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"Common Sense Keto"...cult

KameHameHaaaaKameHameHaaaa Member Posts: 843 Member Member Posts: 843 Member
Seriously though...Is anyone else in the Common Sense Keto group on Facebook? I swear its a cult. When you join, one of the statements you have to agree with is having an opinion is okay so long as you don't state it as fact. But actually, you're not allowed an opinion. One of their admins will jump down your throat and say its their way or the highway. They say not to post studies on anything, but they post their own "Jack approved" studies listed only on their website. I've also found the creator really is just trying to scam people, if you check out his "nutritional coaching" site...

My posts have been deleted for a number of reasons
1) Suggesting Mississippi roast (ranch packets are not allowed in CSK)
2) Talking about sugar free chewing gum
3) Telling an admin she shouldn't be so rude to people. She deleted my comments, the comments of the girl she was being rude to, and only her own rude comments (left her other comments) to tweak the conversation and cover her own butt
4) Suggesting stevia to someone

The list could go on and they're becoming the laughing stock of keto groups on Facebook.

Anyway yeah just a rant. If you enjoy things like stevia, cucumbers, and eating more than just butter for every meal, avoid them like the plague because they are a cancer in the keto society and probably one of the reasons why people get scared and quit.


  • mph323mph323 Member Posts: 3,481 Member Member Posts: 3,481 Member
    What's the debate?
  • KameHameHaaaaKameHameHaaaa Member Posts: 843 Member Member Posts: 843 Member
    mph323 wrote: »
    What's the debate?

    Was hoping a CSK member was in here to strike one up with me ;) can't debate in the actual group because you get banned.
  • zyxstzyxst Member Posts: 9,133 Member Member Posts: 9,133 Member
    newmeadow wrote: »
    Tell us more about these ranch packets and why they upset people.

    It's probably the buttermilk.
  • mph323mph323 Member Posts: 3,481 Member Member Posts: 3,481 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    jfan175 wrote: »
    Well, the group has 104,774 members, so it must not be that bad. I don't think there's ever been a cult with that many we can probably rule out that it's a cult. Your deleted posts sound like they were more confrontational or provocative than simply voicing an opinion. I don't know what the creator is selling, so you might be on to something there. I'm not a member of that group and I don't do keto.

    IIRC, the Unification Church's largest single mass marriage ceremony involved 40,000 or so people, with all those people's marital partners chosen for them by the church, and that wasn't the church's only mass marriage. . . so you might just be wrong about the scope of cults.

    OMG I remember that! Blast from the past!
  • SmittyFreeSmittyFree Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    Read your thread and it seems you just don’t like ketogenic diets that focus on anti-inflammatory foods, which is what CSK does. Nuts (except macadamia, pecans and walnuts), seeds (small amounts of sesame oil is ok), legumes, fruits and vegetables that are actually fruit (seeds inside; exception is avocados) all contain an inflammatory compound called lectin. The CSK diet works toward minimizing dietary lectin as well as maintaining fat intake of 80-90%. Carbs at 20g and moderate protein at every meal.

    Many of us on the CSK diet aren’t necessarily seeking weight loss; we are on it because of the therapeutic effects for auto-immune disorders, brain injuries, PTSD, stroke, metabolic syndrome, hyperinsulinemia, Type 2 diabetes with neuropathy, epilepsy, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, kidney disease, Crones Disease, etc. Article below.

    In my case, my doctor recommended this specific Keto group. You might disagree with how careful the CSK FB admin moderates the group, but group members following the CSK diet greatly appreciate correct and corrected information. Thousands of people benefit from adhering to the CSK diet. You aren’t one of them and that’s ok. You’ll find your way to what works for you. But, your accusations say far more about you than they do about CSK.

  • 100_PROOF_100_PROOF_ Member Posts: 1,168 Member Member Posts: 1,168 Member
    Yeah there's definitely some who take their diet of choice too far. They treat it like a religion rather than just food.
    It's very common. It's actually quite sad because misinformation gets spread amongst groups like that and nobody is allowed to counter it. I would look for a different group that fits you better.
  • KindSirPaulKindSirPaul Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Agreed.. it is a cult- and also fell prey to the "CSK NAZI" because a recipe I shared called for erythritol. I called the site owner out on some science as well., because his Nazi wasn't bright enough to respond.
  • ferretkingdomferretkingdom Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I'm somehow blocked from the group even though I've never been in it. I'm in plenty of other keto groups, so I must be on the blacklist from having an opinion elsewhere. Lol
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