12 weeks till Christmas challenge



  • puuka
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    Goal weight: 64.8kg by Christmas
    Mid Goal Weight: 68.3kg by Nov 05

    Oct 01 - 70.8
    Oct 08 - 69.4 (-1.4, total -1.4kg)
    Oct 15 - 69.0 (-0.4, total -1.8kg)
    Oct 22 - 68.6 (-0.4, total -2.2kg)
    Oct 29 - 68.8 (+0.2, total -2.0kg) I expected +, because had less exercises and ate more :# I have to work hard this week to hit my mid goal weight!

    Nov 05 - 68.4 (-0.4, total -2.4kg) almost hit that mid goal!!!
    Nov 12 - out on vacation.
    Nov 19 - 68.2 (-0.2, total -2.6kg)
    Nov 26 - 68.1 (-0.1, total -2.7kg)

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • orangequilt
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    Christmas goal weight 99kg
    Oct 08 - 103.7 kg (start weight)
    Oct 15 -103.9 kg (oops!)
    Oct 22 -102.9 kg (this is more like what I had in mind!!)
    Oct 29 -102.7 kg
    Nov 05 -102.6 kg
    Nov 12 -103.0 kg (a few bad choices this week, but back on track now)
    Nov 19 -101.6 kg (yay!!!)
    Nov 26 -100.8 kg (yay again!!)
    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -

    I'm thinking now maybe I can make the goal for christmas after all!!
    Hope everyone had a good week xx
  • stillcruising
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    SW - 191.0
    CW- 173.0
    GW - 145.0

    Nov 26 - 181.0

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • MaggieGirl135
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    Well, I didn’t keep my focus during Thanksgiving. I have gone over my calorie limit Wed - Sat and my weight reflects it. Time to turn it around...

    Oct 01 - 152.5
    Oct 08 - 149.5...
    Oct 29 - 149.0
    Nov 05 - 148.5
    Nov 12 - 148.5
    Nov 19 - 147.5
    Nov 26 - 150.0
    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • Only a month now.. but I’m in. I’d like to lose 10lb by Christmas. 🎄
  • deepwoodslady
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    Female named Donna from the Midwest USA ….. 5’ 5” tall

    Highest Weight Ever: 253 (2014/2015)
    Original MFP starting Weight on this current journey: 235.0 (Jan 11, 2018)

    Challenge Starting Weight: 174.0
    Challenge Goal Weight: 154.5
    Challenge Ending Weight: TBD

    My Plan: To lose 1.5 pounds per week for 13 weeks (19.5 lbs total) and end at 154.5 on Christmas Eve Morn. Then I want to enjoy my Christmas Eve night with family, wake up on the 25th and listen for Santa’s sleigh bells. I will CAREFULLY enjoy myself between Christmas and New Years and reassess on January 1st and get busy with the final leg of my plan.

    Final Goal: To weigh 145 by Valentine’s day.


    Oct 01 - 174.0 And Away We Go! Good Luck Everyone. I don’t know what happened to the original person starting this challenge but I’m still in if you all are!

    Oct 08 - 174.8

    Oct 15 - 175.4 Oops I did it again.

    Oct 22 - 177.8 Went to DBs to help him after surgery. Enjoyed big city with big food. Calories I controlled pretty well. Carbs got me badly. Next week I will attempt to post in the color red instead of the color green. I will be food prepping today!

    Oct 29 - 177.0 I can’t believe I managed to pull off a small loss. I was up much higher this week after multiple traveling trips. I have gotten rid of the water retention I think, and now I can get down to the business of fat! My Mammogram and doctors appointments at the University Hospital turned out great. They did not detect any breast cancer so I am still in remission. I will see you all on November 5th!

    Nov 05 - 177.2 Lots of travel this week. It won’t be pretty.
    Nov 12 - 177.6 Okay, I warned everyone that it wouldn’t be pretty. I travelled 5 days this week and hit over 180 pounds! Getting back down to this by weigh-in day was a hard earned miracle. I am back home in my “safety zone” for a few days so it is slowily coming off as I stick to plan and drink debloating water. I hope everyone will have a great week!

    Nov 19 - 178.6 Weight back up from traveling. Restaurant foods and their sodium kill me, but not my spirit! I will be doing lots of travel during all the holidays as I live so far from civilization and being in the cities is like putting a kid in a candy store. I continue to practice restraint.

    Nov 26 - 180.4 Our family feast for Thanksgiving was held yesterday (Sunday). No weigh in today was just not good. Though the meal was carby and the dessert was super sweet (pecan pie), I found that I ate less than I did in the olden holiday dinners. This upcoming week will be very on point. Even restrictive. I’ve got to pull this puppy in before it gets too far behind me and bites me in the butt.

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • MsArriabella
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    Oct 1- 178.0
    Oct 8- 175.6
    Oct 15- 175.2
    Oct 22 - 172.2
    Oct 29 - 167.0

    Nov 05 - 170.4
    Nov 12 - 166.0
    Nov 19 - Forgot to weigh-in :(
    Nov 26 - 175.4

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • hcdo
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    Oct 1- 122.6
    Oct 8- 121.8
    Oct 15- 124.6
    Oct 22 - 124.8
    I appear to be going backwards. Not surprising, since I went to a food festival yesterday.... Gotta remind myself that just because it's a "special occasion" or whatever excuse I want to use, doesn't mean I have to shove food into my pie hole like the Apocalypse is coming. This time of year has tons of "special occasions" and that mindset is not going to help matters.

    Oct 29 - 120.4 I am not under any delusions that I've actually lost 4 lbs in a week. The previous number was an early-morning weigh-in after an evening of, if not exactly gluttony, certainly eating with abandon. My weight tends to fluctuate a lot, (in fact I'm up a pound and a half today from Monday's weigh in), so I just keep reminding myself to look at the trend rather than individual days' numbers. That's why I like challenges like this, so it keeps me looking at longer-term results rather than being disappointed with day-to-day fluctuations.

    Nov 05 - 123.8 Still fluctuating like mad, but at least I'm down a pound from the previous weeks of mid-October. Hopefully it will be steadier now, but my will power this time of year is nil, and the holiday treats are already out and about! It also doesn't help that today is national donut day and my boss brought some in to celebrate!

    Nov 12 - 124 Ugh. Some bad decisions this past week that I had hoped the weekend of not overdoing it would balance out. Alas, no. As frustrating as it is, it's good for me to see this so I can remind myself that my actions have consequences!

    Nov 19 - 121.6 Another big fluctuation, this time in the right direction, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven't been feeling well and only warm fluids feel good on a sore throat. I've been trying to be really good with staying on track though, so hopefully it won't bounce back in the other direction once I'm feeling better.

    Nov 26 - 123.6 Well, poop. I know Thanksgiving was this week, but I slipped back into old habits/thinking, like "Well, I've already eaten a ton, so I might as well eat more..." That's always gotten me in trouble. I thought being sick would curb my appetite a bit, but nope. Which is actually fine, since I know we need nutrients to heal, etc. But it still sucks to see that I'm at a heavier weight than when I started. Time to buckle down...

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • Spadhnik
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    SW - 80.5 kg (Been 82kgs at some point)
    Xmas GW - 76 kg or less!! (To take me out of obese BMI range)
    Easter GW - 70kg (Further 6kg to reduce by 21st April 2019 for Big holiday !!!!)
    First GW - 58kg (Fall into healthy range of BMI atleast by sept 2019 and run often during daily commute.)

    Aug 29 - 80.3 kg
    Oct 01 -
    Oct 08 - 80.5 kg
    Oct 15 - 79 kg (Coming week I try to get weight under 79 kg)
    Oct 20 - 79.2kg ☹️ not a good number... Also weighing early as I am off for holiday. I don’t expect a good week too. I will start off again!!!
    Oct 22 - On holiday
    Oct 28 - 79.4kg (Gain after holiday 😖)
    Oct 29 - 79.9kg 😔 I am not sure what happened and I increased weight. I did everything almost right. Anyways, coming week, I will again try to reach the 79kg mark
    Nov 05 - 77.5kg (I think something wrong happened at last weeks weigh in with my body, I was certainly feeling less.. After that weigh in, I have had an minor oral surgery which is making eating tricky. But I have also reduced carbs so less rice portion. I walked my first 5K last week 🔆. Coming week, I want to come closure to 77kg.)
    Nov 12 - 77.3kg (Festival + One bday party = slow progress. Must review eating and exercise plan to speed up weight loss. Starting dance class 💃🏻 and aiming 2 5K walks this week)
    Nov 19 - 77.4kg Similar number 😤
    Nov 26 - 77.2kg
    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • leesh_loses_it
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    i started the month at 197..
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165lbs
    End of Challenge Goal: 175
    Oct. 29-191.6

    Nov 05 -189.8
    Nov 12 -187.2
    Nov 19 -185.0- (This week will be a struggle cause of the holiday. lol)
    Nov 26 -184.0-Better than nothing

    Dec 03 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • nikkit321
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    Challenge SW - 162.2
    Christmas Goal - 150
    Ultimate Goal - 140

    Oct 22 - 162.2
    Oct 29 - 163.6 (shark week)
    Nov 5 - 159.8
    Nov 12 - 158.0
    Nov 19 - 161.2 - no idea, I've been gaining since the last posting. I think my anti-hormone (cancer) med messes with my cycle but really have no clue why I'm up. Continuing to drink massive amounts of water and keeping food in check. It's a cunundrum...but I'm pressing on.
    Nov 28 - 158.0 (checking in late this week)
    Dec 3 -
    Dec 10 -
    Dec 17 -
    Dec 24 -
  • poolycod
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    19 Oct - 82kg 17.7% BF
    26 Oct - 81.8kg 19% BF
    2Nov - 81.2kg 19.9%BF
    9 Nov - 80.7kg 20.7%BF
    16 Nov - 82.6kg 18.3%BF - missed Friday weigh in so took it Monday morning. No gym and out drinking and eating garbage Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm paying for it now. We shall see how permanent the damage is on Friday 23rd.
    23 Nov - 80.9Kg 18.1% BF - worked like a Trojan in the gym to make up for last week. A few double sessions of resistance and cardio pulled it round.
    30 Nov - 80.9kg 16.9% BF - diet went a bit south over the of 24th/25th. A couple of meals out but no alcohol. Tried to up my water intake to 2.5l a day. Had a few bad snacks in the week at work which I slightly regret now. Lowest BF I've recorded so I need to kick on now and get it lower.
    7 Dec
    14 Dec
    21 Dec
    28 Dec -
  • MarziPanda95
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    Starting weight: 169
    Goal weight (December 24th): 164

    November 23rd: 169
    December 2nd: 167

    Feeling positive! I started a new job, very active job in which I'm easily getting 11,000 steps in a day with lots of lifting. Only working two days a week right now, but will be more as we get closer to Christmas.