• Allie – How long have you had GERD? What kind of medication do you take? I ask this because I had been on Nexium for over for 12 years. I went to a Surgeon because going to a
    If you want to get back into reading the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leave Earth); easiest way to get through it is to get a ‘daily’ Bible – so much easier and get an English one.

    Heather – That is what I am afraid of … never being able to drive; but, I will keep my DL just in case it becomes necessary to go see my children out in LA.

    Wizzywig – That will probably be one test or two that my ‘sleep apnea’ talks to my Neurologist about because the Neurologist would have to order it done. And I would have to do it at the same floor his office is – where I had my first ‘sleep apnea’ and their beds are very comfortable. GYN told me to skip the Gastroenterologist; because they would have probably not seen it. Besides their beds are a lot comfortable. Then they would send me to just about anybody; so he suggested one and his office made the appointment. Both PT (referred twice already) have been told that that one of them can do both endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. Then I had to have it done 2x.

    Katla – I hope I find him before I run out of my medication, I should find him before that.

    Barbara – I got to talk to his old office and they again said they did not know his address or phone number and he had told me I could see Dr. Hale. I told him “NO, she treated me in the hospital and I just couldn’t do it.” She is the reason I am not going to put up with her not responding to a fax or phone call go my pharmacist back. Then he call to my Neurologist who hit the roof; and wanted me to call my Psychologist to make sure the upped of one and the lower of the other would mess me up.
    It’s been 2 months already.

    Terry better in VT - Yes, I am feeling good; but, I started declutter 6 drawer cabinets.

    Tracey – Yeah, ‘having my papers’ will keep me ‘out of court’ for any reason, from doing anything that I sometimes feel like doing’ or ‘off jury duty’ The only jury I have never been ‘asked for’ is Grand Jury for Federal Court; but, I am sure I could get out of it too! All the ones in the Middle District know that I retired on a ‘disability’.

    KetoneKaren – My husband can’t resist Bass Pro Shops.

    Our toaster went to Goodwill; but, I did NOT tell Louis that. He was wondering where it was this morning. \\\(---)///. It’s missing?

    Rebecca – I’ll come to your house – several times! Much better than a small box of raisens.

    Barbie – I guess, maybe not being able to drive means, that Louis has to do all the grocery shopping and running errands and he ‘learns’ the prices of the necessaires of life.

    I see I am behind 4 or 5 pages of posting, so I am quitting. Too much I need to do around here.

    Love you all! Welcome to the Newbies, and even the old members (not in age; but time on the site)


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    Weigh in this morning was a real eye opener. I have to admit I have not been the best at logging, today is a new day and going to pray and work on this. One day at a time. I need to work on taking care of me. :'(

    Allie--Does sound like DFIL is not doing well and glad you were able to contact the family members who care. The good news it is not cancer and having to watch it will regular blood work is better then what it could of been. I am happy for you .

    Heather--So happy to hear good news and a step closer to moving.

    Rye--CONGRATES I love the car and so proud of you. B)

    Michele--your crab is so cute.

    Well need to get some work done and have an manager meeting all afternoon and then tomorrow I have an all day meeting in Omaha. That is about 150 miles from here. DH is driving me and then going to go visit our DSIL in the hospital and have lunch with our DGD. I refuse to ride the bus again as the time I did they have celebration time after the meeting with open bar. I am not going to sit around for an hour so they can drink.

    Blessings, Vicki GI NE <3
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    Wow, I didn't do much responding over the weekend, I find it too difficult on my phone which is all I really have to use at home. I did read everything though.

    Halloween Candy - I only buy Halloween Candy on the way home on Halloween, I usually end up getting it for 50% off and I never buy a lot. If it's a slow night of visitors I just double up. When I run out I shut the lights out. I could easily avoid the candy, it's the chips that would get me and I don't buy them. My husband doesn't need all the sweets though so I try to limit it.

    Heather - So another step in the process, what is next? Do you have more to wait on or is this pretty much it?

    Rye - What a great accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself!

    Lisa - What a sin that "something" was locked in that bathroom.

    Elizabeth - 1000-730 Shift - That shift is one of my pet peeves! I would rather a morning that gives me the afternoon/evening or afternoon which gives me the morning. That shift just seems to take the whole day up!

    Nicknames - I am not a big fan of nicknames, I tend to call everyone except my husband and best friend by their full given names all the time. I'm not sure why this is... my Mom's name is Kathryn, I shudder when people call her Kathy as that is not what my Dad or her parents referred to her as. My girls are Kaitlyn, not Kate or Katie and Lauryn is pretty hard to shorten. My granddaughter's name is Michaela and everyone but me calls her Mickey. She introduces herself as Mickey too, and argues with me about her name. She's 2, she'll get it someday!

    We had a nice family Thanksgiving on Sunday and thankfully not a lot of leftovers for us to take care of. Yesterday I started some of the crafting for the craft fairs. Should have a few pieces mostly completed tonight.

    Tracey in SNOWY and COLD Edmonton, yet again!
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    We had the same roast....also for leftovers. Was so good. Temp is back to 88-90,so was planning chef salad today. DH said he’d like corn beef hash,eggs & toast. That will be supper.....temps don’t bother him & almost never picks a meal.BTW,highs Fri thru wkend will be in the 50’s.

    We also starting clearing out the last time we moved.It’s on going. Took a box of his shoes (never worn),some shirts & jeans this morn.I have a huge box of clothes to go next. There’s a box in the kitchen,just starting to sort & toss small electrics & anything never used.Where it all came from is the puzzle.

    Found this article interesting.We ran into this when MOM was referred to rehab after a fall at home.Doesn’t look like anything has changed.Since we got older,so did friends & this seems to be SOP.

    Our son in law has more cancer,so not a good diagnosis. He takes it better than family does. So very sad news for us.

    Time to get busy. Pat in Oh

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    Lisa - I'm currently reading a book called "Blueprint" that claims that life events, such as your drama queen's experiences, are 'heritable' . It would appear so in that person's case. :o

    Some new happenings in the house move thing. We thought we might be moving next Tuesday , but I'm not sure that is happening now. We have to have it sorted by tomorrow lunch time as the removal people are holding the slot for us and the rest of the week is booked up. All very stressful, but as usual our solicitors don't seem to know what they are doing. It seems the sellers want the early completion, but the buyers have not been contacted. The whole chain has to work together. Grrrrrrrrrr!

    We are in Hove and very, very tired. The kids are terrific. Max has chosen not to go to swimming after school tomorrow because he wants to see more of us. Bea never stops talking. Edie's Spanish is coming on. :D
    Just wish the roller coaster was over!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx

    That is insane that you have to wait all this time to get an answer on whether it goes through or not and then they expect you to move in a week! Wow! I am speechless.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    LisaInAR wrote: »
    The instigator of the drama that I ended up caught up in at work has submitted her resignation effective next week. It saddens me, in all honesty. It's her exact pattern from her last job, as well, which she had shared with everyone on her arrival. Smaller dramas add up finally to a massive blow-up, then she departs. I hate it for her. She's not a bad person, just someone who can't seem to comprehend that she's the center of the drama, and that she creates the situations. She may never figure it out.

    Makes me sad. And, since I try to own it, relieved. Which just makes me sad, too.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in Arkansas

    Don't you find that a lot of people that cause the drama in their lives don't realize they are the problem? It truly is sad, but hopefully it will be a better work environment again.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    whew! today was a tough day back at work, everyone was a little off, including me! But I did exercise, stretch and log. Tried to get a flu shot, but the wait was too long. I think I just need to go to bed early and start over again.

    Rye very impressive accomplishment, congratulations. I hope you enjoy the freedom.

    Lisa work drama........ohhhhh..........work drama..........glad it is resolved.

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    Well, its official. I look like a grandma! Got my military ID renewed and I look like my grandma. Strange. Got husband liver anti rejection meds. Get them free at the base pharmacy. Gotta love free!

    Hugs everyone!
    Rebecca 💗
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    Hi all: Cloudy but dry today so horses are out in the backyard pasture to get them out of the mud. I never thought I would get a coat for my curly-haired labradoodle with her heavy coat but she takes a long time to dry out when she gets wet so last night I tried my old dog's coat on her. It was too small but did keep her drier so I think I will probably invest in one that fits her to wear when we go out to feed horses and goats. Being a puppy she gets cabin fever if she has to stay in too long.

    Rye - Cute car and congratulations. That was a lot of hard work you put in.

    NYKaren - Lovely pictures.

    Heather - Thinking good thoughts for your move. Hope everything goes smoothly.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Rye, Just have to say WOW..... and very sweet. :-)

    Betsy in NW WA
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    Rye! Major congrats on getting your driver's license! Such a huge step for you but will make your life so much easier! Do8ng the happy dance for you!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Did Jane Fonda’s Firm & Burn DVD. I thought it was “eehhh”. I’d keep it, but probably not do it all that often. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Leslie Sansone Walk Your Belly Flat DVD. I may have to forgo exercise since we will need to leave around 7:30. I seem to recall that it didn’t take all that long last year, but Vince says we need to leave by 7:30.

    Supposed to go meet the girl Sandi who is working on the web. She told Vince last time they went shooting that she didn’t know me so I thought this would be a nice time to meet. Well, she invited Adra (no biggie) but Adra told me that she and Sandi (who I don’t think is involved too much) are going to have directions for me to add people to the “new” directory. I’m SURE what’ll happen is that I’ll look them over then invite Adra and Sandi here because I’m sure I’ll have questions. I bet any amount of money Adra hasn’t thought this through. So we shall see what happens. I’m VERY VERY uncomfortable working on the entire web. Previously, I had buttons just to do my portion of the job, which was just fine by me. I know myself too well, and I know that I’m the kind of person who will click on something to “see what happens” and if I click on something and screw it up, there’s no one to fix it. Update: I went and met Sandi. She seems like a very nice girl, she’s open to comments/suggestions from me. She did give me some things to look at as far as inputting members into the new directory. Personally, I still think it’s most efficient to input members into the old directory. And I do have questions. I’ll probably invite her and Adra over here to discuss some of my thoughts. Oh, Adra wasn't there tonight, she did email me and say that she had a meeting at her church that she couldn't get out of.

    Lisa – Did insurance require you to put the railings going up the steps in front of your house?

    Yesterday after bowling we stopped at CVS. I had a coupon for 20% off a grocery item so I got this 100 calorie candy bar. I didn’t know if that was a grocery item or not, but it was. So I bought it to donate. Now I know if I bought something I liked (like a Dove bar), I’d most likely eat it. Yes, it’s only 100 calories. But it’s 100 calories that I don’t need. So I got a Snickers bar which I don’t like

    Elizabeth in GA – Doing a happy dance for you being so close to goal

    Halloween candy – when I’m giving it out, I have a big bowl of popcorn next to the candy. I take some popcorn instead of candy. What doesn’t get given out either goes back to the store (like the next day) or in Vince’s office for him to have.

    Rori – how wonderful your dh remembered Porto Vallarta! Hope you have a great time. And if you’d like to take me along, that’d be fine, too……<hint, hint> lol

    It’s only supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow in Asheville. Looks like I’ll need my pants. Boo, I like my shorts. I’m going to take a sweater, but not sure that I’ll need that.

    Michele in NC
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    Oops...missed this:

    Lisa – your bathroom door is something else. Shudder.

    Pat in Ohio – so sorry to hear about SIL
    Michele in NC