Let's lose 20 lbs by June!



  • fittodress2018
    fittodress2018 Posts: 23 Member
    Hi everyone!!!
    I would love to join. This is total motivation
    Start weight 10/2016 185
    Current weight 130
    Goal weight 115
  • CatJD
    CatJD Posts: 2 Member
    What are some of you doing to work towards your goals (workouts and/or diet)?
  • Bradleys8299
    Bradleys8299 Posts: 136 Member
    CatJD wrote: »
    What are some of you doing to work towards your goals (workouts and/or diet)?

    I just count calories.
    I don't exercise.
    But, when I do, I have an app on my phone called "home workout". It's body weight exercises with no equipment necessary.
  • vmacdougal
    vmacdougal Posts: 11 Member
    Less eating, less drinking. More Quest protein shakes (filling and a scoop is only 110 calories). Getting back into running.
  • Connie7355
    Connie7355 Posts: 496 Member
    February starting weight 199
    February ending weight 196.2
    Didn’t hit 5 lbs. but with it being so cold here and not being able to walk outside I’m happy with that. I’ve been getting in 6000-7000 steps every day just walking around in my house.
    Good luck in March everybody!!
  • JodieParko
    JodieParko Posts: 31 Member
    Feb starting weigh 135.4kg (298.5lb)
    CW - 131.8kg (290.5lb)
    3.6k (7.9lb) lost.
    I am heading back to the gym to start strength training next week...hoping March is even better :-)
    Good luck everyone :-)
  • raraCoco
    raraCoco Posts: 27 Member
    My February start was 175. I am currently at 173 and have been stuck there for half of February !! A little bit frusterating but hoping march I can get down at least 5 lbs. At least I didn't gain!
  • Bradleys8299
    Bradleys8299 Posts: 136 Member
    Sw: 258.0 lbs
    Cw: 244.8 lbs
    Gw for 6/1: 225.0 lbs

    2/22/19: 243.4

    3/1/19: 241.8
  • SarahsHustle
    SarahsHustle Posts: 96 Member
    Officially lost my first 10! 10.3 to be exact ;P I know I'm gaining muscle as well because I'm strength training 3x a week and feel muscle soreness every day or every other day! Body Recomposition <3 How are you all doing?! I see some of your progress and diary logs because we've become friends on MFP...feel free to add me, ladies :)
  • aishmartin
    aishmartin Posts: 468 Member
    Count me in!

    SW - 210 lbs
    CW - 189 lbs
    GW - 130 lbs
    GW for June 1 - 169 lbs
  • minerve0001
    minerve0001 Posts: 3 Member
    Found this challeng
    Sw: 183
    Gw: by June 168. I hope I can closely achieve this
  • Chubbyone123
    Chubbyone123 Posts: 15 Member
    Count me in too!
    SW: 206
    CW: 196
    GW by June: 180 or less ofcourse.
    Started doing meal prep and joined a gym but with my kids in sports, it's going to be harder to hit the gym on a regular basis.
  • vmacdougal
    vmacdougal Posts: 11 Member

    I thought I was doing so good! Now I get to hamster-wheel all week! Was I not as good as I thought? Did I put on muscle? Was I dehydrated last week? Random bad luck? Argh!
  • mummy_h
    mummy_h Posts: 103 Member
    Sw 14st 9
    Cw 13 st 11
    Gw 12 st 5
  • Kimmie_H81
    Kimmie_H81 Posts: 27 Member
    SW: 199
    CW: 191
    GW: 179

  • Kimmie_H81
    Kimmie_H81 Posts: 27 Member
    rachjolly wrote: »
    Feb SW - 184lbs
    CW - 174lbs

    10lbs down in February. I think a lot of it was water weight as it seems to have slowed down now but still happy with half my target gone already. Really hope I can lose 4-5 lbs in March 🤞

    That takes my total weight loss from May last year to 50lbs!!! Never thought I’d be able to lose that much. My dream weight seems so much more achievable now 😊 Keep up the good work everyone!

    Keep going Rach! You can do this.

    So inspiring as you're where i want to get to and seeing others achieve it makes me feel i can do this. It seems like so much weight when you're at this end of the loss.
  • rachjolly
    rachjolly Posts: 203 Member
    Thank you Kimmie! Really does help doing it with others on here. Your already nearly half way to your goal, we’ve totally got this ❤️
  • groovin71
    groovin71 Posts: 6 Member
    SW: 168 - Starting today
    CW: 168
    GW: 145

    Need all the encouragement I can get! Not having any luck:(
  • averageflamingo
    averageflamingo Posts: 4 Member
    Never used this forum before!
    CW: 174
    GW: 154 by june 30