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    @kaytimt I notice that on 10/17 you had a carb snack after your workout. The trainer told me to have about 100 calorie carb snack BEFORE my workout and a protein snack to aid muscle repair AFTER. Since I’m doing Keto now, I would skip the “pre” snack and let my body burn my fat for fuel.

    Thanks - I'm working with a trainer performing very high-intensity workouts though, and need carbs pre and post workout (different digestion times respectively) in addition to protein in order to properly fuel glycogen recovery, not just muscular repair/recovery.
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    @abowersgirl - thank you for your post - it made me hopeful. Your self awareness and your determination to manage your mental as well as your physical health are fantastic. Your description of yourself as 'a self nagging perfectionist who is also a pessimist" also fits my 18 y/o. He will not accept any praise or acknowledgement from others nor give himself credit for what he accomplishes and so for the most part he does nothing. I really hope that as he gets older he can learn a little of your perspective and determination. I think that learning to manage your thoughts and emotions is hard work, but definitely worth it! keep on keeping on - you are a inspiring example for me.

    My gosh that sounds a lot like me, the worst part is at 18 as much as you want to help, the hard headedness of the age and mentality of your son will stop him from listening. I totally understand where he is coming from because that was definitley me 10 years ago. I would do everything I could, until I could do no more but never give myself a pat on the back, or a congratulation for a job well done, constantly feeling as if it's never enough or if a task was completed just moved on to the next one without any self recognition. If someone gave me a compliment, I definitley felt undeserving which does have a double edge sword quality because like him, I stopped myself from doing things as well. As if doing nothing so I wouldn't have to deal with myself was the better, less self distructive option, not to mention the feeling of failure before the attempt would definitley deflate my initiative. I do hope, for his sake, he gets sick and tired of the self nagging and by the time he is 20-21 he starts gaining more confidence in himself. I hope he doesn't take as long as I have, given the fact that although I am still young, I have passed up great opportunities because of my lack of confidence which has made life slightly harder and has left me a "Jack of all trades" type of person, which I like because I have tons of mini skills but at the same time have never had enough focus to stick to one thing, never settling and jumping from one job to another. It was great while I was young but now that I am getting older I am definitley feeling the pressure and the "failure" feeling all over again, especially after seeing people my age doing a lot better then myself. Managing emotions is difficult, especially if it's a self worth issue, it just take time, patience and a little guidance. Likel I said in my post, the only thing that began helping is recognizing greatfulness ...but that definitley began cementing itself in my brain after realizing my own mortality, which some at 18 y/o might already know but for some it's still the age of "I will live forever", "that will never happen to me" or "I have my whole life to figure it out"
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    @wendyj1012 every day weighing can be hard for some people, that's why I tend to sometimes ignore my weight and pay attention to my inches instead. The loss of inches are just as good and also mean you are loosing weight, so I wouldn't worry about what the scale is saying.

    If you make the decision to stop though, I would still suggest posting everyday, just to make sure you are holding yourself accountable even if it is without a weight at the beginning of the post and I would also suggest weighing in more then once a month, maybe at the beginning of the 10 days and end of the 10 days. Thats why i appreciate this thread, even if it seems like my weight is creeping daily, I don't realize how much I have actually accoplised until I see the results at the end.
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    Starred it! Thanks for letting us know and for all that you do to encourage us.
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    10/15- Finally seen some good results at the scale. Eating lots of vegetables.
    10/16- Planned meals, and lots of vegetables, getting my steps up. Starting to fit into some of my clothes.
    10/17- Had another great day! Eating healthy.
    10/18- Doing great with healthy eating I just have to get the exercise in.I went to the hairdresser and she styled my hair so you cannot see where I lost the hair due to radiation.
    10/19-Eating healthy, steps up--- 11,000
    10/20-Still trying to keep from eating bread, pasta... Eating a lot of vegetables.
    10/21- Great day! Really watching what I am eating- next week goal more exercise.
    10/22- Busy day! Worked on lots of stretching. Walking steps were up today.