Favorite foods that you can no longer eat

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What are some foods that are succulent and delicious that you cannot (because of T2D like me) or simply do not eat anymore? This can be something you regretfully must give up or something that you have given up and have no regrets.

I'll start it off with this:
King size Snickers and a quart of chocolate milk (I actually ate this from time to time when I was 18-20 yrs old and trust me it was quite satisfying)


  • AnneUT
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    Type 2 diabetes runs in my family and my sugars have been higher than normal so I have given some things up too - or at least eat them very rarely. Reese's peanut butter cups. I used to open a bag and just sit and eat while reading or watching tv. I miss just being able to not care and eat as many as I feel like. I also miss having a couple bowls of cold cereal.
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    Side pork, quite close to the only meat I actually liked, back 44+ years ago when I decided to be a vegetarian. If I decided to eat meat again (you never know ;) ), I wouldn't start there . . . I think the short term consequences might be regrettable - that's just a guess, though. It would be something to work up to. ;)

    Other than that, I can't think of anything. I have trouble moderating Taco Flavor Doritos (the old-school ones, not the extremo-whatsits), about the only so called "hyperpalatable" highly processed food I actually enjoy (not a new definition of enjoyment, either - I've long preferred home-cooked foods with mostly one-ingredient components, and found most so-called hyperpalatable foods not very tasty). I'm still working on learning to moderate them, now and then. I'm almost through with a bag in the kitchen, and the most I've eaten at once was 2oz, which is a good sign that I'm Getting There.

    I have no regrets about giving up meat, generally, especially after this much time. I can't offhand think of anything else I've given up, other than maybe some stuff I liked in childhood, but don't enjoy anymore.
  • concordancia
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    Bananas because they give me an asthma attack and spinach because it gives me the runs. Everything else, I just control the quantity.
  • Idontcareyoupick
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    Kiwi since I'm allergic and they taste so delicious and oreos because 2 of them are just sad
  • lalalacroix
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    Shrimp due to anaphylaxis.
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    I have not given up any foods; I just eat less of them, and only when I can fit them in my calorie allowance! I've never had a problem with what I ate, just the quantities! I don't eat red meat, but that's been true for 20 years or so. After my gall bladder was removed, eating a nice marbled ribeye steak caused me terrible pain!
  • ElizabethHanrahan
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    I am allergic to ALL DAIRY so
    NO cheese, ice cream, sour cream, butter, Etc. I, however, really enjoy BREATHING so this isn't really that hard to give up. What is really shocking is reading ingredient lists on foods and finding out just how many have added milk. There are certain cold cuts that have milk added that I would NEVER have thought about (how many meats need added milk?).
  • cheryldumais
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    Candy. Used to eat whole bags in a sitting. Not anymore, lol. Also gave up pizza for the most part. One slice isn’t enough for me. Some of my old favourites actually make me sick now. Just can’t handle the greasy stuff anymore. No regrets though.
  • psychod787
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    Funyuns and code red dew. Cant stop with just a little.
  • karenvandam
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    I can no longer justify pancakes, waffles, or french toast - carbs coated in butter and smothered in sugar with very little nutritional value. I also no longer drink fruit juice (unless it has rum and I'm on the beach). Salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels are also difficult to justify. Most of these foods were pretty easy to remove because they weren't my favorites.

    I still find room to eat chocolate, pizza, and homemade cookies, but in much more limited quantities. I would feel too sad if I had to give those up forever!
  • Heidijens123
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    Eggs 😢 I love them but they make me sick when I eat them.
  • nooshi713
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    There are some foods that are so calorie dense that I really can't afford to eat them much. I like them so much that when i do eat them I want a reasonable portion, not one tiny bit. These include:

    Haagen Daaz ice cream
    A slice of Costco pizza
    Chips and guacamole
    Rich desserts like Tiramisu and berry pie. I save these for holidays only.
  • mph323
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    Sourdough bread. Out of all the things I had to give up when I was diagnosed with celiac, that's the food I miss the most.