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  • kschr201kschr201 Posts: 219Member Member Posts: 219Member Member
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    Perfect. This post should really be a sticky.
  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Posts: 8,188Member Member Posts: 8,188Member Member
    Oh dear. I hope the thread doesn't run away with that @TR0berts. B) h
  • CazzitaestherCazzitaesther Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Awesome, thank you!
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    Was just looking for this. Glad it's still on the first page.
  • junodog1junodog1 Posts: 4,815Member Member Posts: 4,815Member Member
    bumpity bump
  • DreamyriverDreamyriver Posts: 91Member Member Posts: 91Member Member
    This is faaaabulous, dahlink.

    Missed it first time it was posted, so thank you for linking in t'other thread.
  • nowine4menowine4me Posts: 3,974Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,974Member, Premium Member
    Great insights as always @AnnPT77. Your a darn genius!
  • diannethegeekdiannethegeek Posts: 14,831Member Member Posts: 14,831Member Member
  • Nory_1Nory_1 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Qué del ayuno intermitente??? qué opinión merece?? Saludos :)
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