JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ Round 45



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    7/03 = 193.0 (-0.8), BF% = 17.3 (+2.1). I'm a little confused at how I could gain 2.1% body fat in 2 days, but I'll report it as-is until I figure it out. Yesterday was better for eating. I'm paying on the scale for the sins of my Saturday/Sunday. Trying to keep my head on straight. I'm feeling strangely discouraged by my BF% reading, even though I'm pretty sure it's impossible.

    @puddlegoober You can't. Are you using a home scale for your readings? If so, they are not very accurate and the readings can be affected by all sorts of factors - how well hydrated you are, how clean your feet are, when you last ate.... Here's one of many online articles on the subject - http://www.berkeleywellness.com/healthy-eating/diet-weight-loss/article/body-fat-scales-step-right . Note the line "Consumer Reports no longer tests body-fat scales because of their inaccuracies." I used to have one of those scales - a highly rated one - and it had wild swings in my readings even within hours. I ditched it for a weight-only model.

    @SheilaBoneham I know these things fluctuate a lot, but it's never done it to ME. Not like that. Not any of the BF% items I've ever owned.

    I think it was a fluke. Everything's back to normal. But thank you for the info! I try not to take the readings too personally... just want to use them as information.
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    @CrowChild You can do it!!!

    Thanks, @jerier ! I'm just coming off two weeks of eating very badly so I'm very conscious of slipping off the wagon again.

    I really appreciate the support.

    @CrowChild Right there with ya! My inner piglet has taken over the cockpit.