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  • lax75
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    Social aspect? Is it really social (ie you are talking all the time) or is that aspect optional? I loved rowing on the crew team in college bc during the actual training/racing I didn’t have to talk to anyone :lol: but I could be as social (or not) as I wanted before/after.

    I love paddle sports for the quiet/solitude on the water. I’d be mostly on a lake in a local park when on my own, so I’m not worried about safety for canoeing/kayaking/SUP once I got the hang of it. [/quote]
    I'm a rower and I prefer sweeps to sculling b/c of the "social" aspect. We don't chatter when we're on the water and rowing, but there's definitely a sense of shared effort and focus from working together. And there's plenty of time to chat before and after!

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    The SUP gatherings I have been to are very social. Lots of paddling, often at a good pace with little or no interaction, but sometimes leisurely while chatting.
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    kalahmarii wrote: »
    I saw someone comment about their muscular armpits on here awhile back and kinda went "weird, but ok". WELL guess who's now the proud owner of her very own muscular armpits :D

    That may have been me. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m meant to shave all this weird shaping. If you’ve figured it out, I’m all ears!