Is Anybody still doing step aerobics

Hi, I fell in love with step aerobics 3 weeks ago. I am in late 20s and just discover this cardio. I am really suprised my heart rate is 75-80% of max hr. And it is really fun. Times go quickly and I am getting better.

I am wondering are there people who still do step aerobic? What results did you have, weight lose or did you tone body? What is your favorite video?

I am hoping to get firmer lower body and shred few pounds.



  • DancingMoosie
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    My mom loves step. I have a little Rubbermaid kitchen step I use with the Firm videos and a Carribbean Workout kickboxing/step workout. I thought it would be a weird combination, but it works and is a bit lower impact than other kickboxing workouts, like Turbo Jam or TurboFire. I just have to be careful since the area is much smaller than a regular step bench.
  • CeeBeeSlim
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    Loved it then, love it now. The Reebok step video with the drummers!! Gin Miller, i think?
  • eleanorhawkins
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    I am also a pretty new step addict, been doing it for a few months now. For something a little less daunting, look for Jenny Ford on YouTube, I LOVE her and have started doing her marching workouts too (mainly to stop myself doing step EVERY day as my knees complain about that lol)
  • Xkmaf2018X
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    Me too, I recently joined a new gym and they have a Step class and its fab. I too was surprised at how high my HR is during this workout. I love it anyway!
  • Irir5
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    I am currently doing Jane Fonda. But I plan to try others videos on yt. My step bech heigh is 6'. It is pretty hard but time really fly. I am doing step 30 min 5x week and after that some body weight exercises. I notice my quads are getting firmer and my belly is going away.
  • MeteoraTitanium
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    It's great for legs. I did step a lot in the gym for about a year plus they use weights when moving arms, so my legs and arms definitely are more toned. Good cardio too.
  • glennon123
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    I do, love a step workout. Check out Yvette Bachman on YouTube, she has some fabulous step workouts posted.
  • forever_body
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    Absolutely love steps...I do a class every week. I challenge myself by seeing how long I can go without a water break...right now I'm up to 30 mins

    Keep going!
  • melodyis4reals
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    I love step aerobics! It fun, a throwback, effective, and you don’t need to go to the gym! I put on Bluetooth headphones and workout after I put the kid down for the night.
  • minniestar55
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    I’ve been doing step since...well...original Gin Miller! Had some vcr tapes for home, step classes at gym. For about 13 years, have had terrific step instructor at gym, I go to her power step classes at least 3x week, sometimes more. It’s my favorite cardio, fun, laugh a lot, heart rate gets right up there, burn plenty calories, keeps my knees limber. I periodically look at YouTube for good step videos but have yet to find any I really like.
  • singingflutelady
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    When I was healthy enough to go to the gym my favourite class was group step (which changed it's name to group blast. I went to that class 4-5 times a week.
  • singingflutelady
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    Oh I often hit 190+ hr safely (didn't pass out or anything and hr fell quickly when I finished class) in my 30s.
  • Irir5
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    My hr is at 85 % when I jump rope, never went higher. With Jane Fonda is around 75-80% and I don't even do any arm work yet.I did Reebok 1992 The Video tonight. I find it less intense. It is really good but hr is around 65%.
    I saw Yvette Bachman videos and they look too intense. I am not ready for trying at this point Lol. Jenny Ford looks great too.
    I really really like step aerobics. It is such a news to me. And there is still room to improve (doing arms, adding weight or even add ankle weights to legs, well about ankle weights I need to research more to see is it safe while stepping).
    I read some article saying it is most underated exercise along with clamshell nowdays.
  • FitMom527
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    I absolutely love step aerobics! My church used to have it on a regular basis with a toning class afterwards. I was in great shape! Sadly they stopped the classes and although walking and the treadmill are good, my body started gaining weight a little bit each year. Actually, I was just looking at the good You Tubers that do step. I started using The Firm tapes in the 80's and was hooked. I just ordered the 43" step bench with the risers and honestly cannot wait to start back at home. I go to the gym for the treadmill and resistant weights, but I am now over 50 and with menopause I have gained 30 pounds. Nothing keeps my whole body toned and slimmed down like the step classes.
  • annaskiski
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    I used to do The Firm vids, and was always is terrific shape. After I got married however, I worked out at lunch at the gym, so switched to running, etc. Inexplicably (to me at the time), I started putting on weight.

    After I read New Rules of Lifting for Women, I realized what a huge mistake I made dropping most of my weight training was. I dusted off my Firm steps (have 3 sizes lol), and started right back up. (Also alternate with StrongLifts)

    They used to advertise "Results is 10 workouts", but I swear that you notice changes in one or two....
  • Irir5
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    Is there one Firm video or more? I am hearing about Firm all time so I am thinking about ordering one.
  • htimpaired
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    Check out Kelly Coffey-Meyers 30 minutes to fitness series. She has dvds and a Vimeo page. She has a few step workouts, including two step-boxing workouts-which are kickboxing/step hybrids.
  • Irir5
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    I will add her to my list of workouts I will try. Since I love those old videos, I did today Keli Roberts Ultimate step workout. Part 2 and 3 are really intense. I am really glad there are many of us still doing step :smile: And I hope you will write more since I can't find much on forums or anywhere about step aerobics experiences, reviews, before and afters...
  • Irir5
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    I made a group. I hope you will join
  • TeaBea
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    Look for Jenny Ford videos on YouTube.....she's a lot of fun. Look for Zombie Step around Halloween.

    I like really simple step videos (I'm a klutz). Beginner step (just my speed) - Cathe Basic Step / Kari Anderson Go! /and Christie Taylor Mission Possible are favorites.