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  • mohara51
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    I'm looking for more support!
  • chrisbigfella1
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    Hit me up with a friend request
  • Caitlin1812
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    edited April 2018
    New friends would be great :) I eat vegan but totally happy to add anyone if they’re happy with it too :)
  • Casara3773
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    Hello I'm Casara and need friends to help me motivate me to workout. I have a Fitbit and we can do steps challenges together. My main exercise is just walk. That is all I can manage right now. I'm going for 10,000 steps pre-day. Add me if you want to be friends.:)
  • stacerracer
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    Feel free to add me!!!
  • Vallentiger
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    Please add me!
  • madison_barnes
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    I want more friends to motivate me on my weight loss journey!
  • Momentsthatl
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    Feel free to add!
  • maemalcy
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    Hi all, been a member for so long.. but wasn't disciplined enough. On 14/2/2018, yes on Ash Wednesday, I started a new journey with Intermittent Fasting (IF). I was at my heaviest at that time. 71.6kg at 158cm tall. Now, almost 2 months of doing it, I have lost total of 4.5kg! I know this is not much but IF is by far the least effort of lifestyle change I have done before. Looking for new friends as most friends that I added years ago were inactive now. Just like me before 14/2/2018. LOL. Let's motivate each other!
  • HappyKat5
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    _Walking is a great way to start. Park your Car just a little bit farther than before (but please be safe a bout it.) you don’t have to go full ham beast because every step makes a difference . If you have enjoy walking, admire the scenery and just enjoy the beauty nature that’s all around. If you Walking inside in a treadmill or track, listen to some inspiration music and understand that’s it’s not always about scale changes. Physical change can be notice, but also mental and spiritual changes as well.i have to beat conversations with my self when I take a stroll. Clears my head. Good luck!
  • Blsttb
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    Please add me for support and motivation.
  • mudknuckles
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    Feel free to add me.
  • PeteTheGamer2910mfp
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    all are welcome to add me - uk based with an open diary and active every day
  • jmothershead127
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    I got no fitness friends lol anyone in my circle rolls their eyes when I start talking exercise or healthy tips for eating..
  • Stacey_mfp
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    Hey all! Just started MFP as need some motivation back from doing Slimming World
  • Merinomm
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    Yes please
  • OliverRaningerVegan
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    Stacey_mfp wrote: »
    Hey all! Just started MFP as need some motivation back from doing Slimming World

    good mornig.....
  • adek19
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    Recently become a father for the first time and looking to get back into healthy/sorta beast mode! Looking for good supportive friends!

    Add me too
  • mudknuckles
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    New friends are welcome fell free to add me
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    I def could use more mfp friends, feel free to add me