Less Alcohol - September 2018 - One Day at a Time



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    This was very helpful to read! Thank you!
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    @MissMay - The only thing is I am SHOCKED that the UK has higher drinking standards ratios. Women are allotted 14 drinks per week there compared to the 7 for the USA standard.( I will stick to the USA standard thank you! )
    Ok I see now.
    The UK uses the term UNITS. Women are suggested to stick to 14 UNITS or less per week which would be equivalent to 7.89 US drinks by measure.

    Makes my head hurt "to do the math".

    Sorry, I replied very briefly earlier. I totally agree about the maths!

    It's so confusing all the differences in standard units between countries, and I assumed the UK and Australia and the US were all the same.

    I haven't got my head around it at all!

    All I know is, the calculator said I was drinking more than 95% of women, and I'm so glad I've quit!

    I should add, that I'm pretty sure that the women they're comparing me to all probably lied about how much they drink!

    I wonder what the real percentage of people who drink more than the Australian 5 drinks a week is. I would guess 80%
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    Still taking baby steps. Blew my day 7 on Monday. Now on Day 2 again. Anniversary celebration today. Can I skip the champagne? Or, if I do not, can I stop at 2 glasses? We’ll see. I do not like how I woke up feeling yesterday. Headachy. Nauseous. Exhausted. Regretful. Work tomorrow will be torture if I do a rerun of Monday night.

    I like what you said viceam... so true... Learning moment: This is a lifestyle change. Don't be afraid to re-direct your friends. For all you know, they may look up to you and be inspired to change as well :)
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    It’s so good to see that moderation is working for many of you. It’s all about self awareness.... What you can or cannot handle or live with. I think this thread is so helpful because it let’s us process our thoughts about alcohol with each word we type. For some, you may find moderation is too difficult to deal with and you may want to try a 30 days fast from alcohol-Just to see if you can and how you feel without it.
    @forestdweller1 Congrats on 3 months AF.
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    Just wanted to pop in and say good job to those making strides in moderating, abstaining, and/or supporting others in their individual goals. This thread and group were a great support to me early on in the year.

    WineGelato I have been thinking of you wondering how you are. I always loved your posts and informative input. Don't stay away so long. :)
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    Great to hear from you, @WinoGelato

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    You all ROCK!!!! Keep it going because I still love hearing/reading everyone's post. Each one has a special message.