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  • PrettyGirlPayton
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    I accept all friend requests. Because I need motivation. In return I am very caring, supportive, and outgoing. :)
    Add me guys.
  • zaraizzy
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    I am new here! Feel free to add me, looking forward to making new friends and supporting each other.
  • DFTNicki
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    Feel free to add me! I can be fun to talk to? Lol I also well help with motivation!
  • shenko_don
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    I'm new around here. looking to make some friends on a mission to good health. add me and let's work on then results
  • RothOfKhan
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    Hi everyone! Ryan here. I've been back at this for 3 weeks, and going strong. Looking for more friends to help keep each other motivated with general niceties and stuff. If that's what you're looking for too, add me.
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    Hi, feel free to add me! Always helpful to see positive posts! ♥
  • Dansfightforlife
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    Feel free to add me
  • Me and my partner signed up and are looking to get in shape before we get married next year. Not just for the wedding day but to be healthier everyday now and afterwards. I am trying to target particularly my stomach as that’s where all my weight seems to be, tbh I couldn’t afford to lose weight anywhere else. I would like to not have to wear such baggy t-shirts and wear mostly black 99% of the time as it’s less noticeable. Even though I have worried about this stuff before I have always put off having a serious attempt at doing anything about it. 3rd day in using the app and can only hope it’s gonna do the trick. I will say it’s most definitely making me think about what I’m eating at every meal and especially made me realise how often I’d reach for a snack without thinking of consequence.
    So yeah anyone that would like to add me go ahead and I will look forward to cheering each other onwards to reaching our personal goals
  • enkoni
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    Always open to more friends. I lost 40+ lbs with MFP years ago and gained it all back plus some during the first two sedentary years of medical school. Back on the wagon with a fresh account, getting back in the game!
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    Feel free to add me i could use motivation as im frustrated on my journey.
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    Feel free to add me. 😊
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    Hello, feel free to add me, friends are always good :D
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    daily logger, always can use more supportive people!
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    Yes please. Feel free to add me.
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    I need motivation so please add me
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    Pick me ☝️
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    Same here, will be friends with anyone if it is positive. It is great to be here. Add me if you want and I will do the same :)
  • DBNGUY786
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    Hi All. From South Africa and having to restart the journey after being in hospital. I am 34 (almost 35) Looking for people who log regularly and know the challenges from day to day life when trying to get fitter and lose weight. Feel free to add me.
  • TrayAnn_MG
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    I have restarted . After loosing my way. Looking for motivating friends to help me stay on track.