Will you ever get used to healthy eating?



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    @PAV8888 Nice post. Preach brother...
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    It helps for me to have something healthy that I also consider a little junky like chocolate rice cakes <3
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    This is my 10th time trying to lose weight and each time I tried to lose weight I’ll lose about 10 kg max and then go back to old habits of eating pizza , mcd and really bad foods . My kinda junk foods are crazy . The calories are insane and now I’m drastically limiting myself from all kind of junk foods . Like normal people I don’t think I can eat a slice or pizza and stop. It’s going to make me eat more and I’ll eventually give up (speaking from experience). I’m in severe depression due to my obesity, this time I’m really trying to sustain and lose a lot of kgs to build some self esteem and I know for a fact that this will be my last attempt.

    Someone already said it. There are lots of cooking methods and seasonings that will make what you consider "healthy" foods more palatable.

    Think about doing a menu. There are lots of places you can look for "healthy" recipes. Try low calories variations of things you already enjoy.

    Also, if you are obese and coming from a situation of eating two pizzas in one sitting I hope you didn't chose to eat 1200 calories. If you really feel like this is your last attempt then try to take it as slowly as you can to get used to eating differently than you did before. It's not a race.

    Just my 2 cents.

    ETA: I just picked on the fact that you started dieting when you were 15 and also you live with your mom.
    What are your stats before we even go further? This can't be healthy.
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    Why don’t you make your self a burger or make yourself some pizza, or whatever you love. You’ll never stick to a diet in the long run if you deprive yourself of everything you love. I make mini pizzas several times a week for lunch.. we have burgers and homemade “fries” a couple times a month for dinner and I still eat cookies, cake and ice cream... I just look for healthy alternatives... but literally every grocery store offers them, even Walmart. I still indulge on fast food or going out to eat weekly but try to make good decisions and keep it in my caloric goals. You don’t have to give up foods to be healthy, you need to look at portion control and finding ways to incorporate healthier cooking methods and fruits and veggies into your diet.
    I know this is long, but just for ideas; I use flat out pizza crusts, ~40 mL of pizza sauce, 56 grams of part skim mozzarella and a serving of turkey pepperoni (which I think is 17 slices) and then top with bell peppers and onions usually, or whatever veggies I’ve got on hand that go well on pizza. It’s right around 400 calories, very filling and pretty high in protein. Or sometimes I just have the cheese and pepperoni and make a side salad to go with it, if I’m just craving basic pizza.
    For burgers use low fat beef, make a 4-5 oz burger, use lower fat cheese, and you can find buns in the area of 140 Cals (or use lettuce if you’d like)... top with normal burger toppings but try to limit the mayo (or use low-fat). Cut up some potatoes or sweet potatoes, toss in a little bit of olive oil and bake. So yummy and much better for you!
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    I'm like you and I understand. One bite of a high calorie food leads to an evening, or more, of out of control behavior. Herbs and spices are your friends. Roast the vegetables rather than just boiling or steaming. The secret, I think, is to create good flavors and textures with the types of food that you want as parts of your healthy diet. You may want to borrow some "tricks" from vegans who often work with techniques and such that others don't even think about.
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    Honestly, if I'm craving junk..I eat junk. Just in moderation.
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    If I didn't have cravings, I'd never know what the hell I'd eat for dinner.

    I eat whatever I most want within my calorie limit and that keeps me satisfied and able to exercise and enjoy life.

    At least once a month I'll have pizza, McDonald's, fish and chips, curry.

    About once a week I'll have pasta, noodle stir fry, something Mexican, vegan schnitzel or meat replacement with veg and pasta, potatoes, or rice. Most of these involve lashings of sriracha sauce!

    Every day I have a serving or two of chocolate and a little icecream bar. You could too if you keep up the 2 hours walking a day.

    I also have lots of fruit. As I lost weight (35 kg 3 years ago; maintained goal ever since) I lost my morbid feelings about "healthy food".

    If you think you MUST eat "healthy food", you're going to feel like it's a punishment to do so. *kitten* that.

    Food is food. It all makes you feel differently depending on your biology at the time and on your psychology.

    I lost weight and keep it off by eating nice things. All food is nice in some way, as it nourishes us.
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    I completely get your concern about limiting yourself with junk food. I know if I am staring at a plateful of chicken wings I will likely eat them all, not just one or two (assuming they are good ones). Speaking of wings, you can google Buffalo Cauliflower wings to come up with an alternative to the high fat and unhealthy chicken variety. The key is to expand your horizons with what you can do to make healthy food really interesting and enjoyable, to the extend that junk food doesn't really taste that good anymore. If you are willing to get in the kitchen and experiment with new flavors, seasonings and ingredients there is a huge world of healthy food out there.
    Check out https://www.101cookbooks.com/17-of-the-easiest-dinners/ or https://cookieandkate.com/. These sites are vegetarian-oriented with recipes that are flavorful, fun and of course healthy. Good luck!
    The transition from "unhealthy" food to "healthy" food is rough but do-able if don't right. Transition slowly, don't do a cold turkey approach and go 100% all at once, you would probably fail. Instead just half the portions of junk food you eat every couple days until you reach a point were you go without it. At this point you can replace the junk food with a healthy alternative with the same texture/taste. For example instead of chips you can eat nuts, granola, etc. Another thing I did personally that worked for me is everytime I'd reach for junk food I'd rub my tummy and just feel it. Feeling my tummy while looking at the junk food would deter me from eating the junk food by giving me a second thought. I'd then reach for the health alternative. Now I can eat healthy foods with ease and when I have a craving for something of a crunchy texture I'd eat pistachios or granola instead . Best of luck to you on your journey! Eat your vegetables and drink water! Consistency consistency consistency!

    Neither of you read the thread, am I right?
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    Again, nothing is unhealthy in the grand scheme of things. Eat a burger or a pizza if you feel like it. Either eat such that it fits into your calories, bank calories the previous days, or don't eat a pizza too often and just move on. Or make your own pizza.
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    And actually, something like a burger can be a great choice ...

    A nice lean patty of beef or a chicken breast, lots of veggies like lettuce, spinach, tomato, onion, avocado, etc., a bit of mustard or dash of ranch dressing, and a bun.


    Absolutely! Good quality beef, bit red inside, lots of yummy things on it, and a good tasty bun. Now I want this!
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    Fast Food Fridays at my Place. Used to eat a whole family pizza plus sides. Now a small 1 person pizza and diet soda or sub or pita or small kebab. Used to portion control and am aware of minful eating so cant eat alot now. I look forward to it and feel no guilt. Its a night off cooking!
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    For those who asked what’s my current age and all , I’m 19 now , since I was young my mom fed me a lot of food when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I’m the only child so I’m really spoiled 😂😂😂😂( hey it comes with a lotta pressure too) . So I was overweight when I was 14 years old and I hadn’t gotten my period till I was 15 ( did a lot of squats and bam) . I lost about 10 kg with that diet and I worked so hard at the gym. After that failed , I regained back 20kg and started binge eating. Point is from 15 years old to 19 I tried all type of ways to lose weight and I couldn’t sustain it. That’s my biggest problem, so this time I’m setting this as a lifestyle change and not a diet . I have to lose 60 kgs KGS that’s right. I’m pretty determined this time , started from Jan 1 and till now haven’t slack. I’m doing small exercises like walking and playing badminton. My target is to lose all the weight in 2 years time, even after achieving I’m still going to continue eating clean. ❤️❤️