Why am I still so heavy?!

Hi all, I’m 5ft 10 and just over 15 stone. I’d like to loose 2 n a half stone. I’ve lost 5 1/2 stone using slimming World/ weight watchers over the past 3 years but haven’t really lost any weight since November.
I’ve been using my fitness pal for 18 day and only lost 2 pound. I know everyone keeps saying “a loss is a loss! Better than a gain” but seriously. I’m seriously overweight. Why is it so slow?!
I have 1800 calories a day. I should lose 2 pound a week on that deficit. I count every single thing that passes my lips. I was even weighing some broccoli last night as I wasn’t sure how much a cup was! I work out 5 times a week and never, ever eat back them calories. I’ve just finished an 11km run and do HIIT sessions and cardio core session with a small group- it’s not like I’m just doing yoga!
I feel like I’ll never get to my desired weight. I was going to reduce my calories more but was advised against it as I’m active all day and do exercise.
I feel like peope see I’m fat and just assume I lie about what I eat. Any advice?!


  • angelb1983
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    Do you have a fitbit? Surprisingly enough, some people do better eating some exercise calories. With being that active, your body may be needing those. Do you constantly count calories or have a few good days then have some days where you completely blow it? (I'm not judging, I do this and can tell you its the reason I struggle losing). Medical issues? Thyroid? Medication? I lose very well on WW but I just can't keep up with feeling restricted very long so I always go back to MFP.
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    @MommyL2015 ha ha ha I read it back and laughed at me moaning about 18 days. But honestly i know 18 days is nothing... but I’ve not actually lost weight since November. And I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 4 years. So yes, patience is definitely needed. But 4 years of dieting is a very long time! 🤣 thanks for replying xxx
  • PrincessTwista
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    @Dilvish thanks for the advice about carbs. As I’ve always done weight watchers or slimming world I actually know very little about what my body needs. I will bear that in mind when food planning thanks.
    I’m 33 btw. I have a personal trainer that keeps me on my toes exercise wise but yes I definitely keep to the same old when I’m at the gym alone. Might see if I can change my programme up a bit. Will book in to get my prep grams edited. Thanks for taking the time to reply x
  • PrincessTwista
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    @88olds thanks for replying.
    Fair point well made... I do enjoy the food I am eating and don’t go hungry. I could keep this up forever I guess. But it’s hard to stay motivated isn’t it!!!
    I admit, I’m getting married in July. It’s never been a race and I hate myself for admitting this but a little bit of me would like to be a bit closer to goal by then!!! Ive been working in my weight loss for 4 years and only decided to get married last August but it’s certainly made me try and up my game a little. Not actually for the big day but for hiking around the Ugandan forest for my honeymoon!
  • PrincessTwista
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    Thanks @AnnPT77 and @lkpducky. I don’t know enough about carbs or keto dieting. I’ll look into it thanks xx
    My PT has just said I’m
    Not burning off enough but I don’t see how I can’t be really. Must be about the type of calories I’m eating!
  • stricklee11
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    2 pounds in 18 days is pretty good! You're making progress. All you need to do is keep this up. Setting realistic goals is very important to avoid giving up too early.
  • jesspen91
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    At your height you only need to lose around 30lbs to get into (just over 2 stone) to get to a healthy BMI. 2 pounds in 18 days is a good rate for this amount of weight loss. Any more and you may be missing out on important nutrients. So keep doing what you're doing, slow and steady wins the race!