please help. 1 week of binging

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I need some help. So lately i have been maintaining on 1400 calories a day. last week, i went really hard on cardio and was strict with calories and for about 4 days i was eating about 1000-1200 calories. Then this week something happened and i’ve been binging since friday. i know it’s because i put myself way too far of a calorie deficit which i won’t do again. for the past 5 days i’ve been eating about 500 extra calories a day(so like 1900-2000 calories a day) But what i need help with is, how do i get back on track? is this weight gonna stay? How do i lose it? the scale says i’ve gained about 3-4 pounds. is that real? do you think i have gained any actual fat from this??


  • FlyingMolly
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    1400 is extremely low for maintenance. How long is “lately,” and how were you measuring your food intake during that time?
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    Yep, the math is in your favor. You are showing a greater gain for many reasons, but not bc you’ve gained several pounds of fat. Chalk it up to experience and get back to basics—log, plan, eat, relax. It will be ok.
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    Yes 110 at 5’6 is underweight. You can build muscle and lose fat at the same time, but like everyone else said you should start weight lifting and try eating at least 1500 cals. Have you had your body fat measured? I think you might be surprised how much muscle you have. In a personal trainer, so if you need any ideas please let me know, or reach out to someone in your area.