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    We aren't known as the fattest city in America without a reason. Houstonians take their food seriously but we don't have one particular known for food. It's just a giant melting pot of all cultures.

    But I would say a particularly Texas thing I've found is Kolaches. Most parts of the country do not routinely sell these in their donut shops, nor dedicate chains especially for them. They come from our Czech settlers and are basically large pigs in a blanket, but there can be many variations. My favorite are the Boudin kolaches thanks to our easterly neighbors. But Sausage and cheese is the staple.


    We have kolaches here, also Czech, made in our bakeries and recipe handed down by my grandmother. But they look nothing like yours! Ours are more of an open faced, baked pastry with a fruit, mince meat, poppyseed, or other filling on top. Yours look amazing!
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    Cbean08 wrote: »
    Not for the lactose intolerant.


    Chicago? *drool* IL - my home state.

    But I'm in Kansas now and everyone flips over steak and BBQ, neither of which I care for much.
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    I grew up in VA but live in NC now. Although more of a snack than a meal I love cornbread in milk with either some maple syrup or salt & pepper depending on what I’m craving. Shrimp and grits is a staple lazy dinner in my house too. Now I’m craving both!
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    Growing up in East Tennessee we ate a lot of soup beans and cornbread. Too bad I don't have a picture. But everything goes with soup beans.......tomatoes, kraut and wieners, slaw. Some like mayo in theirs but not me:)
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    @mom23mangos TX Hill Country girl here, but utterly fascinated with the eats in Houston. You can get just about anything there! It's heaven! But with a million percent humidity 😂

    I miss Kolaches. Especially when they are made with opa's sausage with cheese and jalapeños- drool!!!!
    I have some food intolerance issues and can't do wheat (causes massive gut pain and rashes all over) and I have yet to find a decent gluten free option. It's a bummer.

    My husband's family are from North Carolina - outer banks? He tells me to shut my mouth if I say anything against the NC version of bbq. 😂😂 his cousins thought he was crazy when he was a kid and asked if they had any brisket at one of the bbq joints over there. And they called tortillas "wrap ups." That still gives me the giggles 😂

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    Welcome to Lancashire....

    steak pudding chips and gravy, with mushy peas


    Chips and gravy! Food of the gods. Chips and curry sauce is also pretty heavenly.

    (I'm Yorkshire-born, with Lancastrican parents).
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    Fries with the works were invented in my Town in the '40's. Fries with homemade gravy, canned peas and hamburger. OMG....So good!!!
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    @Dee_D33 omg!!!! We were just talking about cornbread in milk!!!! My sister is 17 years my junior and somehow she never managed to have cornbread in milk. My grandmother always had day old cornbread like that so I thought it was the norm.
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    Here in FL famous for our fresh seafood of course..! mcktthnl27sh.png

    I love it fried with some tartar sauce, hush puppies, Cole slaw and a side of fruit
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    Hello everyone!
    I thought it would be fun to start a thread of weird dishes from your hometown (wherever that may be) that seem odd to an outsider but locals love them!

    I am from Rochester NY and here we have "Garbage Plates". Garbage plates were invented by Nick Tahou at his burger place but are now sold pretty much everywhere in Rochester you can buy a hamburger or hotdog.

    A garbage plate traditionally has a base of Macaroni Salad and home fries, although you can customize them to pretty much anything including baked beans, tater tots, etc. Then you either get 2 hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or hotdogs on top. To top it all off there is a spicy meat sauce and onions plus your choice of ketchup, mustard, and/or relish.

    Everyone thinks they sound gross until you try one and they are amazing! There is also great debate in Rochester over who makes the best Garbage plate and it can be quite the hot button topic. Everyone has a favorite place to get one and will defend it until the end. My personal favorite place is called Jimmy Z's in the Village of Brockport, where I went to college.

    Here is a picture of one for your drooling pleasure:

    Tell us your hometown dish!

    They taste the best at 3am after a few drinks..... :D:D:D
    I used to go to Empire Hots every single weekend.... hahaha
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    I'm in Richmond, VA and we have good Hanover tomatoes, salty ham (the saltier the better) and yummy shrimp and grits. Richmond has an amazing restaurant scene.'

    edited: How could I forget our amazing oysters from the "rivah" and my favorite, Brunswick stew, preferably cooked all day outside over a fire and stirred by someone's grandpa with his big paddle.

    Agree! I'm on the Peninsula and make frequent trips to RVA, but the seafood here is fresh off the boat or if you are fortunate enough and have the patience you catch it in your back yard or boat.
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    malibu927 wrote: »

    The only way I can post about a 3-Way and get away with it

    Only in OH :)
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    Idaho - while you would think potatoes, it's actually fingersteaks and fry sauce. Fry sauce is just ketchup and mayo mixed.

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    mamasara2 wrote: »
    @Dee_D33 omg!!!! We were just talking about cornbread in milk!!!! My sister is 17 years my junior and somehow she never managed to have cornbread in milk. My grandmother always had day old cornbread like that so I thought it was the norm.

    My father used to eat it and it always grossed me out. He's from West Texas.