Women over 300lb Starting Weight



  • mrjackson65
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    Would love to join and support!
  • Meriguz
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    Hi ladies! Please feel free to add me as I just restarted my journey and I think it is helpful to have connections with others on the same path.
  • LIBOR_cat
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    sra455 wrote: »
    I finally made it under the 300 lb mark!!!

    Now that i've made it I never want to see my weight starting with a 3 again :smiley:

    SW 332
    CW 296
    GW 145

    Holy .... 🙀

    Good job.
  • gloria348
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    Thanks for this. It was inspirational and eye awaking. We all want fast, but know it will take time. This is a good reminder of the struggles and choices. I appreciate this insight