Anyone know any quick low calorie snack recipes?



  • lutzsher
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    Grapes! I always keep some (usually) green grapes in the fridge for times when I just need a little "something".
    I also rely on almonds, I like roasted unsalted, and eat exactly 15 of them for a quick 100 calorie snack as well.
    I have also found a recipe that I make every Sunday and keep in the fridge, 1 c quick oats chopped in your food processor, add 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, and 1 lg banana. I throw in a handful of dried cherries for some extra flavor then pulse and shape into 12 little balls. I often eat one or two before a workout or if Im feeling hungry as they are only 65 calories each and an awesome little snack. I pop 2 of them and 1/2 cup of grapes before a morning workout as well as it is a good boost without a stomach full, enough energy to get through my workout.
  • k3rb3r
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    I eat a plant based diet and sometimes i just go for a smoothie, I add in cucumber or zucchini for filler but it's very low on calories and I am usually pretty full afterwards. I'll use 1 date to sweeten it but I'll use frozen berries as a fruit. That really helps me and it's about a liter in total to drink so almost feels like a meal but under 250 cals. Good luck!
  • TheObeseNextDoor
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    *Plain rice cake with a spread of dayia vegan strawberry cream cheese and top it with slices of bananas. I have at least 2 for a snack.

    * I also have silk vegan yogurt any flavor , add 2tsp of chia seeds and top it off with a banana or berries

    * Last I have air popped popcorn. I have a spray bottle which I use to spray the warm popcorn with olive oil and then I season it with popcorn seasonings.
  • BlowPopKisses
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    • Celery w/Peanut Butter or Blue Cheese/Ranch
    • Cucumber slices w/Blue Cheese/Ranch
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Meatballs dipped in melted cheese
    • Pepperoni slices and Provolone cheese or Cheddar Cheese cubes
    • Beef, Chicken or Turkey jerky
    • Chicken breast chunks dipped in spicy Mustard
    • Sugar free Jello cup
    • Strawberries, Honey Dew melon, Grapes, Bananas
    • Greek Yogurt w/blueberries and Splenda
    • Bell Peppers and spicy Hummus
  • BlowPopKisses
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    Split pickle in half (long ways) and scoop out the inside
    add mayo and mustard in the hole
    fold/roll up ham/turkey, provolone cheese, tomatoes and lay on top.
    Add the top layer of pickle and enjoy!
  • acpgee
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    Freeze your seedless grapes for a sorbet like treat. Frozen watermelon or banana whizzed in the food processor are great too.

    My favourite quick low cal savoury snack is vegetable sticks dipped in commercial hummous.
  • SoleTrainer60
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    I know a great web site that you may find lots of delicious healthy snacks. I hope this will be helpful. :) ( EASY HEALTHY SNACK ON THE GO )
  • thelettermegan
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    pickled vegetables - just eat them out of the jar!

    If you challenge yourself for a few days to stay away from sugary treats, the cravings will disappear.
  • Patricehm16
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    I am on a 1200 calorie restriction for a week and have found that jicama works wonders for me when I’m hunger. It’s differed, low in calories, and a little sweet. I cut it all up into individual pieces to have ready when I’m hungry. Yum!
  • misslibralove
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    Roasted chickpeas with favorite seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil can be made in toaster oven quickly on bake/toast setting at 350-375 degrees. I'm going to try lemon pepper and ranch flavor sometime
  • salrayn
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    Nuts are satisfying to me but I have to watch portions since the calories can really add up.
    Celery and peanut butter.
    Mary’s crackers... made with nuts and seeds.
  • Love_2_Hike
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    I up my calories to 1300, instead of 1200 as recommended. (I'm ok with slower weight loss). I eat 4 times a day, approx 325 cal per meal.
    Smoothie, fruit, yoghurt, skim millk, protein powder.
    2 boiled eggs, cream cheese, 2 Ryvitas, carrot, celery & apple.
    Small tuna salad, fetta, olives.
    Chicken/fish, mixed veg, quinoa/chickpeas ect

    Its working good so far. No need to 'snack'.
  • WagsTowson
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    This may be a crazy answer, but if I'm pretty close to my next meal I try to skip snacking and just pop in a piece of sugar free gum. Sometimes this is all I need to get me through.
  • lorrpb
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    100 cal bag of microwave popcorn.