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    To lose weight and keep it off you have to change. Change is hard but if you start and stick with it then it gets easier. Counting calories is no fun, but now that I've been doing this for several months it is more habit now. Fad diets that have you eating in a whole different way are not sustainable. Even if it worked and you lost many pounds, if you made no other changes the pounds would come back as soon as you stopped. Add exercise and the pounds will come off. If you lose 1-2 pounds per week and take a break every few weeks, your body will adjust. Losing 6 pounds in one week is too fast. If you really want to boost your weight loss, then try some simple body weight exercise. Push up, squat, jump rope, sittups, planks. Good Luck!
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    I did keto for a month and found that the high fat/calorie foods were not helping my loss at all even with almost zero net carbs. I changed it up and instead of doing high fat, I went just to general low carb (less than 20-30 net a day), moderate protein, moderate fat. This has been sooo much easier than trying to get enough fat macros in, since I did not like the idea of eating a spoon full of coconut oil just to get there. Even if you are eating healthy fats, they are very calorie dense and can derail your expectations.

    if you werent losing then there was no deficit.

    That is exactly what I was saying, that doing Keto - I was not in deficit because of the calorie dense high fat foods. By lowering fat and increasing protein it was much easier to get into deficit.

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    Remember, it's get healthy to lose weight NOT lose weight to get healthy. Keto repairs the body first and then you may see results later. Your body be a little more damaged than you think i.e, liver, metabolism, etc... Just ride the wave and keep at it. Also, are you intermittent fasting? Keto and 'IF' go hand and hand. Maybe you're doing keto but you're snacking or eating too much fat. Just a thought.

    This confuses me. Most people I know who like keto do so because they lost weight faster to start out. And plenty of people do keto but not IF, or do IF and not keto.

    And this is probably semantics, but losing weight is often the key to getting healthy. You don't have to "get healthy" first. I'm not even going to get into keto "healing the body". But if someone is doing keto and not losing weight, it's because they're still eating too much.

    The idea behind "getting healthy to lose weight" is that many times there is something unhealthy that is causing excess weight: stress, insulin resistance, thyroid disease, etc. I'm sure you understand that there are those who may be at a "healthy weight" who also are not healthy. Certain types of foods (for example, lots of processed foods) can cause problems in the body, and impact metabolism and how your body digests and uses the food ingested. "Healthy Keto" aims to work on those other aspects that may be impacting one's weight and shape - to help the body appropriately metabolise the foods consumed. Otherwise summed up in "get healthy to lose weight".

    I second wanting to know how processed foods has an impact on metabolism and causes problems in the body. you dont need keto to properly metabolise foods. many can reverse a lot of those health issues you mentioned above with weight loss alone. as for things causing thyroid disease you do realize that the body someimes doesnt work like it should and many times its due to a gene defect or other issue. thryoid problems can also cause many people to be underweight its called hyperthyroidism. I did keto and it nearly killed me no joke.

    I dont do keto I have to do a low fat diet due to a health issue. I lost weight,and improved my health markers and I eat processed foods,carbs(lots of carbs) etc. hasnt impacted my health or digestion in anyway. processed foods didnt impact my metabolism in any way but due to a GENE defect I have a metabolic disorder so my diet doesnt impact that in any way. I have tried many ways of eating and one was not any better than the other when it came to weight loss ,fat loss or anything else. keto was the only way of eating that nearly did me in and caused my health markers and my health issues progressively get worse the longer I did it. once I stopped they started to improve and have had none of those issues since
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    I find it easy to eat an incredible amount of calories and feel like crap while I was on keto. Didn't work for me either. I find it much easier to do a small caloric deficit over time making small tweeks versus making drastic changes to my diet like cutting out a macronutrient.

    exactly this. I havent done full keto but when i have gone lower carb I have felt like utter *kitten*. And too much fat makes me feel nauseous. And i can't find food with enough fat in it that will keep me full (avocado is a no for me) - drinking a spoon of olive oil for 120 calories will not even touch the sides whereas if I ate a piece of bread for 120 calories i'd be OK!