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  • landfish
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    I'm not a runner per se. I do one long-ish (~10 miles) trail run every Saturday and sometimes a shorter run when I can. I also cycle and do HIIT training (including strength) during the week.

    I've run off and on my entire life and have been into trail running for a few years. I started back up again to prepare for Spartan races and the occasional trail half marathon. I like trail running, but it's not something I want to specifically train for because then it wouldn't be fun anymore.

    I don't attribute my weight loss to running alone. Rather, it's part of a package of things I do to enjoy what my body can do and keep things running smoothly.
  • Jpedno
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    I love this thread!

    1.What motivates you to run?
    So many things. In no particular order: my sis in law really transformed her life and watching her complete marathons is an inspiration. I was not an athletic child. I was a mouth breather who could not complete the mile run in gym class so as an adult, running is a huge accomplishment. I'm also motivated to run to improve my health. I have multiple chronic health problems and running makes me feel better. I've done fundraising half marathons for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation which was hugely motivating and led me to make so many friends who are sick but are also determined to run. I want to live a long healthy life with my husband and being active is key!

    Also I try to sign up for 'destination half marathons' as encouragement to run - then I get the reward of traveling someplace cool too! This summer we did Chicago Rock N Roll half marathon and made it a vacation. Last year we did Vegas.

    2. How often do you run and how far?
    I'm trying to get back into a routine now. Last year I moved from Colorado back to New Mexico to an even higher elevation which makes running so hard! Hoping to get in half marathon shape by February.

    3.Do you also incorporate strength training? If so, how often?
    I've been doing bodypump class (weights) two times a week. Getting ready to get back into a yoga routine.

    4. Do you attribute your weight loss or maintenance success to running?
    Nope. It helps me maintain and helps me to not go overboard on eating/drinking.

  • _mr_b
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    Motivation - fitness mainly but exercise also keeps me sane, think I’d go crazy if I stopped!

    How often - dunno really, I’m a sporadic runner, so sometimes twice a week and sometimes once a month. As for distances I usually do between 5 and 10k depending how much time I have. Also depends if I’ve signed myself up for an event or not.

    Do I do strength training - No. I run if I’m not riding my bike, so more cross-training really. I did a few sit-ups the other day but that’s about it.

    Do I attribute weight loss to running - yes in a calories in/out way, the way I see it exercise helps me ‘pay’ for beer and cake. I’d have probably had that anyway but because of exercise I’m not the size of a house.
  • Charlene____
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    1.What motivates you to run?
    I like the feeling when I get done. I also enjoy running in races. I don't have children, and my job while a good one, doesn't have goals and such to achieve. So running gives me something to work towards.

    2. How often do you run and how far?
    I run 5 days a week, with varying distances. Three shorter easy runs, one short speed workout, and one long and slow run.

    3.Do you also incorporate strength training? If so, how often?
    I do some weight training 3X a week. I am trying to incorporate more of that into my weekly fitness routine.

    4. Do you attribute your weight loss or maintenance success to running?
    Not particularly. I am *trying* to separate fitness and training (running) from weight loss and gain. I want to train to become a better athlete, not as a punishment for eating a cupcake.
  • AreMeWife
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    1. I am motivated by the health running gives me. Heart disease runs deep in my family, and anything I can do to keep my heart healthy is a go!

    2. I usually run every other day for anywhere from 2-8 miles. Depends on my mood.

    3. No strength training for me. Sometimes I’ll pick up the weights, but not enough to probably matter.

    4. My 40 lbs weight loss in three months was almost 100% attributed to running. And now I believe it sustains my current weight.
  • rodmelching
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    Good thread . . I'll jump in

    1.What motivates you to run?
    Been running for about eight years, started with a C25k plan to lose some weight. Running is strangely addictive. I really notice a difference in relieving stress and improving my mood. Love running early mornings before work, seeing the sun rise and just being outside. Completed several HM's but tend to enjoy the shorter distances, 10k is perfect distance for me anyway. At 49, I'm still getting faster which keeps me motivated.

    2. How often do you run and how far?
    3-4 times a week . . . usually under 20 miles per week.

    3.Do you also incorporate strength training? If so, how often?
    For the past 3 months I started adding weight training, using the 5X5 stronglifts program. I feel like it really has improved my overall health. Will say it is really challenging trying to run the next day after doing squats and deadlifts.

    4. Do you attribute your weight loss or maintenance success to running?
    Yes, although I can easily over-eat the running calories burned . . lol . . does give you some flexibility in your diet.