Down 71lbs now weight won't budge HELP!



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    I've been there! I know it makes no scientific sense but the same exact thing happened to me last year. I was stuck for about 2.5 months. What I finally did was take a diet break on advice from several people on MFP. I ate at maintenance for a week (should have done two but was paranoid). When I got back on track I started losing again very slowly. Took me a year to lose 18 pounds but I am now 10 pounds from my original goal. Remember you are much smaller now so your calories need to be bang on because you have very little room for error when you get close to goal. 1000 calories is too low though. You need to be sure you weigh and measure EVERYTHING to ensure you aren't eating more than you think. Be very careful with your exercise calories if you use them. As you get smaller you burn less.

    You said you were on Weight Watchers so I am wondering are you considering veggies and fruit free? They have calories so be sure you are counting those. While they are certainly good for you the calories still add up. Our bodies count every calorie no matter what form it's in. Good luck and don't give up.

    Let us not forget the other 200 or so freestyle ww foods, like the beans for instance. If free fruits and free veggies are not free of calories, than those new free foods are even "less free". WW freestyle is bad math, more about money than weight loss imo.
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    Well I'm still not sure what to do. If I'm not counting my calories correct then maybe i am eating 1500 instead of 1000 a day. And if my Fitbit is overestimating my cals burned then say brings me to 2500 burned for the whole day including my bmr. That still brings to 1500 cals ate and burned 2500 thats still doesn't add up to why i stopped losing. It just doesnt make sense. I did this for 9 to 10 months and lost 71lbs. I ate about a thousand calories a day and exercised less than what I'm exercising now and would lose over 2 pounds a week. And it just stopped working. nothing changed. I increased my exercise within the last 2 months to try to see if that would help kump start it again and it's not helped either.

    Do you use a food scale to track your caloric intake?

    I do not. But I usually overestimate the amount to be safe. And a lot of what I eat is the same thing. I usually have three pieces of toast for breakfast. A banana partly through the day. For dinner I usually have a grilled piece of chicken breast and vegetables or Salad to go with it. 8 days out of 10 that is what I eat lol... But even if I am a little off in the waiting area of my calories logging in it 1000 a day and then let's say I'm off 500 calories a day by accident which is highly unlikely because like I said I usually overestimate but if I was off by 500 s day or so I still should be losing a little bit each week... It just seems to me anyways. I do think I will get a food scale and start trying to weigh just to eliminate that.

    Do yourself a huge favor and buy a digital food scale. I still have my digital scale from ww. Try Costco, Wal-Mart etc for good deals.
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    Sounds like a good plan - once you're weighing and tracking everything that way, you may find some things weren't what you thought they were. Also be sure to track any random bites or snacks - it's easy to miss little things like a bite of something at the office or way under calculating a sauce on a lunch out.

    If your tracking and activity were remotely accurate, I'd say it's time for a trip to the doctor, because I'd be passing out from the lack of food LOL.
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    Thank you all so much for your advice and input. I really do appreciate everyone. As per y'all's advice I ordered me a food scale. I disconnected my Fitbit from MyFitnessPal. I changed my activity level to active on MyFitnessPal. And I'm going to manually log any exercises sessions that I do. And try to make sure I do perfect at tracking and weighing everything and see where I'm at in a couple of weeks. It's giving me 1400 calories a day. I'm pretty scared to eat that many because I think that's why I was doing a thousand so that if I did have any error and judgment it would be compensated a little bit that's why I tried to shoot for way under. It would make weighing my food I should be spot on. So I'm going to probably be even more diligent and perfectionist at my tracking than I already was lol. But I'm hoping this great advice will help me get a little bit of a change. I'm at 166 now and my healthy range for my BMI is 160. My goal weight is 150. So I don't have too much farther to go and I know it's going to go slower but as long as it's going a little bit I'll be happy. Lol

    Hopefully you will get it straightened out. If not, you might want to consider a controlled diet break. Read the information here. Watch the video first. Good luck to you.
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    Good for you. I think you are heading in the right direction. It is easy to get confused when it comes to establishing a healthy diet and excercise plan.

    Now, you may see some swings in your weight. Don't worry, the weight fluctuations are a natural thing. And your body probably needs some refeeding to get your health status better.

    Stick with it through the "noise" and you can make it ok.

    Come to mfp for support as you need to. And ideally, work alongside your doctor to diagnose and fix any malnourishment issues you might have due to too little food intake. Hugs.
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    I know that but it seems she's going down a bad road eating like that and she says she's only eating 1000 calories.

    She really isn't eating that much she's not using a food scale. I do think her mentality is wrong that she thinks she needs to eat a thousand calories to lose weight. Op mentioned she's going to get a food scale, so she can be more accurate with her tracking, and she'll eat the amount suggested by MFP to lose weight.

    @jennygutt- what's your current height and weight? What do you plan to set your rate of loss to?