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Are Processed Foods "Bad"?

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I'm not really big on starting new threads especially in the debate section, but this issue comes up so frequently I thought I'd put it out there for discussion.

I truly don't understand how processed foods have become to be so demonized by many people. I notice that so often people will post how they're avoiding processed foods as part of their "lifestyle change" (which is something else I don't really get, but is a topic for an other day).

I've not really see a clear definition of what people mean by "processed food" either. I kind of think it's purposely left ambiguous by the marketing folks...

I've found that for long term sustainability I need to enjoy the food I eat. I love sweets and a good, high quality alcoholic beverage on occasion. So I make sure I fit those things into my plan. I agree that to be as healthy as I can, I need to eat plenty of nutrient dense foods, but I personally don't get all the negativity about "processed foods".

I'm grateful to live in a society where I can have access to lots of healthy, nutritious food that's also quick and convenient because someone else has already don't much of the processing for me.

I'm certain my diet would not be nearly as healthy or varied if I had to mill my own bread, kill my own animals for meat and harvest my own fruits and vegetables.

Thank goodness for modern food processing techniques. My life is so much better because of it.

What do you think?


  • Lounmoun
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    Are processed foods bad?
    The problem with discussing this is unless you grew or killed or make all the food yourself technically it has been processed by someone. I think most people who are avoiding processed foods mean foods that are packaged and have other ingredients added not that they are out killing their own chickens, growing their own coffee beans and growing their own broccoli.

    Several years ago the term whole foods diet was more popular than clean eating I think. It is about the same idea. I think a lot of people look at a term like whole foods, clean eating or vegetarian even and think healthier because it is different from those around them. It must be superior and healthier. It isn't any healthier to eat those ways if the person is not meeting their nutritional needs and of course you can meet your nutritional needs while eating fast food or frozen meals.
    A diet heavy in processed/packaged food might genuinely be a bad choice for someone who needs to limit their intake of sodium for example as preserved foods often have more sodium than fresh. Unless you have a medical concern over some common ingredient you probably do not need to avoid packaged foods to be healthy though.

    I limit or avoid several things that others include in their healthy diet because I don't like how they make me feel. Caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, pineapple for example. Still eat lots of packaged foods and don't care what others consume.
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    How else can the " organic food" industry be able to enter the food market, compete and profit against the big processing companies that are a big part of your life? By spreading propoganda. The strategy works in politics too.

    Many of the "big processing companies" control the organic food market as well...and organic food has a ton of "procesSed" options.