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    I am not going to comment on what someone might have meant....or if someone is just being lazy with language. I find Keto works very well for me - generally speaking. I really enjoy the foods that I eat. I love carbs, but they do not seem to love me back. Which is unfortunate (I can make some mean I-talian foods.....). So, Keto is a way of eating for me that works. I would suggest, though, that it is super restrictive, which would very likely cause a good percentage of people to not be able to sustain that way of eating (which totally defeats the purpose). Anyway...Keto is great for me...and others....but - I would not say - great for everyone!
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    Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be supportive of each other's attempts to follow any sort of strategy that results in success that isn't actually dangerous? We all have to deal with food pushers, judgy siblings demanding an explanation for why the salad dressing is on the side, the temptation to just hit that snooze button one more time and skip the workout, the desire to leap off the treadmill because ugghhhh this is so hard, the temptation to eat a slice of a piece of cake that says "Happy Birthday Becky" that's in the work breakroom, even though we don't like Becky or care about her birthday. We are sick of our Spanx and have "skinny jeans" in our closet and our kitchens are full of measuring cups and our brains are full of random factoids, like 1 oz. of avocado is exactly 50 calories and that cooked raw chicken weighs less than when it's raw.

    We are all here to fight for what we want. That's a good thing.

    BTW, 7 months on keto, 7 YEARS using MFP for calorie tracking, and you know what? Keto works absolutely fine. It's just like any other calorie restriction plan.

    So you're pretty much OK with new members reading "Keto is the way to lose weight", forcing themselves to follow a food plan that cuts out all the foods they may find satiating, and beating themselves up because they can't stick to the plan?

    I'm OK with them trying a plan, whether it's Keto or another plan. It's not my place to "be OK" with another adult's diet plan, anyway.

    Also, I am not sure where "trying keto" has to equal failing miserably and beating themselves up. Cutting out foods that they might find satiating applies to ANYTHING involving eating less. BTW, most people who like keto like it because the foods you do eat are satiating.