Do people ever criticize the way you choose to eat?



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    Yes. It seems that whatever job I have had, my coworkers chime in on how bad diet pop is and that it makes people fat. I have been drinking it for ages and won't give it up.
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    you're trying to lose weight and you're going to eat that?

    yes, i ran 13 miles for fun today. i will demolish the vending machine bag of chips. and many other things

    Them: "How are supposed to lose weight eating that?"
    Me: "I make room in my calorie budget"
    Them: "Ohh, that works?!?!? How did you do that?"
    Me: "I ran 5 miles this morning, and I'm going to my hard workout this evening"
    Them: "Oh" with a look of defeat

    Just sounds like the person was uneducated to me and ignorant on how weight loss works. Idk why ppl automatically get on defence mode or think people are trying to battle them when they are simply asking questions.
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    Not really.
    I eat pretty normally and eat most of my meals at home.
    My dd sometimes dislikes food I make but she is not criticizing me eating it.
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    I wouldn’t say criticize. But I do get heckled a bit for being vegan (technically WFPB).
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    Not that I can remember. It wouldn't matter to me if they did. I'd just nod and blink in that way you do when someone is saying something that really doesn't interest you but you don't want to be rude.
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    Not and live.


    Lol! This. Totally this.
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    I never told anyone. All people notice are the results.