2019 Lose 52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • Barkshire1
    Barkshire1 Posts: 10 Member
    Hippy sprout sounds like my weekend except kids birthdY instead of bbq.

    I too need to get that fish in. I force myself at least once a week to have a fish day and the past few weeks have done it but it’s something I really need to work on.
  • Roxmom66
    Roxmom66 Posts: 297 Member
    Roxmom, age 66, 5’ 2”

    OSW: 228
    UGW: 170
    CSW:: 201.4 (Jan. 1, 2019)

    Jan. 7. 198.8
    Jan. 14. 201.8
    Jan. 21. 200.8
    Jan. 28. 196.4

    January loss: -2.4

    Feb. 4. 195.4
    Feb. 11
    Feb 18
    Feb 25

    February loss:

    Total weight loss for challenge: 6 lbs.

    Challenges: January very up and down. Hopefully, I will get into a better routine. As always, have to really do better on weekends.
  • BigChangeNeeded
    BigChangeNeeded Posts: 671 Member
    Starting weight: 265lbs
    Goal weight: 213lbs
    Current weight: 260.5lbs
    Total weight lost: 4.5lbs

    Same weight again for me this week, which is fine. I haven't been 100% on plan, but have started a new gym so I should feel motivated for a while.

    Successes this week: I jogged for the first time in at least 25 years. I haven't jogged since I was a pre-teen, but managed a few 30 second bursts on the treadmill at the gym.

    Challenges: Keeping myself out of my recent mental health funk.
  • Starting weight: 179.6
    Goal weight: 140
    Current weight: 174
    Total weight lost: 5.6lb

    This week's successes:
    This week's challenges:

    SW: 179.6
    7th: 178.4
    14th: 176.4
    21st: 174.8
    28th: 174.8
    JANUARY TOTAL: 4.8lb
    4th: 174

  • wendyron3
    wendyron3 Posts: 91 Member
    Starting weight- 174.6
    Goal weight- 140
    Current weight- 167.2
    Total loss-7.4
    This weeks success was staying with it after not much loss. I am thankful I did after lossing close to 3 lbs. it’s been so long that I forgot how my body holds on to the weight and then it shows up.
    Goals are to drink more water and be mindful of my eating.
  • KarenWebber14
    KarenWebber14 Posts: 7 Member
    Perfect! can i join in? better late than never. I feel sharing this weekly will really help :smile:
  • tbduarte1
    tbduarte1 Posts: 82 Member
    Starting weight: 384.4
    Goal weight:332.4
    Current weight: 372.0
    Total weight lost:12.4

    1/1 - 384.4
    1/8 - 377.0
    1/15 -375.6
    1/22 -372.6
    1/29 -373.6
    2/5 - 372.0

    This week's successes: Began working out slowly
    This week's challenges: Superbowl food
  • MsArriabella
    MsArriabella Posts: 466 Member
    Starting weight 1/1/2018: 196.6
    Challenge starting weight: 175.6
    Goal weight: 130.0

    1/1: 175.6
    1/8: 173.6
    1/15: 172.0
    1/22: 175.0
    1/29: 169.8
    2/5: 170.0

    Current weight: 169.8
    Total weight lost: 5.6

    This week's successes: Sticking with my workouts and planned meals.
    This week's challenges: It's cold & rainy so getting the miles in is going to be tough!
  • YouGotThis720
    YouGotThis720 Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight: 199 lbs
    Goal weight: 150 lbs
    Current weight: 196.5
    Total weight lost: 2.5
    This weeks loss: 1 lb

    This weeks challenges: Really struggled with winter this week. Had no energy for anything and wanted to snack a lot.

    This weeks successes: Mostly resisted snacking, drank lots of water/ herbal tea.
  • beatthereaper2016
    beatthereaper2016 Posts: 55 Member
    Starting weight: 266
    Goal weight: 186
    Challenge Start Weight 251 Current weight: 240 (2/5) Total weight lost: 26(2/5) 2019 loss: 11 lbs
    This week's successes: Averaging >15,000 steps a day 4 weeks running
  • gymbunny09
    gymbunny09 Posts: 69 Member
    I have 55 lbs pounds to lose for my son’s wedding in May 2020.
    I realise to be successful long term is slow & easy. I've did many quick fix diets which you never maintain but hopefully this time is different. My main goal is to remain focused on a healthy lifestyle. Snacking mainly on fruit and have 3 balanced meals per day with limited alcohol only on special occasions and not every week. Luckily i enjoy the gym & plan to go to exercise classes 4-5 days per week.

    Started this challenge on week 3.
    Starting Weight – 195lbs 01/03

    01/23/2019 – 190.4
    01/30/2019 - 187.0
    06/02/2019 – 185.0
  • JulieIrish
    JulieIrish Posts: 7 Member

    Starting weight: 187.5
    Goal weight: 170
    Current weight: 187.5
    Total weight lost: 0

    This week's successes:

    This week's challenges: one day my diet was not optimal...not sure what happened this week. Hoping some is water weight.
  • sashajasmin
    sashajasmin Posts: 125 Member
    Sw: 226.4

    I want to stay healthy, wanna keep on track for this month, want to eat healthy.
  • 171lake
    171lake Posts: 890 Member
    edited February 2019
    Starting Challenge weight: 165.6 lbs (1/2/19)
    Current weight: 159.7 lbs (2/6/19)
    Goal weight:120 lbs
    Total challenge weight lost: 5.9 lbs in 5 weeks
    This week's successes: Still had a loss even though I didn't track as well as I usually do this weekend, due to the super bowl
    This week's challenges: Getting back on track and eating healthy. Challenging myself to 10,000 steps and 64 oz of water daily.
  • mammy2one
    mammy2one Posts: 10 Member
    A little late to this challenge but here goes!

    Jan. 28: 201.2

    Feb. 4:
    Feb. 11:
    Feb. 18:
    Feb. 25:

    February Goal: 195
    February Actual:

    Mar. 4:
    Mar. 11:
    Mar. 18:
    Mar. 25:

    March Goal:
    March Actual:

    Apr. 1:
    Apr. 8:
    Apr. 15:
    Apr. 22:
    Apr. 29:

    April Goal:
    April Actual:
  • osier5
    osier5 Posts: 428 Member
    Starting weight: 210.0 (12/31/18)
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 203.5 (02/03/19)
    Total weight lost: 6.5
    This week's successes: I walked 7 of 7 days!
    This week's challenges: Eating healthy while on vacation.
  • Hotdawgnothotdog
    Hotdawgnothotdog Posts: 179 Member
    Starting weight: 289.8
    Goal weight: 237
    Current weight: 283.6
    Total weight lost: 6.2

    Hey guys! I posted in here way back in late December and my scale messed up so I wasn't able to accurately weigh myself until this week, but I have still been trying to lose weight and I've been successful! So I'm gonna start posting back here with weekly weigh ins and I weigh every Monday.

    February 4th: 283.6
    February 11th:
    February 18th:
    February 25th: