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    lorib642 wrote: »
    I complained a while back that I have to tug at a lot of my shorts if I am not wearing a belt. Kind of mixed news - this morning a pair fell to the floor when I put my phone in a pocket. the odd thing is that with a belt they look fine. They are barely too big all over, one of the few that I found that fit my new shape well. I am shaped different by losing to this weight than I was years ago when this was my normal weight.

    My pants are getting loose too. It is annoying to have to pull them up, but I like that I am getting smaller.

    Hopefully you were inside when they fell.

    Best weight loss clothing accessory: a belt! Shrinking body means so many of my pants are now baggy. I hate having to buy new clothes that I know I'm just going to shrink out of, so a good belt has been such a lifesaver (and embarrassment preventer - no more accidentally showing the world my underwear because my pants are literally falling off).
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    @VUA21 that’s fantastic! Congratulations!!
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