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    :) Jake read the directions from the doctor about caring for my back and decided that I should be walking more than I have been so he suggested that the two of us go for a walk. My response was to say that any walking I did should be for the dogs so I've been out with dogs more today. I even walked for 30 minutes slowly with the dogs and my friend. Jake did the laundry and the grocery shopping and fixed lunch.

    :) [
    <3 Barbie

    If my husband suggested he go for a walk with me, I'd be all over that like ants at a picnic. I'd just bring the dogs along too. However, walking is not something my husband "gets." So it's usually just me and the dogs and my music or audio books.

    Heading to town now to restock some of my supplements. On my list today is Glucosamine, DHEA and Gotu Kola. Even though I am using progesterone, I still have symptoms of imbalanced hormones. Three of my main symptoms are: Low Libido, Stress Incontinence, and constantly cold. The doctors have been no help to me at all so I'm going to have to figure this out myself. So I'm going to try boosting my androgens. <3 Wendy

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    In jammies and in bed,watching American Pickers..up early tomorrow all day working tomorrow..
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    Oh, Beth, you made me cry. God is Good!! Biggest big hugs<3

    Janetr OKC
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    Tracey That's a sweet tea set.

    Katla I would love to see a photo of the puppet.

    Carol Happy Anniversary!

    Beth That Rainbow story was lovely. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for the forewarning, too, that was thoughtful. The spoiler alert is the icon to the left of the happy face above. If you click on it, there is a drop down menu with the spoiler option.

    NYKAREN Those bead statues. OMG. I would love to see those!

    Karen in Virginia
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    Hi all: Well DD and I spent our afternoon putting up a new section of gutter on one side of the house. The old one came down in a storm while we were away on vacation. The screws were torn out of the wood so we could not just screw it back up. It does not match the other gutter on the house but I don't care, it is functional. We will eventually need to have a new roof and gutter so this will do until then. Did well with food today, weight is coming off after what I gained on vacation.

    Carol - Happy Anniversary!! We celebrated our 49th on August 23 this year.

    Katla - So glad you are enjoying the time with your family especially the DGS.

    Barbie - Sending healing angels your way. It is very frustrating when you are trying to do everything right and still have problems but sounds like you are handling it very well.

    Heather - Hope you get to move in September. My DH has read three of the Winfrith series. Is there a fourth out? If so, can you give me the title?

    Beth - Hope things go well for your son's surgery. Everyone needs an advocate if they are in the hospital. Glad you are seeing rainbows again.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Sue - The last one, no 4, is called THE KNIFE EDGE. :D DH is now finishing off no 5. :D:o He is finding it difficult to finish as there's always more to edit. :laugh: It makes him very happy when someone enjoys them and he always mentions it to me when he gets another sale. <3:D
    Yesterday we both worked on our books in the morning. I wrote about 500 words. Slow but steady. He writes in the living room and I write on our bed upstairs. I'm writing about my grandparents again, who moved in almost next door to us at our new house. My mother was not amused. I was very conscious of that when we floated the idea of moving to Hove. DS said he didn't want us too near! We will be about 30 mins walk away. No fear of bumping into each other at the bakers.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    I am up showered, dog walked and about ready to have my tea.. working 7:30-5 today.... all by myself up front ,, this should be fun.. but oh well at least I am at my regular office
    I wake up at night and start worrying about my dads house and to make sure it gets sold before we have to buy oil...
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    Good morning all! Happy Monday! Woke up to thunder and lightening this morning. I heard it last night and found out that the power had gone out (because one of my alarms didn't go off). We still have power; but there are quite a few areas around us without power. I just did my grocery shopping for the week yesterday, so I am SO glad our power didn't go out!
    Sticking to my meal plan is working well for me. I mean, really sticking to it. No eating off the food list. No alcohol, not much sugar, staying withing the "fat" allowance (which is healthy fats only), and eating the right carbs. I weighed myself two weeks ago and weighed 234. I weighed myself last Monday and weighed 230. I weighed myself this morning and weigh 225! Down, down, down I go. I can do this!
    Beth - Love the rainbow story!
    Heather- When Tim and I were first married we lived about a 15 minute walk from my parents and hardly ever saw them. Between our work schedules and their own busy schedules, we still only saw each other about once a week or once every couple of weeks. I found your husbands books on Amazon, but couldn't figure out which one was the first book in the series. Can you give me that name?
    Carol- Happy Anniversary! 49 years is quite a run! Congrats!
    Sue WA- Happy belated anniversary to you as well! 49 years! That is a "mile marker" not many couples make it to. Congrats!
    Wendy- I would be thrilled if my husband would take a walk with me. Alas, Tim loves to walk when it is dark (vampire) and I love the light.
    Pip - The pups look great! So do your knees! lol All of the biking and you have the legs to show for it!
    Kylia- Love your before/during photo! You still look lovely, but there is always that "a-ha" moment where you see yourself in a photo and think "Do I really look like that?". I have a few of those photos of myself. I have NEVER liked the way I look in photos (or mirrors, for that matter), so I am hoping that once I get the weight off, I will be happy (or at least content) with the way I look. I know this mindset is just that, some thing in my MIND. Perhaps I need a mental overhaul?

    Another mass shooting. So tired of hearing about them. America has a problem; and it is a sickness on the inside. Sorry if I am wandering into the "too political" arena. That's all I have to say about this. (But I have a lot to say about it, if anyone wants to chat offsite).

    Well, we are celebrating Valentine's Day today! All of our holidays are a surprise for the kids, so I think it will be a fun week for them. We need more holiday feelings! Love, love, love...

    Sending strengthening vibes to all who need them! (((Beth))) special hugs as you are in warrior mode for your son!
    ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

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    NYKaren ~ My husband would love that vase. The nature pics are beautiful.
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    NYKaren Love the pictures!
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    NYKaren- great pictures! Thanks for sharing.