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  • ThehardmakesitworthitThehardmakesitworthit Member Posts: 838 Member Member Posts: 838 Member
    ^^ Yass!!!!! you have the bug! LOL. Glad for you!!!!
  • mebelfantimebelfanti Member Posts: 328 Member Member Posts: 328 Member
    @hipari yaaass! you're killing it!
  • tammierlewistammierlewis Member Posts: 520 Member Member Posts: 520 Member
    @rheddmobile Great progress! You have done a great job!
  • Kenda2427Kenda2427 Member Posts: 1,628 Member Member Posts: 1,628 Member
    aeloine wrote: »
    aeloine wrote: »
    I ran for a whole 2 minutes! Tomorrow I’m going to try 3 and so in until I beat the mental block holding me back.

    Not sure why THIS got flagged and "woo'd".

    Congrats on the run! I hope the 3 minutes turn into 5 and more!

    I didn't push that button, but I thought woo is like woo-hoo! like cheering for the commenter? :D

    Nope. Woo like "woo-woo". Kind of a negative connotation on MFP.

    I always thought woo was a good thing too...Never did I see it as a negative.

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