Eating 1350 calories a day and exercise but not losing weight!! Need some advise please :-)



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    Also keep in mind that if you're using machines at a gym, the numbers you get for calorie burns are probably inflated. In my tracking, I've noticed that MFP's burns are also higher than what I personally manage, so I adjust down and say I did 15 minutes of walking instead of 30 (for example). ;)

    My personal suggestion is to stop obsessing about the scale and focus on body measurements and how you look. Your ideal weight is going to be a range, not a specific number. Even if you lost those 5 pounds and felt victorious, the next day the number could go up again with water retention or TOM.

    If you still insist on focusing on the 5 pounds, I'd encourage you to give up the "servings" and measuring cups and weigh your food. It only takes a moment more. As an example, I bought a sandwich at the store this week and the package said it was 185 grams. I weighed it. It was actually 230 grams, or 24% more calories than what the package said! I don't work with a very large deficit, so those extra calories add up fast for me.
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    I am about 5 lbs heavier than you and have a similar calorie intake and exercise with similar frequency. When in weight loss mode, I try to stay under 1400 calories, track and measure everything etc. Every single calorie counts at this weight range and the less you weigh, the less you can EAT to maintain your weight when you get there. I would keep that in mind when seeking a much lower weight range. My maintenance is sadly around 1500 calories (with exercise). I made a choice a while ago that getting into the 120s wasn't worth the lifestyle of additional restriction and I focus more on working out to get leaner vs. being "lighter." FWIW, you can look dramatically different at this weight without actually losing a pound if you focus on strength at the gym. I look at pictures of myself from a dozen years ago when I did not work out. I weighed what I did now but wore a size 8 vs. a 4 and looked about 10 lbs heavier.
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    I definitely think the strength training and interval work is contributing to fluid retention because after my rest days, I'm usually a pound less. LOL. I know my leg muscles have some inflammation because they are sore. So, I drink about 60 ounces of water to help with any fluid retention and inflammation. I sure hope I get a "whoosh" in the next week or two. LOL or three if I have to be more patient!!

    I also agree that I don't want to purposely lose the muscle...I just don't want to keep building in the legs but I'm sure that will stop or hopefully the size of my legs will go down when I lose more fat. Which is really what I want to lose a few pounds of fat. LOL.

    Thanks everyone...I'm taking everything into consideration and I truly appreciate your time and effort. I will take all the feedback I can get and try to learn everything that will help :-)

    Any other suggestions is welcomed :-)

    Might want to take some measurements. My lying eyes tell me my biceps are bigger but the tape measure says otherwise.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I've never posted a question on any message board but I love to read them. LOL. So, here's my question. I'm trying to lose weight; just about 7 lbs or so. I'm 5'4" and weigh 130 lbs. I would like to be around 123. I have been using fitness pal to track my calories and macros. I've been eating about 1350 calories with macros of 35% carb, 40% protein, 25% fat. I'm athletic built and have a lot of muscle naturally. I can build pretty quick too. My protein is a little higher because I am working out. I work out about 5 days a week; three days of 30 minute interval exercises (lunging, high knees, good cardio and strength training) and 2 days in the gym of about 2 hours of strength training and 30 minute cardio. So, I've noticed I'm losing inches in my waist and upper body and looking more lean but the scale won't go down. I'm was and can be okay with the scale number not going down but now it's a challenge to see if I can get the number to go down. What's the problem? According to my fitbit watch and fitness pal, I take in about 1300 calories and burn around 2,200 for the entire day (that includes my workouts and normal breathing and walking around). I've been doing this for three weeks. Should I increase my calories and/or cut back on the working out? I've struggled to know what my maintenance calories are because I take my metabolism into count and I'm not sure if it's working up to speed since I was sick for a while with mono.

    Anyways, I appreciate anyone reading this and willing to give helpful feedback. Please be kind. I read some of these discussion boards and the comments can be so mean. I'm trying to learn. That's why I'm seeking out helpful information :-)


    Hi Heather,

    I was/am in a similar situation as you. Over winter 2017/spring 2018 I gained a bit of weight... up to 130 lbs. I'm also 5'4". I don't have a very muscular build, though, but I do some light lifting. Most of my muscle is in my legs/glutes. But I guess you could say I'm more into cardio fitness - as hard as it may be to believe for some people.

    Anyway, I started losing just fine when I started getting my sh-- together in June. Come August I reached 120 lbs, yay! But I want to lose 5 more lbs. I have been all over in weight - from 250 down to 102. I felt my best around 110-115.

    4 weeks go by, no weight loss. I was starting to get worried. I was doing everything right. This isn't my first rodeo. I weigh everything down to the gram on a food scale. I keep a spreadsheet with all this data and calculations that have been pretty darn accurate for me over the last 4 years.

    I took 2 weeks "off" from exercise and upped my calories to maintenance, thinking that maybe I needed that "whoosh" effect, or maybe my body was just under too much stress and needed a break. Didn't work. After that I changed up my workout routine to include much more strength and less cardio. Didn't work. I got tired of that and went back to my usual routine, mostly cardio, some lightweight lifting.

    Fast forward about 4 months, which was the last week of December 2018, I finally dropped a pound. Now I'm down 2 lbs. I still don't know what caused that plateau, why it lasted so long, or why I suddenly started losing weight again. What I'm trying to say is that, you can be doing everything right - but maybe your body is just 'stalling' right now. Maybe its some kind of recomp happening - I don't know the reason behind it.

    Right now I'm doing 1 hr steady state cardio about 6 times per week (call me crazy if you want but thats what keeps me sane) and I do some lightweight/high rep lifting beforehand, alternating exercises on different days. I have a desk job so I don't move around much more than that. I eat on average about 1700 calories a day and seem to be losing .5 lbs or a little less per week. Which, for our weight, is realistic and not too intense.
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    Because no drop, double check log, log vitamins, double check serving size. Perhaps drop calories by 50-100. Are you snacking anywhere, even mints can have calories. look at your weekly report for your most logged items and see if those cals are worth it. Oh and especially look at foods you are not making yourself for incorrect cal labeling.
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    Similiar to me - I'm 5'5 and 130lbs and want to be around 112-119lbs. Eating 1200 cals a day and doing daily HIIT workouts but scales do not seem to be moving! So frustrating!
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    Im now down to 124lbs so something is obviously working!
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    Regardless of whether you're accounting for your calories correctly you really have to separate the notion of what your weight is from how much fat you have on your body.

    You're really want to see your scale move?

    Remove it from a hard surface and put it on a carpet!

    Or (don't be an idiot and do this) do your favourite "cleanse" for a day.

    obviously neither of these options will do anything good for either your health or any fat you may or may not have on your body.

    You've mentioned a few times that you're athletic and well-muscled.

    Are you trying to spot reduce fat from some body area where it annoys you to see it stored?

    Maybe someone will link the uterus thread...

    Btw losing a few pounds the right way when you're normal weight is actually very difficult and time consuming.

    And it will not work if you make it too hard and miserable of an experiment.

    Btw #2: if you menstruate you are potentially subject to 3 to 7 lbs of hormonal water weight fluctuations during your cycle. You need at least 4 to 6 weeks of daily weight data, including a complete cycle, before you can begin to gauge your progress... Good idea to look into weight trend apps...

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    Thank you all for responding. So, I want to lose about 5-7 lbs. I'm naturally muscle and I build quick, mostly my legs. I wouldn't mind to lose some of the muscle. I like the way I'm looking but now it has become a challenge to get the scale number to go down. I just don't know why the scale will not move. I have been doing this for 3 weeks and nothing. I log everything I eat on myfitness pal. I weight everything I eat...I don't do bites/licks/ or tastes...I drink about 60 to 80 ounces of water a day...and my fitness pal says I take in 1300 calories and burn around 2200 a day (that includes my normal walking/breathing). I've exercised off and on for over a year but I got sick with mono and didn't for about 2-3 months and started back at the end of December. That's why I wasn't sure if my metabolism was really burning good. So, the mirror shows changes but the scale will not. It will go up a pound one week and down a pound one week from 130 to 129. It's been 3 weeks...I'm just not sure to take up the calories or leave things alone. But, I want to see the some weight loss. Thanks again everyone. I'm really liking this discussion board :-)

    If you like how you look, and you feel healthy and fit...why do you care what the scale says? At your very healthy weight and level of exercise/strength training, the number on the scale doesn’t mean nearly as much as how you feel about your strength, agility, energy levels, and how your clothes fit.