Less alcohol- February 2018- one day at a time



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    5 weeks down! I was the DD for my parents and aunt last night. We went to Hooters for the Super Bowl and I am very glad I didn't drink (it ended up raining).
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    I have been following along on your journeys for the last few weeks and you all have inspired me to drink less. More days than not I would have a glass or two of red wine (and maybe 3 or 4 glasses on weekend nights). Since 1/21/18 I have only had alcohol on 2 days (so 14 days dry in the last 16 days). I call that a victory! Keep up the great work!

    Fantastic job- 14 days alcohol free. We would all call that a victory!!! Xoxo
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    JenT304 wrote: »
    @Poston1966 I urge you to read the first 5 chapters online of "alcohol explained" at the website of the same name. It tells you exactly why you are feeling these things physically. I ordered this book and it is still not here for some reason (maybe it's really popular this time of year- idk) but the 1st 5 chapters were alarming enough to me personally to really dial it WAY back. It may give you some extra resolve. We are all here for you! <3

    Jen That is the book I was thinking about. @imlightning The book is Alcohol Explained. It's a real eye opener, I agree with Jen.
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    islandbeez wrote: »
    Day 17 in the books! My best friend has been AF for 3 days and she is reading This Naked Mind. She keeps sending me screenshots of the latest thing she has read :-) Have a good night, all. My sleepy tea has done it's job!

    I am reading that too! I really like it so far. It helps me psycho analysis myself which I totally love to do! Great job on #17!
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    WinoGelato wrote: »
    Had 2.5 glasses on Sunday during the Super Bowl (split a bottle with a friend) but spread out over several hours and definitely less than normal. Again it didn’t taste great - not sure if I’ve just had a couple of meh bottles since cutting back or if my tastes are changing.

    Planning to be dry all this week and maybe next weekend. Have a sales meeting in Dublin next week - that’s going to be a big challenge for a number of reasons.

    Good luck to you!