What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • awoodnyc
    awoodnyc Posts: 33 Member
    Lose 10lbs in 5 weeks.
  • Pastaprincess1978
    Pastaprincess1978 Posts: 371 Member
    Normally, I'd have a story of pants -- an epic tale of adventure and dragons and fire-breathing dragonpants. My quip is at an all-time low (this weekend is filled with stomach flu) and I suspect the dragonpants had a hand in orchestrating this speedbump. It's always the dragonpants, wanting to win.

    Anyway, what's motivating me right now is being to fit into and wear this awesome leather jacket I bought before regaining the 20lbs from all the health issues and lack of care in what I ate. I'm probably (I estimate) about 5lbs away from when I bought it. Right now, I'm digging it out of the 5lb prison the dragonpants put it into. Don't you worry, little Leather jacket. I'mma free you. I'mma wear you. And then I'll storm the dragonpants castle.

    Them dragonpants will see me coming with my awesome leather jacket. Them darn pants won't win. (psst, they don't know, but. I already broke through the first round and tamed the next size down). THAT'S RIGHT DRAGON PANTS. I'M COMING FOR YOU.

    Just after this flu standoff.

    To me this post is like an Agatha Christie novel: so much going on that I can't understand or keep track of the plot lines but the 'feel' is clear. I am also in a 5lb (ok 7lb) prison and I salute you, my eloquent friend. We will get there!
  • Jacobking101
    Jacobking101 Posts: 2 Member
    Lose 10 more pounds to get back into the overweight bmi for the first time in years
  • DeshotelK
    DeshotelK Posts: 181 Member
    Bought a two piece swimsuit that I don't want to look like a complete slob in this summer. 5-10 lbs of winter weight gone would be my mini-goal, but 15-20 would be my ultimate.