Hello, ladies, just getting this started, albeit in inferior fashion to Barbie's. Please post how you did on your July goals, what your August goals will be, and let the discussion begin!

Lisa in AR (who fervently hopes Barbie will be able to take this back over next month!)


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    Thanks Lisa-
    Sure hoping Barbie is ok love her bunches..and of course love you all XOXO
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    Thanks for stepping in Lisa!

    Barbie I hope you are feeling better soon!

    I posted in the July thread my results, but I’ll briefly mention them again. I did close all my rings each day and earned my special badge for July. I did not maintain my weight, I actually lost 1 pound.

    My goals for August will be the same. Close the rings each day on my watch and earn August’s badge and maintain my weight, or even gain 2-3 lbs.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Thanks for getting this started and hope the best for Barbie!
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    Nothing to say …
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    Good morning! It's a beautiful morning and only 65 degrees! Unusually cool!

    Thank you Lisa for adding the link for August!

    July was a pretty good month for me. I went swimming a lot and stayed with my goals (pretty good except drinks by the pool) and I lost 3 pounds!

    My August goals:
    • Keep swimming
    • Try yoga at the Y
    • Walk more
    • Find a battery for my Fitbit
    • Stay on track logging food
    • Log food ahead of meals to be mindful of what I'm eating
    • Drink more water

    Have a good day! I'm off to the Y!
    Dana in Arkansas

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    Thanks, Lisa. I was thinking that barbie had some certain privilege which allowed her to make a new thread for this site. That was very nice of you to do.

    barbie - so glad to hear that it was just that you forgot and not something much more serious. If you hadn't checked in yet, I would have been officially worried.

    Michele in NC
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    Thanks Lisa for the fresh start!
    Way behind (pg 69) and fell off track.

    July stats
    daily: 60g protein=84%, one more step than monthly average=52%, meditate, knee exercises=52%
    4x/week: core=88%, walk Tumble 71%
    SWSY, hang/purge art 0%
    Bonus AF=94%.

    August intentions, same as July:
    daily: 60g protein, one more step than monthly average, meditate, knee exercises.
    4x week: core, walk Tumble.
    SWSY Mondays and Thursdays,
    One piece of art up or purged per week.

    Gotta dash to T'ai Chi, later, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
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    Yay, Barbie! I was a little worried about you, too... but knew you'd understand if we went ahead and got things going. :smiley:

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    Thanks Lisa for starting up this month. Barbie, no worries about not being as prompt as you'd like, you have a lot going on!💗. Take care of you! Hugs!

    Hmm August already??
    I was up at 6:30 am took a shower, helped husband, I really have more energy than I have had in a long time! We are simply, took our meds, and now I have finished paying bills. This morning I drive to take husband to doctors at 9:45am, mail some Japanese candy to Navy son, and will come home. Maybe have that bean soup I made yesterday for lunch. It is misty this morning, so a great time to pull weeds!
    Oh I'm back up to 235.8 but my quick 3 lb loss was due to just not eating. I am still eating small portions like I am a giant eating small human food! Using small plates and little sauce bowls! I tower over the good spying it!!!

    Have a great day y'all!
    Whidbey island