Before and After



  • barberz83
    barberz83 Posts: 16 Member
    @jroth261 I was unlucky enough to be born with arthritis, got that old man disease as a baby
  • jhilkene
    jhilkene Posts: 104 Member
    Great work!!
    It's amazing what you have accomplished with limitations.
    I know first hand that self confidence doesn't always come from the scale or a mirror.. or the amount of likes on social media. It comes from within.
    Believe in who you are, love yourself, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!
  • AudreyJDuke
    AudreyJDuke Posts: 1,092 Member
    So inspiring!!!!
  • vegasratpack
    vegasratpack Posts: 7 Member
    Wow! Great job. 👍🏼
  • awaisqadir
    awaisqadir Posts: 2 Member
    Bro, what about the loose skin? You had issues with the loose skin on your belly? I am going to start keto in a day or 2. My starting weight is 282 lbs.
  • Je55ica_79
    Je55ica_79 Posts: 276 Member
    Great job!
  • Foodiemom67
    Foodiemom67 Posts: 22 Member
    Great job!! How is it that you look like you don't have loose skin?? I have lost 55 lbs so far on this health quest and I have loose skin everywhere to the point that I am contemplating on skin removal surgery.
  • Fivepts
    Fivepts Posts: 517 Member
    It's your old self talking. Feel free to take off your shirt now. You look great!
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