Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • jtreash574
    jtreash574 Posts: 1 Member
    Looking for all the support I can get✌️
  • AnnMarieThomas91
    AnnMarieThomas91 Posts: 119 Member
    need all the motivation and support I can get feel free to add me
  • zorrocat
    zorrocat Posts: 153 Member
    Always happy to meet new, motivated people. Add me! :)
  • xamms
    xamms Posts: 8 Member
    27 down and 50 more to go. Feel free to add me!!! i am very active on MFP and motivate all my friends.
  • Chaos_Angel
    Chaos_Angel Posts: 23 Member
    Hellooooo I would love to have more friends for supporting! :) ADD ME <3
  • Love to meet people who’s on weightloss journey need motivation help each other
  • stevey1923
    stevey1923 Posts: 4 Member
    I’d love some
    Support and motivation!
  • Tommy7570
    Tommy7570 Posts: 465 Member
    The strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf. FR me if you want to join the pack 😎
  • deadliftsandnoodles
    deadliftsandnoodles Posts: 312 Member
    If you're female and can do the splits. Add me
  • amber9543
    amber9543 Posts: 17 Member
    I️ would like more friends to exchange workouts and fitness tips!
  • GrannyKattiPatti
    GrannyKattiPatti Posts: 5 Member
    Hey, just starting here, so would love to have friend requests! I fully intend to fed off other's struggles, successes,and motivation to keep me working hard! :smiley: I actually had one request earlier, but for some reason when I tried to accept it, I lost it :neutral: So If you tried to friend me, please try again, I didn't get the full name.
  • iheartnumbers365
    iheartnumbers365 Posts: 3 Member
    Good Morning/afternoon/evening (to wherever you are in the world lol!)

    I’m Jessica. I need motivation also- I need friends. I’m also a Bariatric patient.
  • kgmclean81
    kgmclean81 Posts: 1 Member
    Would love any motivation i can get
  • AprilMLowe
    AprilMLowe Posts: 447 Member
    Hi Everyone! I could always use more Friends for support and Motivation! Anybody Feel free to send me A friend Request!
  • kbush2018
    kbush2018 Posts: 41 Member
    Happy to have more motivating friends!add me 😀
  • snowprincess502
    snowprincess502 Posts: 103 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always looking for motivation.
  • HelloAmbie
    HelloAmbie Posts: 46 Member
    At one time I had a full friend's list, but all but 3 have become inactive profiles in the last year or so. I'd like some friends! It's lonely!
  • Tationie
    Tationie Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to add me! I'm always looking for new friendships and motivation, even more since I need to lose over 100lbs.
  • katieadams912
    katieadams912 Posts: 18 Member
    New here! Would totally love some motivating friends!!!
  • wingweaver0730
    wingweaver0730 Posts: 8 Member
    Started this journey about 3 weeks ago. I travel for work almost every single day of my life and so I have found that CICO has helped me to stay on track while not giving up everything that I love. It is hard without having a kitchen at my disposal but I do my best! I try to exercise at least 3 times a week and love weight lifting more than cardio. If anyone wants to add me please feel free! I think I have a unique perspective on weight loss because of my work situation.