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"No calorie-counting needed, just "eat intuitively" folks!"



  • cwolfman13
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    I don't really know what "intuitive eating" is other than a buzz word...but I haven't logged in 5+ years.
  • PiperGirl08
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    I don’t have a problem with the statements. But a lot of people who wind up dieting don’t know how to eat instinctively so it won’t work absent a tool that helps them learn. She is also correct in that a mostly plant based diet allows for increased volumes with far fewer calories. For example, a plateful of spinach vs a couple of crackers.
  • leejoyce31
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    is there a difference between eat mindfully and eat intuitively? (the former being the one I saw in the initial paragraph posted)

    to me, there is a difference - mindful is being aware of how different foods make me feel; what leaves me hungry, what makes me feel full etc

    eating intuitively is the whole eating until you are full/satisfied mindset

    If I ate until I was satisfied, that would be a half gallon of Southern Butter Pecan ice cream every other day. That's 3200 calories that I really don't need and which would definitely crowd out my eggs, salads, grains, steamed vegetables, fish, chicken etc.

    My off switch is broken with certain foods, for real.

    I'm the same way. I think it's because I eat so fast that I can eat so much food before feeling full. Therefore, I log everything daily. On most days, I am able to eat exactly what I pre-log. Some days, I go completely over. But I make sure to adjust intake to average to my maintenance over a 30 day period. Neither my mom nor my sister can eat much at one time. They rarely ever empty their plates. That's a foreign concept for me. :)
  • Katzedernacht
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    It sounds interesting, this eating intuitively thing, but for me it's not time yet, I am aware now tho, of when I am actually hungry or it's just boredom, frustration etc, but I don't think I'm quite there yet.

    Maybe once I hit maintenance I would give it a try, but I would most likely at least use cups to measure, I don't know.