my word. Because I have always strived to be positive minded and open to new things. ...

    This sit-in-place in front of the computer life style has to stop. But it won't stop just because I desire it. And, it won't stop if I further cut myself off from the support group I find myself being a part of ... my 'friends' here on MFP, and especially those of you who have communicated with me throughout the years I have on 'Robin's Thread' ... I appreciate you all more than words can describe.

    So ... long way to get to it, but my goal for this week ... which will probably have to continue into the future indefinitely ...

    1 ... keep logging all my food, as accurately and honestly as I can find in the database and my measuring cups, and scale.

    2 ... Get something done before going on the computer in the morning. Not just feed the cat, get dressed, and make breakfast stuff ... but something like go for a walk, shovel some snow, do an exercise, etc. ... THEN, have that coffee in front of the PC, have breakfast even ... but get off and shut it down for lunch and ... most importantly ... stay off until it's dark outside!

    3 ... Spend the afternoons constructively ... decluttering, cleaning or other housework, shopping, cooking, visiting someone, working on an active hobby, etc.

    I know I've posted other goals before, and I am still working on them ... these goals are different because they are not specific to weight-loss but to quality of life.

    Have a great week everyone.
    Love, Niki
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    @TripleSnake ...This is not a group, exactly, it's an open forum on the motivation and support section of MFP community pages ... and we welcome anyone who needs to lose at least 100 pounds when they started their weight loss. ...

    The more active you are on here, the more we get to know one another. So welcome. By the way ... just so you know, I have a phobia about those reptiles that start with the letter "S" ... so I might find it difficult to speak with you often, as I need to work my courage up to even look at your lovely name. :)
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    kbeyer23 wrote: »
    Hi! This seems like a really nice thread of lovely people. I'd love to join in.
    My name's Katrina. I'm 36, a stay at home mom of two boys (4 & 8yrs) and I'm starting a weight loss journey (AGAIN). Actually, it took me a lot of courage to get back on the wagon this time after losing and gaining the same 50+ pounds three times over the past 8 years! Fear of failure had kept me from trying again. But, I've been back at it for about a month now and down from 302 to 289. I know I need a closer community and accountability this time.

    Hi @kbeyer23 ... I just spotted your post .. and wanted to say 'welcome aboard'. Stop back and keep posting as you go along your path to better fitness through weight loss. A lot of the woman on here work a day job ... others, like me, are already retired, and some, like you, work from home. I can recall, back when I was a young mom, it was harder (for me) to be a 'stay-at-home' mom than a 'paying-job-mom' ... because there was less community support except for my babies, and waiting for hubby to come from work at night. Especially when, back in those days, we were a 1-car family!
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    Nikion901 wrote: »
    @TripleSnake ...This is not a group, exactly, it's an open forum on the motivation and support section of MFP community pages ... and we welcome anyone who needs to lose at least 100 pounds when they started their weight loss. ...

    The more active you are on here, the more we get to know one another. So welcome. By the way ... just so you know, I have a phobia about those reptiles that start with the letter "S" ... so I might find it difficult to speak with you often, as I need to work my courage up to even look at your lovely name. :)

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I can no longer change my username... however, I see that I match the requirements. I really hope I can say I am starting exactly 100 remaining lbs loss, but let's limit myself with 13lbs till the March last weekend.
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    Nikion901 wrote: »
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    Wednesday wishes...

    I wish I was a little bit taller,

    I wish I had red hair.

    I wish I had fingernails that didn't break every day!
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    Hi everyone. Well I skimmed over the last 50 pages of posts since I was here last, and thankfully nothing truly awful happened to any of my online friends while I was gone (if I missed something, I'm really sorry!). Things have been crazy around my house and I also moved to days in Nov., so I don't have time to "talk" on here much anymore. I am feeling better, but still not exercising regularly. I plan to join a gym in my home town so my sister and I can go together, but now SHE is sick, and has no energy to do anything. They are trying to figure out exactly what the problem is but it appears it's related to blockage in her arteries, she will probably need a stint put in to open up the artery. I've been so worried about her, she's always been my rock, and seeing her like this is very scary.
    I'm up 10 lbs from my lowest back in Sept. I have to get back on the ball. I'm not going to join the Winter Games because it's too close to finished, but I for sure will join the next challenge.
    BTW: How has the flu affected everyone? We've had school closures and some deaths from it down here in TX, and I hear it's taken something like 130 children across the country, maybe more. Is everyone doing alright?