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Starvation mode



  • 2baninja
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    You need to find a new dietitian, someone who will listen to you.
  • fb47
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  • moogie_fit
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    I went to see a dietician for issues I was having with digestion. I have gastroparesis, and I have episodes of sulphuric burps that precede diarrhea and vomiting. I gave her my food log, and she completely ignored the reason I came in for, and went on about how I needed to eat at least 2000 calories a day, and that I am in starvation mode now. I don't feel any of the symptoms of starvation mode, and I am more or less at my goal weight right now which is easily maintainable at 1300-1400 calories without exercise. I am not sleepy or spacey (like what she described people who exhibit symptoms of being in starvation mode) and I can efficiently do my work and maintain an active lifestyle, so what gives? I feel like i'm being lied to here.

    You need to find a dietitian who will help you with your problem, and do what your paying them for
  • kshama2001
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    Another vote for a new dietitian. (Are you in the US? Make sure they are a dietitian and not a nutritionist.)
  • jjpptt2
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    Word choice and semantics aside (which while important, probably aren't especially helpful to your situation)... it sounds like you need to have a more complete conversation with the dietitian. Did they actually ignore your questions, or gloss over them because of an issue they deemed more important? In either case, you should be getting your questions answered at at the very least understand what you're being told and why. Once you understand the why, you can decide if the dietitian is worth seeing again and/or you should be following their advice.
  • anchower1973
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    See a specialist. A nutritionist, often times, just regurgitates what they feel is best and doesn't adequately take medical issues into consideration. You will likely be your own best nutritionist. Do your own research and get help from a good doctor.