August 2018 Running Challenge



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    Pretty grumpy this morning, which wasn't that unusual, but it never really shook off once I started running. Nothing really specific, just higher anxiety than I’d prefer. Having an anxiety disorder means that sometimes trying to identify what I'm anxious about makes things worse, as I immediately become anxious about every possibility my brain raises. In those cases it's better just to ride it out and look back when my brain isn't trying to eat itself alive. I've started journaling recently and that seems to be helping.

    My knee was hurting, too, which has been frustrating me a lot recently. Running and lifting are supposed to be GOOD for me, so what’s with these aches and pains? I know it’s more complicated than that, but it’s still frustrating. I know that I need to accept that I'm going to need to take care of my body if I'm going to push it to do things like run around lakes and deadlift 100 pounds (on deck for tomorrow!) and there are going to be aches and pains no matter what, but I'm just not there yet.

    I feel this so hard. I’ve started bullet journaling and habit tracking so I have finite evidence of trends and it makes it easier to see patterns. It’s usually a lot of “oh duh” moments for me. The days I get up, have a smoothie, and go for a walk outside I have fewer episodes of anxiety? The days that my morning routine gets pushed aside I have worse anxiety? But I’m also a nerd and like evidence so that’s just me.

    Also feel ya on the aches and pains. My left hip is bugging me, might be an IT band thing, but I have no foam roller. I used one of the tiny human’s rattles because it was the hardest ball I could find and that seems to be working. Just frustrating when I’m doing all the *right* things and my body says “haha no.”
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    @5BeautifulDays did you find proper shoes was enough for you? I did a lot of massage on it yesterday and that's made a huge difference. Still not running today as still a little pain, though not like yesterday. It's the best it's been since last Wednesday.

    Sorry all to be a broken record, I just want to get out there again!
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    zdyb23456 wrote: »

    I ran to the high school track and did my strides on the track. I love it there! The track is so springy! The cross country team showed up to warm up on the track when I got there - such youngsters! To be that young again... they probably thought I was older than the hills - lol
    @zdyb23456 - I had to laugh at this! I run into the boys cross country team frequently on the paved trail I run. Typically at one of the drinking fountains. They are always so polite and let me get in to get a drink so I don't have to wait for them (and visiting with Hobbes the Vizsla). I am pretty sure they are wondering what the heck grandma is doing out running!

    @mobycarp - my doc has recommended waiting a bit longer on the shingles vaccine. It is good to know your experience though so I will know what to expect!
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    8/1: 1.19
    8/3: 4.07
    8/4: 5
    8/5: 6.04
    8/9: 2.9
    8/11: 17
    8/12: 3
    8/13: 4.5

    Total: 44.1/100

    9/30 Wineglass Marathon

    It was hot and humid tonight. However, I found an interesting podcast from This American Life, so it went by fairly quickly.
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    @marisap2010 I love This American Life. I find Ira's voice so soothing.

    @RunsOnEspresso those are great! They need a Will Run for Whiskey t-shirt!
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    kcs76 wrote: »
    @marisap2010 I love This American Life. I find Ira's voice so soothing.

    @RunsOnEspresso those are great! They need a Will Run for Whiskey t-shirt!

    I need a vodka or margarita one!