Hello, Summer Body! - a weight loss challenge



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    I'm in, thanks to @JustKeepSwimming2008 for suggesting this challenge. Newbie here, and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions (I apologize in advance)

    What do we need the weekly poster for? (there was a sample of one) I'm confused!
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    FYI, MFP is having some glitches in their programming or something with their last update which isn't allowing people to 'Bookmark' anything inside groups that people have joined. When you try you may get a popup message about "not having permission and vanilla.dicussion." something. I read it doesn't effect the ability to bookmark other threads...just the Group-Joined threads. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. I dont know if this will effect anything when this group is closed/private. But hopefully MFP will fix the problem soon!
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    I'm in.
  • hippienana
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    I am just starting on my way to lose 50 pounds and need some help. Can't wait for this challenge. I started walking Saturday and going to make it a new habit.
  • JustKeepSwimming2008
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    @neepex27 , not sure if this answers your question, but I'll give it a try! Each week(between Thursday and Monday @noon) we enter in our weights in the "Weekly Weigh In" thread for this challenge. Kristen posted a copy of the format she wants us to use each week in her original post. You would just copy/paste the format and enter in your info each week to reflect that week's weigh in. The thread is locked/closed at noon on Monday so make sure you get yours posted in time!

    This is a sample of what mine would look like, and I would just copy/paste and continue to add to it each week when I weigh in:

    Start of Challenge Weight: 172
    Challenge Goal Weight: 150
    Lbs to Lose for this Challenge: 22

    04/30: 172
    05/28: <<<mini goal weight: 165 >>>
    06/25: <<<mini goal weight: 160>>>
    07/23: <<<mini goal weight:155 >>>
    08/20: <<<challenge goal weight: 150 >>>

    Again, I would copy and paste this entire format and update it every week in the "Weekly Weigh In" thread. The 'mini goal weight' is optional and if you don't want to do them for yourself, you don't have to.

    After the 'Weekly Weigh In' thread is closed, Kristen takes all the data and enters it into an awesome spreadsheet and posts it in the 'Weekly Charts' section. It will have your data, as well as the data from everyone who is part of the private group. Including SW, GW, weigh in weights, total losses, loss %, % to date, etc.

    Long answer, but I hope that helps!
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    I am in
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    I'm in!
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    I’m in!
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    I'm In! I need a long term group of people.
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    I’m all in for my health. Ayyeee
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    Hooray! I'm in. These are great challenges and help with accountability and focus.
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    I’m in!
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    I'm in
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    I'm in!
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    I hear this is an awesome group. Count me in!
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    I'm joining
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    I am in!!!
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    Tolamarie wrote: »
    I hear this is an awesome group. Count me in!

    I think so. :-) Thanks for joining us!
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    I'm in...have never done a challenge before. This may keep me accountable!