What is your "Petty" Reason to Lose Weight?



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    You look great!!! @lgt2015
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    My "Petty" reasons, well. I don't wanna live like a "refugee" and I figured I would keep "running down a dream" to somehow get back in shape for my "American Girl" lovely wife. I also know that "I won't back down" when it comes to my health, after all my only other choice is "free fallin" into sickness. It's not like "I'm learning to fly" I mean its just exercise. Don't blow this off, "Don't do me like that" and if you still don't believe, then "Don't come around here no more" because I'm going into the "Great wide open" and taking this fitness to the next level, because "I need to know" if I can keep it up until the "Mary Jane's last dance" or "You wreck me", either way I am pushing hard because "Even the losers" get lucky sometime

    You are my hero!!!