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    Lanette--Yes I have got someone hired, but she can not start until Nov 4th. But at least I know there is help coming, it will take at least 30-45 days to train them.  We also do not watch news on TV. We watch like, home flippers, cooking contest, car redo shows. I stay away from news and stress as much as I can. We do get the town newspaper, but figure I can not change what is happening for the most part.

    Lisa--Sorry to hear about the problems with the bathroom floor, I agree it is better to find out now and take care of it, then later and have to redo it all.

    Katla--Glad you got some answers about the CO problem.

    Kim--Sounds like you have a good plan and a great way to handle things. This is your yard and your dream.

    Lenora--We are talking about redoing our kitchen and I do not want granite. I have seen so many other types that are cheaper and easier to take care of.

    Machka--That is so sad they would do that to fruit and hurt people they do not know. I have never understood that. I agree once it gets started others feel the need to do the same.

    Rita--Cute welcome sign. I bet you will get lots of campers who will want their pictures taken with the little guy.

    Katie--Sending hugs and prayers. I know I am really struggling with my eating. I am logging everything I eat and look at the numbers and get so down, but not giving up. So hang in there and One day at a time.

    Well out of time and need to get some things done before time to leave. I am planning to go get my nails done after work. I stopped doing it for awhile, but then decided I work too and I do this for me. So going to spoil me this evening. I work the weekend so not to upset that it is to be cold and rain.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    Hi all,
    Another day of moving drama. Hadn't heard anything about the buyer's mortgage so DH rang the agents. We were supposed to have it settled this Friday. I was sooooooooooooo impressed by the way he gave them a piece of his mind. <3 He does it so calmly, but firmly and is quite clear about how angry he is. I just listen to him with my heart jumping out of my chest, knowing that I would be swearing and shouting. DH asked them to talk to the Hove agents and ring him back. They did that and our sellers are hanging on for now. The head of our agency said he was taking this on himself (at last! ) and not leaving it to the sweet, but inadequate, chain coordinator.
    We hope for news on Monday. ;):*:#:/

    I went and burned off 300 bonus calories on the bike and rower. Very good for the adrenaline dispersal.

    DH went for a walk.

    And so it goes. And goes. And goes.

    People are asking me about my birthday. I don't want any presents, or celebrations, or anything at all. I am NOT in celebrating mood. I am seeing a friend for lunch next week, so that's nice. I may change my mind at the last minute - I don't know and I don't care. >:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    Heather, I hope you have a nice weekend and don't fret over what Monday may bring all weekend. It's about time that the head guy steps up, it's been going on long enough.
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    Lenora ~ Our house was built in 1981 so you can bet there are a lot of projects that need doing!
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    Kelly - I forgot to comment a couple days ago... Peace Corps is a great idea for your son if he qualifies. I know a gal who retired from teaching and joined in her 60's and did her stint teaching in South America, I want to say Ecuador. Always good, I think, so see how other cultures live and help them with basic needs at times. Has he heard anything back yet?

    I love reading about all of the remodeling going on. Lisa - great that your bathroom floor will be fixed once and for all. Won't be long now!!

    Rebecca - glad DH's blood tests came back OK. And hope those bats stay in the belfry!!! EEK!!

    Sue - when will you find out the results of your testing? Hoping for good news for you! Interesting what you find back in the brush - I got a giggle out of you and Lisa clearing property and finding "treasures". We found a wooden boat once and I think I mentioned we found a cast iron bathtub at the rear of some property we purchased a few years ago. Nice to take a bath under the trees, lol, but who wants to pack water that far!

    Michele, I do understand your hesitation to just walk away from Newcomer's right now. You and Vince helped and supported them immensely for several years and I'm sure you have friends there that you'd miss. You like to be busy and active - is there any other club or organization you could devote your energy to after April? Or maybe you could remain in Newcomers and just stay in the background and let others go through all the work and hassle?

    Katla - sounds like good news with the CO taxman then. I think there's a whole division in state Revenue Departments that devote themselves to getting things fouled up, lol.

    Kim - your dilemma with your friend wanting to have your landscape done up to her standards reminded me of something.

    For most of my life, I could not say "No", meaning I would say "Yes" or sign up for something or agree to do something then beat myself up for letting myself get into the situation and lose a lot of sleep trying to wiggle out of it. STRESS EATING anyone?

    I can't say when the light bulb finally went on, but it went on with a bang. Seems like I went overboard saying "No" but then realized I was shutting myself off from people I like and from doing things I enjoy.

    So, I still say "No" but with organizations I'm in, I stay in the "peon" role. Do the minimal. Enjoy being with people and not volunteering to help run the she-bang like I would in the past. Show up or don't, lol. Contribute when I can.

    Organizations sure change over time. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, often depending on the quality of leadership and the "vision". I currently belong to 2 organizations.

    One of them has a new chairman and her vision feels way off the mark to me. My 2 year term on the advisory board ends this year and will automatically renew unless I tender resignation... I think there will be a new chair person next year and since I'm just a member with no role, it's not imperative that I show up at all meetings.

    The other group has gone through massive budget cutting, people retiring, interim directors, etc. The latest thing is a key employee was reportedly accused of improper behavior by a gal. I'm not privy to the details and don't want to be. But I question, if this was the situation, whether the gal let the guy know he was overstepping or making her feel uncomfortable. Some guys are just that dense when it comes to relating to women.

    I have worked closely with this fella in the past - he's friendly but not touchy, never any improper jokes or language that I ever saw. He was a guy that did a good job - and had a heart for it, and it showed. Working and motivating mainly senior/retired volunteers is a special skill. So rather than go through an admin hearing, he just resigned. Retirement was in his plan anyhow, and I think he just figured he'd move it up by several months and get away from the drama, basically giving the board very little notice.

    From information that came out in the past couple days, it appears to me folks are taking sides, other key volunteers are leaving important posts (joining me in the doing minimum world) and folks are realizing how much he really did in keeping the organization running.

    I hope the group can survive all the changes and turmoil. Since I'm not a big group joiner it was good to make some friendships volunteering with people with similar interests.

    On that note, have a great weekend ladies!

    Sunny and HOT SW WA State

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    Thanks, all for the good thoughts on the bathroom issues, and Rita, LOL! Once we're IN the house, the large projects can wait until we're ready. As soon as the zero-interest credit card's paid off, we'll slap that same amount in savings until we're back up to the six-months of bills put away, then turn around and start throwing the vast majority of it at the mortgage on the house. That's the plan, anyway.

    The two main projects left after the bathroom are the kitchen and turning the two back bedrooms into one large master suite. Most of the kitchen we plan to do on our own, so can chip away at it when we're ready - and the back bedroom can't even be started until our son goes off on his next adventure, which I'm pegging at around spring. The yard work and work on the house has been amazingly good for him, mentally. Many fewer anxiety attacks, (I asked--and it made me think of you, Heather, and your son), and his plans involve going back to school for software design, which I heartily approve of. He needed more maturing time, I think, and I'm pleased that it worked out so well for all concerned. He's a good man, and I'm proud of him--and tell him so often. He's been a lifesaver, staying at the mountain house, so all the workmen can come and go as necessary.

    Well, time to figure out how to order a pizza for the husband, who requested it. Not sure what I'll be eating, but saw the 40-pounds lost figure on the scale once more this morning--and hope to keep it off on the next business trip that starts on Sunday.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in Arkansas
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    Heather: Hooray for your DH contacting the real estate agents! I hope you get good news soon. :flowerforyou:

    Dr; Katie: I am so sorry that you are suffering. Has your doctor prescribed PT? That certainly helped my husband after surgery. I don’t think PT was fun for him, but it helped him heal and was worth every minute. :heart:

    Lenora: I hope you’re able to get what you want. :smiley:

    Lisa: I hope your trip goes well and your move to the new home goes smoothly. :star:

    Tomorrow we have our annual homeowner’s association meeting. DH dug out a working tape recorder for me. I am the secretary and responsible for note taking. I am eager to tape the meeting so that I don’t miss too many details when I put things together for the HA President.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    phew :s , one heck of a busy day! Ended with a mentor meeting with my very very talented but very very green new teacher. She is a keeper, but is being challenged by 8th graders :s:( 2 hours later I think we've got a plan how not to be railroaded and side tracked by the impulsive nature of a room full of 13 year olds.

    Looking forward to a breather tonight and then on to a busy weekend of chores, meal planning, exercise and having a coffee catch up with a dear neighbor (79 yo) who is having some physical challenges but is feisty as ever.

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    Have the windows open and going to sleep.
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    Katla - I'm having to be pretty 'patient'. In fact, I was 'floored' when Louis started talking about these projects to tell you the truth. He and DOS picked out the land we now own; and, Louis drew up a rough draft of sorts of what we wanted and DDnL#1's BnL and a couple of helpers built it. Of course, after they framed it up; he came to us and we discovered that 'closets' had not been drawn in. So we took a slice out of the rooms for closets; not large or definitely not walk-ins. It would have been nice to have 6' in length and 4' in width; but, then, down-sizing would have not really been too much. So neither of our bedrooms can be arranged in any other way than what they are now. Maybe when (or if we replace the carpet) I can 'attempt' to see if moving the furniture a different way will make the rooms look different or larger. We could get away from a king-sized bed and exchange it for the queen-sized bed in the guest room; but, I don't have the where-with-all to do it like I used to do when we lived in town nearly 20 years ago. Louis would rarely know if, when he came home in the evening, I might have totally rearranged the rooms. Such as moving the twin beds from one boy's room to the other. He has always painted our homes. We got lucky when the first couple of years we were there we had a bad wind storm; and, therefore got a 'new' roof. Which went better with our bricks (which were not very pretty - had a lot of 'pink' tones in them. When we built the F/P a fireman did the job and he picked out a brick color that was close; but what he took 'out of the wall' he interlaced the old brick with the new ones and it would take someone 'knowing it had been added' to figure out if there any delineation between them.

    As for our bathroom plans; that might be a bigger job than the kitchen because we would be taking it bad to the studs and definitely having some changes in the plumbing and electric outlets. Right now I roll my towels up and put them into a wine rack hanging on the wall. When it was put up there; it was UP there. L-brackets in studs. I would want one of those shower doors that doesn't have any metal on them other than the hinges. I think I would still want to use the wine rack for my towels. I'd really like to take the stain-glassed window that came out of my parent's home and use it horizontally up high; and, then put i a window in the spot it would come out of. Right now it is actually in our utility room and is block a little by the wire rack we hang clothes on to dry. Even that can get messy looking. Basically I have 2 clothes baskets on the bottom rack; and, boxes on the top that we might need for returning or sending something through the mail.

    I'd really like to replace the carpet in the rest of the house. What we have down now is sort of a business grade carpet. It's ok; but, a couple of years ago, I was vacuuming the bedroom and the roller grabbed a loose thread and ripped a strip from the end of my dresser to the closet door before I could turn the vacuum cleaner off and it is quite noticeable. I would rather have a nice plush carpet; but, still short, just thick.

    I'd like it if Louis could (or would) white-wash the paneling in the guest bedroom; but, I don't know if it can be done; unless he were to sand it some. We have a stone F/P in the den (only thing we wish we had done was have it so that it was flush to the wall with only the hearth sticking out in the room.

    I'm pretty happy with my house; it is just got a 'lot of stuff' in it. We look like we live in a menagerie; but, that is just the way to expect when you live in a family of 'hunters'. I do have a contribution.

    Geez, this Congressional hearing on Kavanaugh is getting about as old as the "'Me, too" Movement." I know when my boss became a Federal Judge, he was put through a lot of grilling and they did go' way back into his life; all the way back into his childhood. It was grueling - but he never had to go through this type of hearing and being nailed to a cross. It seems like, and you can disagree with me - that women, for whatever reason, just get portrayed as victims and now very angry - personally, I don't think that is very flattering to women as a whole. After the Olympic Gymnastic MD got convicted AND sentenced, the women were coming out of the woodwork. Once the man was sentenced for 125 years without any chance of parole - why keep coming forward? I don't understand that. Once someone has been caught, convicted, and sentenced - why the 'public display'? What is that doing for you? Find someone you can talk to about it; but, repeating ad nauseam. Gee, I've had things in my life that were just as hurtful; but, even then - if several others came out and said they had gone through the same thing, I'd probably talk to them; but, I would not go on TV with "Gloria Allred in her signature 'red' suit" sitting behind me.

    Our den and dining room are paneled with horizontal boards of Pecky Cypress, and stained sort of in a brownish-orange color; but, most of what we have insofar as furniture have earth tones in it. The dining room and kitchen are divided by a bar with a pot hanger in an "L-shaped" where all my pots and pans are used. Got Mimi's Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet along the wall opposite of the sink (which faces the front of the house). But, I also don't think you should 'roll over' and 'take it'. If you are mistreated or something is done to you that should not be done; yeah, stand up and scream from the highest mountain. I did, and have never regretted it - even 'if' I got some blowback from it. It was wrong, it went against this person's professional mantra of - "Do no harm ...". She wanted me to ''shut up and go away' and I didn't and wouldn't and it came back to bite her in the fanny; where it should have. But, it was rewarding to me when I got told, 'what? why? I'd never do that' and I left a 5" binder for this person to copy what he needed from it, too. And Life's been good to me a good bit of the time.

    The first couple of months after I was hired as my boss's secretary, I was 'told' that I had to take the minutes for the Legal Secretaries Club; OH $#*T - another thing to have my 'big' boss's secretary breathing down my back about. Yeah, I recorded them on a tape, or else she would have called me 'out on it'. Also got a copy of my Mother's book of "Robert's Rules."

    Maybe I will send pictures of the before and after shots; but, that will be 'several months' from now.

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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.52min, 12.4mph, 134mhr, 1.5mi= 79c
    apple watch- didn't turn on
    TREADMILL jog- 9.22min, 9.22min mi, 6.4-6.6sp, 145mhr, 1mi= 99c
    apple watch- 116c
    STAIRCLIMBER- 15.33min, 135ahr, 145mhr, 1145steps, 71floors, lvl8= 162c
    apple watch- 157c
    0 RUNNER- 10min, 128ahr, 140mhr, 8.20min mi, lvl8, 15h, 110c, 15l, 1.20mi= 104c
    apple watch- 57c
    ride gym 2 dome- 6.01min, 15.5amph, 130mhr, 1.4mi= 52c
    apple watch- 41c
    ride puy 2 sumn station- 14.09min, 13.2amph, 119ahr, 152mhr= 143c
    apple watch- 118c
    jog sta 2 wk- 5.19min, 9.50min mi, 132ahr, 145mhr, .5mi= 62c
    apple watch- 53c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.39min 10.13min mi, 117ahr, 141mhr, .4mi= 59c
    apple watch- 52c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 16.33min, 9.4amph, 153mhr, 127ahr, 2.5mi= 179c
    apple watch- 151c

    total cal 939
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Machka: I am so sorry that someone is putting pins in fruit. What an awful thing to do. Is it connected with one particular company? :grumble:

    It may have been in the beginning, but now it is just random. The thing is, the people who are doing it now are copycats who thought the idea was amusing and are doing it too. They've got a couple early teen kids (a girl in one place and a boy in another) and a disabled 60-year old woman.

    M in Oz

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    Someone posted this in another thread. It is a very good, thorough, and long explanation ...


    M in Oz
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    Went to the water aerobics class. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Beach Body Turbo Jam DVD. This is a new one for me. Bought it yesterday.

    M – the guy who was the webmaster before he suddenly died was VERY VERY into security. I highly doubt the guy who is doing this now is into security. He’s into doing it the easy way for him. What he did, to me, looks like a 12-year-old did it. And if he’s expecting members to input their own information! Good luck! Right now (talk about duplicate work) we have a calendar on our website, yet one gal needs to send out a memo each week of all the activities. People won’t even look at the calendar! And you think they’re going to input their own information. Dream on! I’ve been asked to change people’s phone numbers and when I’ve mentioned that they could do it themselves, they’ve hemmed and hawed to the point that I just do it and don’t even bother to say that they could. The fact is that they won’t. For right now I’m just going to sit back and laugh. I’ll do what I can and when there are things that I can’t do, I’ll just pass that on to someone else. Like finding out who is on the “old” data base and who is on the “new” one and how to get the new people on. Let someone else do it. If they couldn’t be bothered to show me how to enter them, then I can’t be bothered to find out how many and who is on. On another note: around here the hospital’s x-ray the candy kids get at Halloween looking for pins, etc!

    Smith – welcome!

    Lisa – yes, I do feel a sense that I have a duty to fulfill my obligations. But I’m going to deal with this by just doing what I need to do, pass on to someone else what I can’t, and just sit back and laugh when things go wrong.

    Okie – I truly appreciate your concern. Admitted, I was very hurt and upset and I expressed it here. But rest assured that I’m now at a point of “I’ll do what I can do and just laugh when things don’t go right”. Like I’m sure not going to be the one to figure out how to get a member on this new directory. When we get a new member, I sent them a welcome email with what had been a link to change their password, now it’s something to do with registering (for what? An all expense paid trip to Hawaii? I have not an idea) but no cover letter and I won’t send it out until I get some sort of cover letter. I wouldn’t want to receive just a link, and I’m not going to do that to anyone else. If I received just a link, I wouldn’t open it. I also send out a welcome packet. Well, the cover letter references a password. I have no idea if this letter is current or not so I’m just not going to send it and let the other people know that it isn’t sent. They can figure out what to do about this situation.

    Regarding a cut wire: Vince always told me to have the wire/cord behind me when I’m using the extension cord for the weedwacker.

    Pip – I was watching an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” last night and there was this person who was riding a bike and got hit by a car. I thought of you and Kirby, especially Kirby.

    Rita – absolutely adorable sign!

    Rori – Bunco is REAL easy. Basically, you roll the dice to get points. It’s really not something you have to think about, it’s all luck. You know, it’s been years since I’ve played. I remember you roll 4 dice (I believe it was) and you got a certain amount of points if three or four of those dice matched. The goal is to get a match three times in a row. But I do remember, it was very very easy. Trust me, you can learn the rules in less than an hour.

    I just got a call from one of the gals on the web team. She apologized saying that it was she who set up this meeting and she didn’t realize that I’d have any interest in learning the web site. My years of experience wouldn’t have helped? I told her that I appreciated her apology but I told her that I was really, really hurt. She said she’d figure out how to add someone to the website and show me. That’s fine. Come April I’m out so at least she’ll know so she can show someone else. I was just too hurt. She’s of the opinion that the other gal (Sandy) will probably build a new website since she has experience with websites from her work at IBM. Sandy told Vince that she didn’t have a clue what WordPress is. So this should be really really funny. What are we going to have? An “old directory”, a “new directory” and then a “newest directory”? This gets more humorous as it goes along. Adra said they were going to offer incentives for members to input their own information like activities, etc. Like that’s going to happen. Maybe if the incentive was $3,000.

    Tracey – horray for you! It’s getting much too close to Christmas for me! I want my pool!!!!!!!! <waaahhhh>

    Heather – Vince is the calm person, I’m the emotional one. Guess that’s why we balance each other out so much. Happy early birthday

    Tracey – what a lovely bathroom! You should be very proud

    Lanette – after April Vince and I will probably stay with Newcomers but let others do the work we did. I’m actually considering volunteering at the local soup kitchen maybe one day/week. I’ve always been interested in food and cooking (as you know). I went for my Serv Safe certification a while ago (it’s probably expired by now)

    Can you believe Weight Watchers is changing its name to WW! I just can’t see someone saying “I’m doing WW, or I lost xxx pounds on WW”

    Michele in NC
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    Meanwhile, I need to create a strategic business plan for my main project for the course I'm currently in.

    In a related course last year, I opted to do the main assignment in the form of a tender, and that worked well. I was familiar with tenders from the receiving and reviewing end of things, but not from the writing a tender for submission end of things. So it was a good assignment in that we met the requirements of the assignment, and I learned more about tenders ... so did my team mates who had never encountered a tender before.

    In this one, I think we need to stick to a more traditional business plan/proposal format. I'm not quite as familiar with these, but there's no time like the present to learn.

    M in Oz
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    Kate UK <3
  • klanders30
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    Autumn air............delightful <3<3<3<3
    No fall colors yet........