10lbs before new year, who’s with me?



  • Laura93_
    Laura93_ Posts: 19 Member
    I’m a little late but I’m in! I just weighed myself at 208 😳
    Hoping to get below 200 by the new year!
  • xpander76
    xpander76 Posts: 10 Member
    I’d love to lose 10lb by January! Not sure I actually will, but I’ll give it my best shot! Woo hoo! 🎉🎉
  • Slashnl
    Slashnl Posts: 300 Member
    I'd love to go for 10! Hoping for at least 7.
  • Carrrasco
    Carrrasco Posts: 16 Member
    Add me
  • harlemgirl2698
    harlemgirl2698 Posts: 3 Member
    me too!! I am in desperate need of some motivation. I cannot get this mess to move. LOL!
  • LeAnnplus5
    LeAnnplus5 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in ...this would be a great start for me. I am currently 214, so this 10lbs would be what I gained over the past year and a great start to a better me.
  • Ddsb11
    Ddsb11 Posts: 607 Member
    CW 137
    GW 127
  • hattiesgrooming
    hattiesgrooming Posts: 35 Member
    I'm in! Anyone who wants support add me! We can do this 🙌💪
  • Sumg_83
    Sumg_83 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in!
  • lvose5119
    lvose5119 Posts: 15 Member
    It’s my goal to get there to start my new year off right. Only just started this whole thing really so here’s hoping!
  • alevbrant
    alevbrant Posts: 26 Member
    edited November 2018
    I'm in - I've lost 6 and I'm shooting for a total of 15. I'm a petite 5'1'' and started at 125, which is too much for my frame. My goal is to get to 110, then add more muscle mass. ADD ME TOO
  • DebTavares
    DebTavares Posts: 87 Member
    starting weight: 195 lbs
    starting november weight: 159.2 lbs
    New Year goal: 149.2 lbs

    November 7 weigh-in: 157.8 lbs (yay)

    Aiming for 10, but will be happy with 5 lbs
  • ghudson92
    ghudson92 Posts: 2,061 Member
    PigHerder wrote: »
    Yeah, I'll take that action. I'm off to the Canary Islands for a week in January, so I would definitely like to make sure my hot weather clothes fit! 10lbs should do the trick! B)

    Make sure you take a light jacket as it does get a bit chilly in the evenings in the winter months. I have an apartment in lanzarote and my first winter trip I was freezing by 6pm :neutral:
  • teranga79
    teranga79 Posts: 202 Member
    I'm a bit late to this party (nothing new there!) but would love to join. SW at the beginning of this year was 157, got down to target of 132 in the summer and maintained around that (more like 136) for a few months. Since the start of September I've fallen so far off the wagon it's unreal.... am now back up to 149, in two months!

    So I definitely need a kick up the backside. Am hoping that posting here will make me more accountable, and keep me away from the biscuits.

    I'd be pleased with anything below 140 by the end of year. At this point in time I'd be pleased with anything that wasn't a half-stone gain a month tbh :neutral:
  • bluenoser38
    bluenoser38 Posts: 49 Member
    Teranga, I figure better late than never; I'm in. Like you, I got off track in Sept / Oct (aggressive travel schedule in September and October has the double whammy of Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween), but I started logging again this week.

    This seems like a good motivator to get me through the pre-holiday season. My start weight is 192.9 lbs, so my New Year's goal is 182.9 - I think it's doable, if I don't let the week between Christmas and New Year's, when I'm off work and the house is full of goodies, undermine my eating habits.
  • hmkiesel
    hmkiesel Posts: 27 Member
    My goal is 5 lbs by the end of the year, trying to take it slow. feel free to add me as well!
  • Steve0153
    Steve0153 Posts: 13 Member
    I'm in, just started this week. Feel free to add me 😁
  • karabobera
    karabobera Posts: 26 Member
    Need to lose about 6 more pounds!! I'm innnn :D
  • pkiessig
    pkiessig Posts: 5 Member
    Im in too. Thanks for the inspo! It will keep me focused :)