What Do YOU consider maintenance?



  • SabAteNine
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    My goal was 125.5 lbs (57 kg).
    I have gotten as low as 121, slowly, over two months of figuring out my maintenance limit while increasing activity. Now I am around 123.5 and that's a good spot. I suppose anything over 126 would make me a little antsy, unless I know it's from planned slow bulking, which is on the agenda. It's hard to reconcile that with the idea of „staying put” in a range.
    I weigh in daily because I am curious. But I suppose numbers aside, the only true relevance is the one of measurements. If they stay the same, or go down, I will be a happy woman regardless of the scale - even BECAUSE the scale goes up. It means body recomp is working and more muscle is happening. Which is good.
  • jillstreett
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    I am 5 pounds from a revised goal. First goal was lose 30 pounds, then I decided to keep going and lose an additional 20. I am 150.4 as of today and want to be 145. That total 50 pound loss will be extremely important for me to maintain with maybe 147 being the high side for a normal week. But I also said to myself a long time ago that, "I want to live in a world under 150" and if holidays and travel and weddings, etc. bump my from 145 to 149 for a week or so after the event, I will remember that is still under 150 and not panic! I think mentally that is how I want to go about it. I am still a long way from the low end of normal on BMI for a 5'6" female, so while I don't want to lose more than the 50, if I dip below 145 that's just fine too because I know it is still healthy.
  • DancingMoosie
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    For me, it's somewhere around 115-119. I'm hovering around 117 ATM. I don't mind going a little below 115 and don't like hitting 119 or above...but below 116 and hubby gets upset.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Long term maintainer here and similar to so many in this thread my range is +/-5lbs although I prefer it always being closer to the lower end. Right now I'm bang in the middle of it, since last vacation I've not had the same enthusiasm to get back to deficit. I'm maintaining nicely but need to get back to eating at deficit again, and soon! (and in time before the next vacation happens at end of October!)
  • rhauser44
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    If your waist (at around the belly button -- the largest place to measure for most) is more than half your height, you need to lose a little.

    That’s a pretty good metric! At 6’ 1”, I definitely notice the girth when my waist measurement grows beyond 36”. I’m within a few lbs. of my target maintenance weight. I’ve been carefully tracking & measuring my caloric intake and now I’m calculating what my maintenance calories will be. For now, my Target maintenance weight will 177 lbs., +/- 5 lbs.

    My goal(s) will now change from weight loss, to a goal of fat loss. My target BF% will be 17% +/- 3%. I’m around 20-22% now.

  • jennifer_417
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    Keep track of what your fluctuations actually are for a while. Then you'll have a better idea of what you might want to be your get-back-on-track number.
  • elisa123gal
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    to me, maintenance is maintaining a certain weight you decide to maintain. I don't think it has to be the ideal "goal weight." Maintenance is a balancing act..a practice..and I like the approach of losing a certain amount, then maintaining for a while..then losing more .. and so on an so forth. That way when you do reach "THE goal weight". you are not burned out..and you know how to maintain, because you've done it before.