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    Onto a nap after hitting the pool and hot tub ,then coming up for a nice soak in the tub...not used to such extravagant surroundings....after I get up I'll go walk around the shops and wait for my brother...what ticks me off is that she can go here or there but if Sean wants to do something she gets bit#hy about it.. for goodness sake he will be with me get over it.
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    Onto a nap after hitting the pool and hot tub ,then coming up for a nice soak in the tub...not used to such extravagant surroundings....after I get up I'll go walk around the shops and wait for my brother...what ticks me off is that she can go here or there but if Sean wants to do something she gets bit#hy about it.. for goodness sake he will be with me get over it.

    I will never understand women like that. Hope it doesn't spoil your time together.
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    Alison ~ Enjoy your night out! :)
  • Lanette - I burst into tears with "sleep apnea" told me NOT to drive until I go to Neurologist who will decide if they need to do a 'different sleep apnea' test - which would show if I have Narcolepsy or if what is going on is still 'seizure' related. They took me off the Dilantin, which I was happy about; did not change my Lamictal at all. Sleep apnea MD said that them not changing my Lamictal doesn't have the same effect as being on both of them. I don't add the MG I am taking as a total that should be in my body; it doesn't work that way; although Neurologist might decide to up it and make sure it isn't a seizure. I went back to sleep (in my chair w/o C-pap machine, slept through The Today Show; woke up for a little while during the Megan Kelly show; went back to sleep and woke up after Wendy Williams did her beginning monologue; went back to sleep at 1:50pm So basically I was 'asleep' or 'out of it' for a total of maybe a little over 5 hours this AM after sleeping w/C-pap on for 7+ hours last night.

    We discussed my bipolar disorder and Louis told him that I am usually 'manic' when he has to put me into the hospital because of my behavior; but, said he never has seen me 'depressed' although lately I have had some 'crying jags'. He told Louis that excessive sleepiness is one of the signs of 'depression'; and, between him and my Neurologist they can come up with something to figure out what is going on. However, at the moment my Psychiatrist in between leaving his office and obtaining a new office where he can see patients 1/2 the day. He also needs to be kept in the loop; but, no forwarding address 'supposedly'. The people at his old office said they could make an appointment with the one who treated me while I was in the hospital and I told them "no; I did not 'like' her particularly when I was in the hospital"; and I had been going to my PsycheMD for nearly 5 years or a little longer and I would just wait until I could see him. I do have enough medication that will last me well into November or later. I am NOT going to her; she is the one who 'messed' with my 'seizure meds' because when they did the Dilantin Level - although I never remember anyone sticking me in the arm - she 'upped my 'Dilantin' and lowered my Lamictal by 1/2. Neurologist was not a 'happy camper when he found out - prior to my appointment with him; and neither was I. He had told me that my Dilantin Level made me 'toxic'; after she increased it was akin to chug-a-lugging a 5rh of hard liquor every day. I'd slur my words, stumble and maybe fall (which I did in January) and broke my wrist in the process, be 'foggy headed' and have trouble remembering things. I was doing all of that.

    I wonder what I put in my essential oil diffusers might have contributed to my excessive sleepiness during today. I also took an extra Clonazepam to help with my anxiety today.

    I have been feeling so much better after being 'taken off Nexium and Pepcid' - in that regard, I don't feel so bad during the day and can accomplish getting my house straightened since it is so much easier now that I have declutter the area.

    I think since my 1/2 bath does not have a window in it; I am going to get Louis to paint it all white; although the kitchen and utility area is painted in a grayish-green color which is relaxing. I think going as dark of the same color of grayish-green for the bottom cabinets is what I want to do. I'd like to paint my diningroom chairs and the while part of the 3 barstools a mid-night blue and then get a rug that is the 'reverse' in color as my greatroom's rug. Do any of you know what the next size down from an 8' x 10' rug is?

    I can't wait until the cut the timber; so we can do some of the projects we have talked about. LOL! Patience is not one of my 'high on my list' of virtues.

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    Barbie - Happy about your good news for both of you. :D<3

    Carol - They are generally much lower calorie and some are zero calories. :o My favourite beer, for example, is 26 calories a bottle. My favourite wine is 28 calories a glass. My favourite "gin" is zero.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Sorry I was talking about my sister in law....don't think I said that..but I got no nap in oh well...ill sleep tonight.
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    Heather ~ Thanks

    Waiting for the frig to be delivered! :)
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    Hello all: Beautiful fall day here. I went to the YM and did my water exercise class and swam laps. I am having problems with muscle cramps sometimes when exercising. It is mostly in the legs. I am taking magnesium as a doctor recommended that and make sure to do warm-up and cool-down, but sometimes have to stop exercising. Occasionally I will not have cramps at the time but later at night. Crazy.

    Peach - Enjoy the new fridge and arranging all the food.

    Allie - Enjoy the concert!

    Barbie - Glad you and Jake both had good news.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Sue in WA - Are you getting enough sodium? I eat my banana daily to ward off leg cramps, but if my sodium gets to low the leg cramps come back. If I eat a can of soup or drink some pickle juice, they are gone the next night.

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    Now here is something I heard and my friend Doris swears by it...put one of those travel size bars of soap under your sheets at the bottom of the bed,no leg cramps....
    My brother forgot one of his meds so he has to go out to a pharmacy near here to get it...he will be back in time for the concert I'm way over 10,000 steps ,haven't put a nickel into any slot machines...had a burger earlier and came back up to the room...while Sean is gone...I'm not one for alot of comotion or loud noises and stuff..walked around the shops didn't buy anything...we both have to get up early...
  • HAHAHAHA! Allie - I have heard something similar; our maid told me (when the kids were young) to get tincture of turpentine (from the drugstore) and put it in a saucer under their bed and they/we would not be ''stuffed up". I don't think I ever did it … but; I remembered after that, that a 'lot of the "Old Wives Tales" … can actually 'true'. I've got a book of "Old Wives Tales" … some of them are almost funny; some are pretty much true; but, it wouldn't be something to share when someone is going though whatever, because they either would not believe you or might take 'offense' at it. For example: You are not 'supposed' to decorate your nursey until the baby is big enough to be moved out of a bassinette. We painted and wallpapered our nursery when I was pregnant the first time and I lost the baby/pregnancy due to a rare complication. We never did anything other than close the door to the room so I did not have to see how it had been decorated and painted. We used the 3rd bedroom as our 'overnight company' room. Both times after that we kept our babies in a bassinette in our bedroom with us until they were too big for the bassinette. I was not going to 'press my luck' again. I know, that might be really 'crazy' of me - but; I do have my 'papers'.

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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 8.02min, 11.8amph, 125mhr, 1.5mi= 69c
    apple watch- 65c
    Rowing Machine- 10min, 113ahr, 69aw, 1764meters=
    apple watch- 89c
    New ski machine, 15min, 106aw, lvl8 (1-10), 5.4km= 113c
    apple watch- 113c
    squats - 1.50min, 50, 94ar= 12c
    apple watch- 15c
    ride gym 2 dome- 5.06min, 17.4amph, 126mhr, 1.4mi= 51c
    apple watch- 45c
    jog sta 2 wk- 5.20min, 9.41min mi, 135ahr, 144mhr, .5mi= 53c
    apple watch- 49c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta-4.17min, min, 9.11min mi, 123ahr, 152mhr, .4mi= 55c
    apple watch- 51c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 18.18min, 8.6amph, 154mhr, 2.6mi= 201c
    apple watch- 143c

    total cal 633
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    Did Cathe Friedrich’s Muscle Max DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do a 20/40/60 workout on the treadmill.

    M – really, the only time I would use ankle weights is when I was doing like outer thigh exercises. I wouldn’t use them for walking or anything like that. I have seen ones that you strap on your leg then add these weights so you can make it heavier or lighter. That’s what I’d like. Like I said, in some ways I’m a cheapskate. I’ll just keep my eyes open

    Terry in VT – (((BIG HUG)))) I’m so sorry to hear of all you’re going thru

    Well, ladies, here is the Shadow situation. As you know, she really doesn’t get along with any other cat. It’s hard to change ways when you’re older, and she’s an older cat. See, we have a jack-and-jill bathroom. For those who don’t know what it is, there is one bedroom, off the bedroom there is a small room with just a sink, next to that room is the bathroom with the toilet and tub, next to that is another small room with just a sink, and next to that is another bedroom. So all the rooms are in a row.

    Anyway, since Shadow’s been here we’ve had the door from the back bedroom to the bathroom closed, along with the door to the bedroom where Shadow is. The reason we haven’t opened the back bedroom to her is because we wanted to see if Loki would stop peeing on the bed. (hasn’t happened).

    My routine in the morning is to go in the back bedroom, check to see if Loki peed on the bed, go in the bathroom and clean Shadow’s litterbox, go in the bedroom where she is and just talk to her some, then go out the door in her room. This morning she was waiting for me right when I opened the door to the bathroom, and I really think she would have gone out if she had the chance. When I went to leave, she was right at the door wanting to get out, so I went out thru the back bedroom.

    For the last month or so Vince has talked about wanting to make a frame with a screen that would go in the doorway so basically Shadow and our cats can smell each other etc. without having to physically be next to each other. This is a great idea….but you need to do it! Just talking about “I’d like to” isn’t going to help much.

    I mentioned to Vince this morning that we’re really not being fair to Shadow. She may not wish to congregate with our cats, but she shouldn’t have to be cooped up. I said “well, if the problem is Loki and Shadow, maybe we should coop Loki up in our bedroom and our bathroom”. I admit, that’s not a solution, but my point is that Shadow has been locked in that room for 4 months.

    So he said to close the door to the back bedroom but open the door to the bathroom so essentially Shadow would have access to the one bedroom, that bedroom’s sink room, the bathroom, the other bedroom’s sink room, and the other bedroom. But he did say that he thought that in the next day or two he can make the frame. Update: he’s started on it!

    Why didn’t he just do it?

    Barbie – what good news!!!

    Barbara – I had completely forgotten that today was blessing of the animals. I don’t recall them saying anything about it in church

    Vicki – you are the second person who said that they could get things at WalMart! I tried a hula hoop at the Green Room today (I guess they’re going to use it as a prop in a performance) just to see if it was weighted. It wasn’t but I was told that you can buy weighted ones at WM.

    Update about the Newcomer: well, seems I’m an administrator. I had this “edit” button and so I clicked on it. I have no idea what came up, Vince said it had something to do with Word Press. I won’t touch it because I don’t know anything about it. Looks Greek to me! I THINK I figured out how to put a new member on the new directory, but I have no desire to enter the same information 3 times (4 if you count the email). To me, that is stupid with a capital “S”. I’ll just wait until someone shows me how to do it.

    Volunteered at the Green Room, then went in the pool, tonight Newcomer bowling and since it’s the first night of the season, we need to get there earlier than usual to get things set up.

    Lenora – nothing crazy at all about keeping the baby in your room. I did the exact same thing. Actually, I had a bassinette (borrowed) for the first, but the other children I put in a laundry basket and the basket in the crib in our room.

    Michele in NC
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    :) Today I went to line dance early to have a short visit with my friends. I danced for about 45 minutes, then left to get Jake to take him to his infusion appointment. I came home via the post office and library then walked the dogs, fixed my lunch, cleaned the bathrooms, changed the sheets (adding extra blankets now that it's getting down below 40 degrees at night), did two loads of laundry mostly dog blankets, and then lay down for 30 minutes until Jake called for me to pick him up. I lay down again when I got home until I had to walk the dogs again. I'll take it extra easy tomorrow to be sure that I'm not pushing myself too hard.

    :)Allie, don't let your sister-in-law's bad behaviour spoil your great time.

    :)Michele. I, too, am a very thrifty person. My philosophy is to buy fewer things but when I do buy something, I buy exactly what I want.

    :)Sue in WA, Jake has had leg cramps and his two solutions are a bar of soap in a sock at the bottom of the bed under the covers and drinking tonic water for quinine.

    :)Peach, enjoy your new frig. We bought a new one awhile ago and every time I open it, it makes me happy. Some days it makes my gratitude list.

    81824br5uyrfrsr.gif Barbie from beautiful sunny NW Washington
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    i wrote a huge response and then instead of cutting and pasting, I deleted it..... grrr

    Kim in N. California
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    Regarding driving ...

    I've gone through times when I drove a lot and times when I didn't even own a car. I lived carfree for 6 years in Winnipeg. That was great!! And then I started driving again when I moved to Alberta at one time, for several months, I was driving over 1000 km/week between Red Deer and Edmonton. That wasn't so great.

    When I moved to Australia, I drove for a little while, and then stopped. I didn't need to anymore. :)

    Until very recently.

    In the last 3 months, I have been relearning how to drive, and I have to say, I'm not enjoying it!! I'd much, much rather take the bus, walk or cycle.

    But ... when my husband had the accident which resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury, we had to hand in his licence until such time as he is approved to drive again. Neither of us are happy about that ... he's not happy because he has had a driver's licence and clean driving record for decades. He doesn't mind not driving because he was carfree for 10 years, it's the loss of the licence that bothers him. And I'm not happy because it does mean I need to drive at times. Fortunately, not very often.

    So ... driving once or twice on the weekends now, I've driven more in the last 3 months than I have since 2010.

    Machka in Oz
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    Ran 4 km today at lunch. Plus a bunch of walking (I'll have to add it up) and 10 flights of 20 stairs.

    I've also started logging my food again.

    I'd like to drop at least 5 kg by January ... more would be nice, but 5 kg would be all right. So I figured I'd better tighten up the eating a bit.

    M in Oz