JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 43



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    I was wondering how often are the challenges posted? Don't want to miss one :smiley:
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    @Cookiesm1 a new challenge starts every 10 days :smiley: When the next round is opened it will be posted on here so don't worry :wink:
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    @quiltingjaine, yes, we play food games, of a sort in my house. The game is, YOU eat what I cook OR you can buy something out. When I met my husband he had the most deplorable diet. His mother would offer him food but he wouldn't take it. His weekly diet was sub sandwiches, Arby's, Coke, greasy fried fish, pork rinds (I laughed when I found out they were Keto friendly) and a quart of hot sauce. No green vegetables or salad and only oranges and bananas. I was a serious upgrade to his eating habits. Whatever I see him binging on, I no longer buy or limit. I've been doing that since we were young. He can buy it if he wants it that badly. Lol, my DH is a corn and saltine eater too! My children laugh at me when I talk about corn coming out looking the same as it goes in.

    Your husband lost 5# with no thanks to you? That is usually my husband, but this time he's a little different. He thanks me for preparing his meals and told my son that I'm his dietician. Lol, o-kay.

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    @Cookiesm1 A new challenge begins every 10 days with that link generally being posted about 2 days before the end of the round. Hope that makes sense!

    @tiabirdie56 Oh, DH does acknowledge my WOE for his loss but “thanks” is not involved.

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    I'm fully back on Keto, and it kinda feels like I never left. I haven't had an official weigh-in below 190, but I have seen it on my scale, and I'm really excited. The end of last round was fantastic (~5lbs in 3 days), and it looks like it "stuck." Going on vacation next Tuesday for 1 week (and with my in-law side of the family... 10 people... in a van), and I'm really happy that I got back on Keto before this. It's just not THAT hard to maintain, and it gives me an extra reason (for them) to stay away from things I've always wanted to stay away from.

    Age: 46
    Height 5’11”
    Historical SW (January 2015): 245 lbs
    Recent SW: 220.0 lbs (1/14/18)
    Ultimate GW: 179 lbs (and 12% body fat)

    R28 SW = 220.0 EW = 219.8 (-0.2) AW = 220.2 (+0.2)
    R29 SW = 219.8 EW = 214.0 (-5.8) AW = 215.9 (-4.3)
    R30 SW = 214.0 EW = 214.0 (-0.0) AW = 214.1 (-1.8)
    R31 SW = 214.0 EW = 209.2 (-4.8) AW = 211.3 (-2.8)
    R32 SW = 209.2 EW = 209.6 (+0.4) AW = 208.9 (-2.4)
    R33 SW = 209.6 EW = 207.4 (-2.2) AW = 208.2 (-0.7)
    R34 SW = 207.4 EW = 206.6 (-0.8) AW = 206.6 (-1.6)
    R35 SW = 206.6 EW = 204.2 (-2.4) AW = 204.1 (-2.5)
    R36 SW = 204.1 EW = 207.4 (+3.3) AW = 203.9 (-0.2)
    R37 SW = 207.4 EW = 202.0 (-5.4) AW = 203.5 (-0.4)
    R38 SW = 202.0 EW = 196.8 (-5.2) AW = 197.1 (-6.4)
    R39 SW = 196.8 EW = 194.2 (-2.6) AW = 195.8 (-1.3)
    R40 SW = 194.2 EW = 192.6 (-1.6) AW = 193.3 (-2.5)
    R41 SW = 192.6 EW = 194.0 (+1.4) AW = 193.7 (+0.4)
    R42 SW = 194.0 EW = 190.2 (-3.8) AW = 193.5 (-0.2) SBF% = 15.5 EBF% = 15.3 (-0.2), ABF% = 15.6 (+0.1)

    Total loss (since 1/14/18, but before this round): 29.8 lbs
    Average weight loss per round: 2.08 lbs

    R43 SW = 190.2, SBF% = 15.3
    Goals for this round: get below 189.9 and stay there; continue to monitor body fat percentage


    6/07 = 190.4 (+0.2), BF% = 15.3 (no change). I'm really happy to see this number, as I was not fully convinced that yesterday's weigh-in was accurate. I snacked a bit much yesterday, which led to me eating at about maintenance. I'm feeling super-positive right now. I have basketball and the weightlifting tonight. I think I'm eventually going to alternate my weightlifting and basketball days; I'm not sure it will make a difference health/fitness-wise, but it should improve the likelihood that I get my weightlifting in. At this point, when I have to sacrifice something (because of time), I just do legs at the gym, not upper body.

    6/08 = 191.2 (+0.8), BF% = 15.3. This is "one of those days." I played basketball last night, I had a healthy dinner, and I ate well yesterday; everything indicated that today should have been, at worst, maintaining my weight. Daily fluctuations; sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don't. But, given my current Zen state, I'm going to see this for what it is. Basketball was mediocre last night, but I didn't get hurt. I'm experiencing some ridiculous drama at work today (petty personal drama), and it has me in a bad mood.

    6/09 = 190.2 (-1.0), BF% = 15.3. Basically A WHOOSH™. I ate well yesterday. I'm right in the edge of 189.x. Trying not to obsess about it. I play basketball in a little over an hour, and I'm going to stop at the gym. This could be the day. I'm going to eat very mindfully today. Going it for drinks tonight for a friend's birthday, so it's going to be tough. 2 drinks max, and they must be Keto-friendly.

    6/10 = 190.8 (+0.6), BF% = 15.3. Yesterday was a mixed bag. Basketball was great, eating, not so much. My wife was a horrible, insidious influence. I know my eating is my responsibility, but she was in rare form. I need to find a kind way to talk with her about this, because I can deal with temptation, but not sabotage from my wife.

    6/11 = 192.6 (+1.8), BF% = 15.5. I feel like this is "leftover" from my day before, because I was within calories, macros, and whatever. Maybe I had a "little" more bacon last night than I should have. I have been a little light on sleep the past few days, and I've also been a little light on water, and both of those could be affecting things. I'm playing basketball and going to the gym tonight. I'll keep trying to figure this out. Not going to let this get me down.

    6/12 = 191.0 (-1.6), BF% = 15.3. Total BWHOOSH™ (formerly known as BOUNCE BACK™). Finally a decent weigh-in after basketball last night. My knee felt loose/sore at basketball, though, so it wasn't all good news. I went to the gym before basketball last night, lifted weights (including legs), but I have to admit that I skipped the gym last Thursday and Saturday (but still played basketball). I know better. Thinking back, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, as it's happened before. Part of me (hell, all of me) wants to be "normal" again, someone who isn't dealing with the aftereffects of reconstructive knee surgery 20 years ago, including pretty severe osteoarthritis. I would love to be able to play basketball and NOT need to lift weights every time I go in order to keep my reconstructed knee and associated leg in its best possible state (which still sucks). This experience, once again, reminds me that this day will never come. It's a little depressing, but this is old, old news. If I go to the gym regularly (one gym workout per one day of basketball), I generally feel much better. I'm recommitting to doing this. Again. On a happier note, I'm going on vacation for a week! I will not be weighing in again until Wednesday, 6/20. Anyone have any ideas regarding how I should "report" this in my history (SW, EW, AW, etc.)? *Edit* Last night I asked my wife to take the following phrase out of her vocabulary when it comes to me and food, "Maybe you can just have a little."