Weight loss prescription?



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    I don't see the objections as moralising (quite the opposite; MFP is about taking personal responsibility and STOP assigning morality to food) and healthy best way to lose weight (there's only one process by which weight loss occurs, losing weight when you're overweight IS healthy, and the best method is any method that suits you), but questioning the NEED for an aid (doctor suggested it. out of the blue), and whether the aid really does what it claims to do, and whether using the aid isn't shooting oneself in the foot long term (and weight management is for life).
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    Ask your doctor about DLPA first and if they give the OK on trying it I would suggest the Twin Lab brand. I took it for a while a couple years back. It gives you a dopamine boost which is the reason a lot of overweight ppl eat... it makes them happy or feel good at the moment. That's because they're getting a dopamine boost. I wouldn't suggest taking any pill for it, but if you're gonna take something give that a go first. The best way to go is by eating foods that satisfy you. If you find yourself overeating all the time, maybe try drinking more water. Your stomach only has so much space, if it's taken up before you eat you won't want to or be able to eat as much.
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    You continue watching your diet and exercising. What happens when you reach your weight loss goal? You continue watching your diet and exercising.

    So why not start with watching your diet and exercising?

    Obviously I am doing that already. Why would you assume I'm not? Just wondering if anyone has any experience with prescription appetite suppressants and could speak to the experience/the effectiveness/the drawbacks. I hadn't even thought about it until my doctor brought it up, and would like to gather some more information from people with firsthand experience. He didn't name a specific medication, but presumably he thinks I'm a good candidate for them.

    Who marked my comment about diet and exercise as woo? That is the opposite of woo.

    Because you mention in your first post about recent weight gain...hence the comments from others about adopting a diet and exercise plan.
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    My doctor recently prescribed Phentermine and, after reading a lot of scary reviews, I actually felt like I trusted my doctor and like she was giving me responsible advice. She sent me to get an EKG and to get blood work done to make sure I wasn’t at risk for any heart issues. She also prescribed the lowest dose and will raise it every 30 days until the 3 month limit. My energy hasn’t really changed but the obsessive food thoughts have stopped and I’ve lost 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I plan to continue eating well and exercising after so that I don’t gain it back. Some people complained about dizziness, heart palpitations, and other side effects... but they also were prescribed the highest dose to start off with, which seems really irresponsible on their doctor’s part. I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to most substances so I’m not really all that worried about side effects but, if I notice anything even slightly strange, I plan to stop taking it immediately.
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    I did use something (sorry I can't remember the name) for about a year. It made me a bit unfocused, and caused some stomach discomfort at times. I was under a doctor's care and they checked my blood pressure weekly, and then monthly. I lost about 70 lbs I have gained back 25 I have some still, but decided not to use it. I think I needed them when I needed them, but I am not as heavy now and have a pretty good handle on what I should be eating.
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    I was on the clinical trial for Saxenda before it was approved by the FDA. It is a daily injection that I took for about 13 months. It was an appetite suppressant and during the year I was on the program I lost 70lbs, I was also exercising and had monthly check ins with a nurse and a nutritionist during the trial so there was def. a feeling of a support system and accountability. The medicine itself made me a bit nauseated, but that was the only side effect. What an appetite suppressant does not help you with is your relationship with food. It makes you less hungry for the time that you are on the medication only. So when I came off of the medication and the trial was over - so was all of the support that I got cheering me on.. and I was back to my old hungry self. I was/am an emotional eater and ate my way through a divorce and my mother's death. I gained back all 70lbs within 2 years of coming off of the medicine.

    Ive tried other pill based appetite suppressants like qsymia and contrave but because they have an amphetamine effect I had insomnia so I chose to stop those medicines because I needed to sleep.